Obama’s Jewish War On Syria

June 30, 2013

[In no uncertain language, Brother Nathanael tells what Christian Zionists in America are doing to Christians in Syria. Forget all CNN false news and listen to the following. You’ll be much wiser. ]

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By Brother Nathanael Kapner
Copyright 2013

For with Obama’s plan to arm the imported al-Qaeda linked ‘rebels’ in Syria, the Jews are expectant that the last Arab nation opposing their Zionist agenda will be destabilized by Islamic extremists.

Caving to Jewish pressure, Obama propagandized last Thursday that Assad is using ‘chemical weapons’…that the Zionist-orchestrated ‘red line’ has been crossed.

[Clip: “White House aide Ben Rhodes just revealed a few moments ago that the US intelligence unity now believes with a high degree of confidence that the Syrian regime did in fact use chemical weapons, the nerve agent, Sarin, that killed about 150 people. He went on to say, he referenced back to last August, when President Obama, you remember, said that this use of chemical weapons would cross a red line.

“Number two though. Rhodes said that the US is increasing aid to the Syrian rebels and will provide what he calls military support. Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham weighing in as well tonight. They say they’re glad the administration now says that chemical weapons were used.”]

It’s deja vu all over again with Zionist shill Lindsey Graham touting the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ lie.

[Clip: “The chemical weapons that have now been acknowledged to be used by Assad against his own people, my goal is to make sure they’re not used against us, or Israel, or our allies throughout the world.

And if we don’t stop this war, the chemical weapons caches that number in the hundreds of thousands of weapons that could be used, could be deployed, could kill thousands of Americans, or Israelis, or people, that are aligned with us.”]

But Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, contests the Zionist-inspired tale.

[Clip: “The Syrian regime hasn’t been pushed into the corner. The regime, according to the rebels, is advancing on the ground. What’s the point of the regime using chemical weapons in such small amounts? All to set itself up?”]

Lavrov ALSO challenges the propped up ‘red line’ saying that America’s ‘evidence’ doesn’t meet criteria for reliability stipulated by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

[Clip: “There are certain rules of the Organization For The Prohibition of Chemical Weapons which suggest that samples of blood, urine, clothes, and soil, can be classed as evidence only if the samples were collected by the organization’s experts. And if these experts controlled these samples en route to the laboratories. Our US colleagues failed to assure that these procedures were adhered to.”]

And why are we hearing over and over again from the Jewish-owned press that Assad is using chemical weapons “on his own people?”

Assad has support of the people.

He abolished the dictatorship through the reformed “Peoples Council of Syria” via popular referendum last year where power was distributed to the people in the form of a multi-party government.

Assad is not looked upon as Dictator but as First Citizen.

So why aren’t the Jews publishing the political reforms of Assad?

They’ve got their own agenda. That’s why all you hear from these perjurers is that Assad is a “mad dictator” who “hates his own people.” Pure lies.

Both Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Eliot Engel, ranking member of the House Foreign Relations Committee—both Jews—are hell-bent on bringing America into yet another disastrous war for Israel beginning with arming those democracy-loving ‘rebels.’

[Clip: “I don’t hold out a lot of hope for the peace conference and that’s putting it mildly. I hold out very little hope. I worry actually it could even go against us. I can imagine situations where the Assad government would pose as the supporters of a diplomatic outcome, the Opposition for good reason would reject it. In the case of Syria I would be in favor of selective so-called lethal or military help to Oppositionists.”

“I will be introducing legislation to allow the president to arm the rebels. I think it’s time to do that, I think the Free Syria Army needs help.”]

It’s not about a struggle for ‘democracy’ at all – it’s a struggle for power…the Islamic ‘rebels’ are simply a tool in the hands of global Jewry.

So is Obama, who is enabling the Zionist Agenda:

To topple Assad and to install a regime of competing militias where internal strife will give entre for the Israelis to walk ALL OVER that hapless country.

The Iran-Syria-Hezbollah bloc will then be destroyed and the last obstacle in the way will be an ISOLATED Iran, where American Gentile soldiers will spill their blood for Jewish-supremacist goals.

Jews do not send their own to die in US wars for Israel abroad.

But body bags for young American Gentiles will be the order of the day in yet another war for the Jews.

All the Jewish neocons are licking their warmongering chops at the prospect of yet another Jewish proxy war.

Christians in Syria Will Be Slaughtered With US Weapons

June 30, 2013

The Obama administration, along with other Western governments and supported by ill-informed politicians like Republican-going-on-Democrat Senator John McCain, are ignoring the increasingly extremist tendencies of the opposition in Syria. What has already begun will escalate to horrific proportions, should the rebels prevail: Christians in Syria will be slaughtered with US weapons. Read more

The Real Scoop On Edward Snowden Not Reported By CNN Or FOX News

June 23, 2013

[Jim Stone, investigative journalist, has a different story to tell about whistle-blower Edward Snowden.]

Archive the following NSA report and back up the photo, as I have presented this it is classified

Forget the whitewash surrounding Snowden, HE NAILED IT!

Jim Stone, June 10 2013, updated June 11


The elite establishment is in a horrendous state of panic, making up all types of discrediting BS, about Snowden being CIA and handed the docs by the CIA, about him being a dropout, and coming soon – AN ALIEN IMPLANT MADE HIM DO IT. But if you want the real scoop, just take it from another NSA white hat, what is below REALLY peeved the establishment because IT NAILS IT.

