Two steps to make world a better place, says Canada’s free speech lawyer

January 31, 2011

With 40 years of battling in the courts, Canada’s most famous free speech lawyer suggests how you personally can make a difference in this unfree world controlled by the elite at the top.

In another inspirational and instructive message, Argentinian economist Adrian Salbuchi discusses “personal sovereignty” which must be exercised before we can be freed from the monster grip of the NWO elite.

“All right, then, I’ll go to hell,” says Huck Finn

January 20, 2011

There’s a lot of commotion about the n-word in recent days. All because a book publisher decides to do a make-over of Huck Finn and remove “racist” words.

When I was a kid, I read Huck Finn, and loved the story. I don’t think that makes me a racist, considering some of my best childhood friends were Negro (oh, somewhere along the way it became impolite to use that n-word). Anyway, way back then I didn’t even think that the n-word meant something “bad” about somebody. Remember those little black licorice candies shaped like babies? We lovingly called them n-babies.

I’m convinced the word police will be searching my personal library for n-words and other no-words they don’t like. Actually, I found an n-word just recently in a nice book about stargazers, The Sleepwalkers: A History of Man’s Changing Vision of the Universe (1959, repub 1989) by Jewish author Arthur Koestler (yes, the author of The Thirteenth Tribe). Sleepwalkers is a great little book which describes the “history of cosmology from the Babylonians to Newton.”

Here’s what I wanted to say: on page 358 of Sleepwalkers, I find this phrase: Galileo “appears as the nigger in the woodpile…” Imagine that from the famous author of Darkness At Noon. Anyway, Wikipedia put my mind at ease, saying it’s an English figure of speech and was used in ads by The Rotarian.

So who is allowed to use the n-word nowadays? You can find the answer in the book The N Word: Who Can Say It, Who Shouldn’t, and Why by Jabari Asim. One reviewer says

But Asim also proves there is a place for the word in the mouths and on the pens of those who truly understand its twisted history — from Mark Twain to Dave Chappelle to Mos Def.

Canadian labor lawyer Yosie Saint-Cyr points out that when Huck Finn was written, referring to black people as niggers was acceptable:

The reality is, at the time the books were published, a great majority of white people thought that using the word “nigger” to refer to a black person was acceptable. Using that word in books in that context is extremely relevant, and a sign of the times.

The book publisher wants to exchange “nigger” for “slave” among other changes. But as many people have pointed out, this would take away the meaning in the proper context of history. Also, what about the white slaves in America? And white slaves in other places? For example, “the wealth of Barbados was founded on the backs of White slave labor there can be no doubt.

Which brings me to a quote from Kepler’s Witch written by former Jesuit priest, James A. Connor:

But in truth, real history is always much more complicated than myth…” (p. 4)

Good point, and one to consider when dealing with all No-words.

Hate laws, Christian Right’s failure, Zionist agenda

January 18, 2011

Top trends of 2011 by Celente

January 16, 2011

By Gerald Celente

1.  Wake-Up Call

2.  Crack-Up 2011

3.  Screw the People

4.  Crime Waves

5.  Crackdown on Liberty

6.  Alternative Energy

7.  Journalism 2.0

8.  Cyberwars

9.  Youth of the World Unite

10.  End of The World!

11.  The Mystery Trend … will be revealed upon publication of theTrends Journal in mid-January.

How to produce ‘good’ soldiers: spurn Gentile sperm

January 15, 2011

Took a while, but I finally got it: why the Israeli armed forces attacked the Gaza humanitarian ship and murdered some of the volunteer aid workers.

It really never occurred to me before, but an illuminated one, Rabbi Dov Lior, has seen a light. It’s the sperm, stupid! No, Gentile sperm. G-d, the parents of those IDF soldiers must have been dabbling in Gentile sperm!

Read all about it, right from the rabbi’s mouth:

‘Gentile sperm leads to barbaric offspring’

“If the father in not Jewish, what character traits could he have? Traits of cruelty, of barbarism! These are not traits that characterize the people of Israel.”

Are we allowed to condemn this spewing of hateful garbage in the United States or Canada? Or is that considered anti-Semitic?

Do Muslims defend Christians?

January 14, 2011

Muslims defend Christians. You have to be kidding. You don’t believe it? Aren’t Muslims suppose to kill “infidels”? In turn, doesn’t the Christian bible say it’s good to kill everyone (“not sparing anyone that breathes” Joshua 11:14)? Really, now, what should a Christian do?

When was the last time you heard that Muslims defend Christians? I bet you didn’t hear it on CNN or FOX News. The Zionist-controlled world media will not report it, but they’ll tell you all about non-existent al-Qaeda.

Check this report “Thousands Of Egyptians Muslims Show Up As ‘Human Shields’ To Defend Coptic Christians From Terrorism“. Would extremist Christian Zionists like Rev. John Hagee arrange a human shield to protect Muslims from terrorists? No, but he would likely sponsor the IDF in doing some dirty work.

The Alexandria Church Bombing: Israeli terrorism?

January 11, 2011


The Alexandria Church Bombing: Mossad, Who Else?

Israeli intelligence is the world leader in terrorism.

by Jonathan Azaziah

Minutes into the new year, an explosion rocked al-Qiddissin Coptic Church in Alexandria, Egypt. 25 innocent people dead (1).  At least 97 innocents wounded (2). A 17-year old eyewitness ominously stated, ‘The last thing I heard was a powerful explosion and then my ears went deaf. All I could see were body parts scattered all over (3).’

