Palestinian Pastor Challenges Southern Baptist Leaders on Jerusalem Move

February 20, 2018

Jamal Bishara, is a deeply respected, Southern Baptist pastor who disagrees with the predominant Christian Zionist, dispensational, theological tenets of the Southern Baptist Convention. Perhaps the most un-Christ like among those deeply held beliefs is the notion that modern-day Israel is a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. And, that saying or doing anything against Israel, constitutes a sin against God, and, will somehow, disrupt the end times scenario that Christian Zionists cling to, so dearly. In this article from the Baptist Press, the reactions of  various Southern Baptists to the announcement by President Trump that the US Embassy in Israel will be moved to Jerusalem, are covered. It’s interesting to note that Pastor Jamal is a citizen of Israel and a Palestinian, but is referred to as an Arab Israeli. We have interviewed Pastor Jamal, see: “Palestinian Pastor Confronts his Fellow Southern Baptist Church Leaders.” Also, see: “Southern Baptists Reject Plea By Palestinian Pastor.” [Ed.-TEC]


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