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September 21, 2015

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To: Pastor George Morrison and staff of Faith Bible Chapel

September 18, 2015

Subject: CUFI Night to honor Israel, featuring Dennis Prager

Dear Pastor George Morrison:

Our organization, We Hold These Truths, will be outside of your church on the public sidewalk conducting a peaceful vigil during your CUFI presentation on October 11th.  We will be there early to talk to all who are willing and are inviting other pro-peace groups of all religions to join us.

We are saddened to learn that your fellowship is hosting this pseudo-Christian organization and are mystified as to why you would feature as your main speaker such a non-Christian as Dennis Prager, who teaches a clever, but not so subtle form of racism. His conclusion is always that war is necessary because Arabs are different from us.  But Christ is the ‘ultimate peacemaker’ and he teaches that all men are made in God’s image.

Christians United For Israel, with its infamous leader (and you are on its Board of Directors!), presents itself as a “Christian” organization, but is nothing more than a secular lobbying arm for the State of Israel.  Its founder (we no longer say his name, so shameful it is) is on record for praying for war against Iran.  We have listened to many of these meetings, and Jesus’ name is never spoken, with the usual exception of some prayer ending in, “in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

The mission of We Hold These Truths is to awaken the Evangelical Church to the warmongering impact of Christian Zionism on the entire world.  CUFI is at the center of the effort to sell Zionism to Christ Followers, but its influence is declining.  Christ Followers think Jesus was and still is the ‘Prince of Peace’, the ultimate peacekeeper, and that there is no way to justify the political push for wars.  Pro-life means pro-peace, therefore it must reject Zionism which is never for peace, always for conflict.

You and Dennis Prager can be identified clearly by your efforts to reject the Iran Nuclear Peace Treaty.  We ask you, Pastor Morrison, have you ever spoken out against any wars?–You have had lots of chances!  I cannot find evidence of a peacemaker on either yours or Prager’s website!

As I have said, we will be outside of your church on the public sidewalk conducting a peaceful vigil during the October 11th CUFI presentation.  It is our hope and prayer that you will cancel this event and we would rejoice if you do.

The “Books that Influenced Dennis (Prager)” column on his website reveals the polished, smooth form of racism he spreads in his path.  Among a dozen or so titles said to have influenced him are no fewer than four books focused on so-called racial differences between us on the one hand and Arabs or Muslims, including The Arab Mind.  Perhaps no one told Mr. Prager that in Christ’s eyes, there is no “Jew nor Greek, male nor female, slave nor free, all are one in Christ Jesus.” (Gal.3:28)


Here is one clearly racist and warmongering cartoon copied from Dennis Prager’s website…

Even though a number of US intelligence agencies have said that Iran is not building an atomic weapon, neocons like Dennis Prager work to build fear in Americans against Iran and Muslims in general to promote the idea that war against, rather than negotiations with, Iran is a key option.

Pastor, you claim to be committed to reaching our community and the world with the message of Jesus Christ.  And yet you invite CUFI and warmaking Dennis Prager into your church, where not an iota of Jesus’ message will be heard.

Christian Zionism does NOT resemble Jesus and is incompatible with His teachings: “Blessed are the Peacemakers”, “Do good to those that persecute you”, “My kingdom is not of this world”, “Blessed are the merciful”….

If you research the roots of Christian Zionism (we have many articles and links on our website to help you), you will find that Christian Zionism is built upon a faulty Biblical hermeneutic, or interpretation of scripture, that does NOT represent the historic teachings of the Christian Church.  Christian Zionism supports the confiscation of land by brute force, dispossessing whole groups of people, supporting wars, deceptions, frauds, and murder of innocents  – which does NOT represent Jesus!!!

Pastor Morrison, I was once a practicing dispensational evangelical.  I know the doctrines. Can you honestly picture Jesus driving a Caterpillar tractor, uprooting Palestinians’ olive trees and smashing their homes? That’s what Christian Zionism supports.

There were many Christian pastors and others in the early 20th century that spoke out against Christian Zionism – but their voices were often drowned out by the Zionist forces of that day.  In 1949 Professor Millar Burrows of the Yale School of Divinity in his book, Palestine Is Our Business, states: “A terrible wrong has been done to the native people of Palestine … Our own interests, both as Americans and Christians, are endangered. The interests of the Jewish people also have suffered. And we can still do something about it”.  He goes on to say: “One thing is certain. Nothing that is essentially unjust or contrary to the Spirit of Christ can be the will of God. Let him who speaks of the fulfillment of prophesy remember Jer. 22:13 – ‘Woe unto him that buildeth his house by unrighteousness’…”

We would welcome any dialog that you would like to have with us at the time of this vigil, or before the vigil through email. We also are brothers and sisters in Christ and our desire is “to seek peace and pursue it”, 1 Peter 3:11.

In Christ’s Love,

Chuck Carlson
We Hold These Truths

From: We Hold These Truths –

References on Christian Zionism:

Communist Pope Covers Up Cross And Bows To Defiant Israel Woman

September 14, 2015

Source: TomatoBubble Analysis and Images:


Israeli President Reuven Rivlin paid a visit to Pope Francis in Rome, accompanied by his personal secretary Rivkah – an Orthodox-Jewish woman. When a person usually greets the pope, they shake his hand and bow down. But when Rivkah’s turn came to greet the pope, she explained to him that for religious reasons she could not shake his hand, nor could she bow down since he was wearing a cross. The pope then covered his cross with his hand, and bowed down to her!

After the photo and story circulated on Jewish websites, Israeli officials went in to damage-control mode, claiming that the Pope was not concealing his crucifix (a sinful idol for observant Jews) but was only trying to stop it from swinging. But previous similar incidents involving the Fake Pope and chosenite visitors indicate otherwise:

Photos here.

Need we say anything more? In fairness, there were a few Jews who posted that she was being disrespectful. But we are most grateful to the proud commenters for showing us the true intolerant colors of some of the chosenites (this is why people don’t say “Merry Christmas” anymore!). For strategic reasons, not all of their brethren are in a position to be so openly anti-Christian.

See more pictures here.

The Whole Story Of Zionist Conspiracy [The Filthy History Of Pedophilia, Murder & Bigotry]

September 14, 2015

Rev. Ted Pike outlines some unusual features of Judaism vs. Christianity.

Putin, Lots of Horses, and the Endtimes Scenario of Christian Zionists

September 2, 2015

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You’ve got to hear this 4-minute chat between Charles Carlson and Tom Compton of WHTT. If you don’t find it funny, you’ve been going to the wrong church. Please click on the link below.

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