All initial reports stated that a car bomb was the weapon used to carry out the New Years Day bloodshed (4). The US-backed Zionist dictatorship that runs Egypt typically went against the facts on the ground however, with the Ministry of Interior blaming the assault on a suicide bomber, and without a drop of concrete evidence, stating that the attack was carried out by none other than Al-Qaeda (5), which doesn’t exist (6), and whose leader, CIA agent Timothy Osman a.k.a. Osama Bin Laden, is long dead (7).

From AP, to Yahoo, to the New York Times, the liars that run the Zionist media immediately went into overdrive, vociferously promoting virulent garbage about ‘sectarian tensions’ between Muslims and Christians in Egypt being inflamed after the bombing (8). Of course there is no evidence of such ‘sectarian tension,’ but the mouthpieces of Israel, from the television to print, have no interest in telling the truth and they never have.

Not promoted by the Zionist media is the longstanding unity between Egypt’s Muslims and Coptic Minority (9), nor has it been promoted that Islamic and Christian leaders have stood side by side in the aftermath of the bombing, which wounded innocents from both faiths (10). The enmity between the two religious groups is nothing more than carefully concocted Zionist fiction.

There is only one entity in the entire region that benefits from religious division in any Middle Eastern nation: Israel. One of the key strategic goals of the Zionist entity in Egypt is to trigger a communal war between Muslims and Christians (11). The Lebanese Resistance movement, Hezbollah, condemned the bombing,  declaring it ‘serves the Zionist scheme… aimed at fragmenting our Arab and Islamic countries (12).’ All evidence, physical and circumstantial, points directly to Mossad being the culprit behind the al-Qiddissin church bombing (13).

In recent years, Zionist intelligence activity in Egypt has increased greatly. Tel Aviv was the hand behind the cut of Egypt’s maintain internet cable in January of 2008, severing Egypt from the international online network. Mossad was conducting surveillance on the phone calls of the highest tier of the Egyptian government. The Israeli agency employed a spy to infiltrate Islamic opposition groups in Egypt. All of this was discovered just days before the Alexandria church massacre, when a Mossad spy ring was busted, unveiling a plot of subversion that would target Egyptian telecom companies. This ring was connected to other Israeli espionage groups in Lebanon and Syria (14).

Egypt’s former Foreign Minister, Abdallah al-Ashal, and the Egyptian Bar Association have gone on record to state that the massacre at al-Qiddissin Church was the work of Mossad, reacting murderously to its spy network being unfurled (15).

In November, a warning was issued to the world that Coptic churches in Egypt would be attacked. The warning was issued by ‘Al-Qaeda-linked’ Islamic State of Iraq, who according to the Zionist media, carried out the horrific assault on Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral in the Karada district of Baghdad at the end of October (16).

This atrocious theory has been thoroughly debunked however. What took place at Sayedat al-Najat was a Mossad false flag operation, aimed at provoking tension between occupied Iraq’s Muslim and Christian communities, conducted with all of the usual tools: fake passports produced in Tel Aviv, Israeli-produced IEDs and the quintessential car bomb (17). The appalling murder of at least 58 Iraqi Christians was also used to cover up the condemnation of the Zionist entity’s occupation of Palestine by several prominent Christian leaders (18). The warning wasn’t issued by non-existent Islamic State of Iraq therefore, but Mossad.

The car bomb is the signature of the Israeli agency. It is the weapon that has been used to conduct sabotage, assassinations and false flag terrorism across occupied Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and India (19). The Muslim Brotherhood, which was blatantly robbed by Zionist dictator Hosni Mubarak’s regime in the recent Egyptian elections (20), called for Egyptian churches to be protected after the fake Al-Qaeda group made its incendiary comments (21). But this call was not heeded. Only an hour prior to Mossad’s car bombing, Egyptian security forces inexplicably withdrew from their positions, leaving four policemen to guard the massive church with nearly 2,000 people attending midnight mass. The car bomb was detonated at the post that was left by Egyptian security forces (22).

This collusion between Israeli intelligence and Egyptian security forces is by no means surprising, considering the existing Israeli-Egyptian collaboration in illegally and brutally besieging the people of the Gaza Strip (23). The violent assault against the Coptic community on New Years Day was also executed to deflect the attention off of the stolen Egyptian elections (24); it is widely known that Egypt is a premier recipient of Zionist-occupied United States government aid money, receiving almost $30 billion in three decades (25). The usurping entity of Zion and its American counterpart couldn’t have their staunchest ally in the Middle East embarrassed by stolen elections. Answer? False flag attack.

The tactic being used to split the Muslim and Christian communities of Egypt is the oldest trick in the Zionist entity’s book: divide and conquer. It is widely known by the people of the Arab and Muslim world, especially Iraqis, that the only terrorism that exists in the Middle East (especially occupied Iraq), is the terrorism that is carried out by Israeli, American and British intelligence operatives (26). Divide and conquer has been used prominently in the Zionist-ravaged nation of Iraq, including a wall being built by an Israeli company to separate Sunni and Shia communities (27), and the nation of Lebanon, that was devastated by a savage civil war in the 1970s and 1980s contrived and manipulated by the Zionist entity (28) and the United States, with Zionist war criminal Henry Kissinger leading the way (29).

Muslims and Christians must stand together and reject these abhorrent divisions. People of conscience from all ethnicities, backgrounds and faiths must stand in solidarity with them. The victims of Mossad’s massacre at al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria will not be forgotten. The fallen will be honored with sincere Resistance to all oppressive powers; be it the puppet Mubarak or the usurping regime of Israel itself. Unified Resistance is what petrifies the occupiers more than anything else on earth. Make them tremble; unity is an armor that cannot be pierced by their bullets or rattled by their bombs.

~ The End ~


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