Forget the B.S. stories about Snowden, there is only ONE that applies and you will not hear about it in the press, which has protected the NSA with a great big white wash. Snowden worked out at Kunia. He had an extensive training program he had to go through before being allowed in. He HAD TO have been 99th percentile, the story about high school drop out is B.S, and so is the rest of the washing of his background. After hearing his conscience out at Kunia, he left Hawaii, defected, and told the truth.

There is also a rumor that Snowden worked for a contractor for $122,000 a year. I doubt that seriously because the NSA is so secretive it is extremely wary of contractors, and during my time with the NSA, I saw only 2 people EVER that were contractors, and they were never out on the operations floor. So yeah, I buy $122,000 a year, but NOT with a contractor. People who get to see enough to reveal what Snowden did have million dollar background checks, involving interviews with practically everyone in their past, and the interviewers do not identify themselves, they just talk as friends over a beer or whatever. So no one knows when they are being asked questions about someone the NSA intends to hire. These background checks take a year or so to complete and contractors can’t afford to do that, the FED does. What Snowden revealed proves through emperical evidence that he was not employed by a contractor, he was just straight up NSA. The entire High School drop out story is pure B.S., because if during one of these checks any of the secret questioners comes up with even a little whiff of something wrong with your past, YOU ARE OUT.

Unlike the CIA, which has over a million spooks, the NSA is so secretive that very few people break the barrier to entry, which limits the size of the NSA to below 50,000 people total, a majority of which are highly talented super geeks. The expense of the background investigations alone seriously limits the number of people the NSA can hire.

Don’t expect anything that is now claimed to be said by Snowden as actually coming from him. They are whitewashing this as fast as possible, while making false posts and statements to the web and media that claim to be from him. By now he has been replaced with the public image of someone else. For starters, it is ERIC SNOWDEN, not EDWARD as we are now told and this subtle name change will be used to deflect meaningful search into his past. My own experience in the NSA is enough to prove what little I have said about Snowden to be true. There is ONE OPTION – Snowden was BRILLIANT, had extensive back ground searches done on him, went through a very difficult school, got assigned to Kunia where he lived in the same location as many other NSA people who have families do, drove to Kunia daily, and finally could not take what he was seeing there anymore and ratted them out. THAT IS THE ONLY STORY. Snowden did not have a girlfriend. He had a wife, and any reference to him “leaving his girlfriend behind” is another lie. You cannot live where Snowden did and have a “girlfriend”, the NSA will not put you in the premium government family housing in Waipahu for only a “girlfriend”. Furthermore, stories about the house being sold now are B.S., because Snowden was in government housing the same as all lower level NSA people are given. Unless you are an outside contractor (and those are very few in number), The NSA does not leave it’s people to run with the general public, they all get assigned a living area where like minded people are. And from these few mistakes the press made, we can assume that the entire background they are presenting on Snowden is a lie. The house he was in was never owned by him and DID NOT get sold. To see a long list of B.S. my own experience proves to be lies, just google “where snowden lived” Furthermore, the “leaked documents from anonymous” are PURE B.S. and are all readily available public documents. I see this as an attempt to muddy the waters with regard to Snowden’s legitimate leak. Watch for story creep in the mainstream and portions of the alternative press regarding what I have said here, since I am former NSA telling it like it is I have noticed that the story keeps getting regular tweaks to counteract what I say here, the latest being “it was his girlfriend’s house”. Don’t buy into the tweaks, what is above is a truthfully rational assessment of HOW IT HAD TO BE, from someone who simply knows how things are. Granted, when I was with the NSA they were not spying on Americans, but their procedures and methods were anchored in stone and for what I have said above to not weigh out now would mean something massive regarding hiring policy, housing policy, contractor policy and other things changed there, which I doubt, especially if this is the first big leak and Kunia is still misrepresented on Google maps, with the real entry obscured by a cloud.

Where Snowden worked (see my comments following this article) and in case you are new here, I am former NSA and have toured this facility. To pull this up on Google maps, type Kunia Oahu into Google.

The main article follows

The Future of the NSA

Edward Snowden did the world a favor by officially blowing the whistle on what I have said has likely been going on for a while – the recording of every phone call, voice message, text message, financial transaction and any other communication in the nation. Even though I said this was probably going on for a while, I was still surprised that this was going on for at least 8 years. Now they got that new data center in Utah, and another in Maryland, both of which are many times more powerful than anything they have ever had. And I am going to tell you where this is all probably headed. If there is one thing we have learned from this, it is that if they can do it they will do it, so this report is going to show you what the capabilities have GOT TO be right now and what to expect from the NSA in the future. 1. Recording of all conversations occurring in cars manufactured after 2004 and sold in the United States via an always on cell connection which is built into the engine control computer. Engine control computers are always placed in the passenger compartment where they can hear everything, though in the past they did not have ears. The fact that they do now was mandated by the Federal government and became a legally required component of all cars from year 2005 on. This started in the late 90’s with GM’s Onstar. You may have seen an onstar commercial where the Onstar representitive is talking to the driver through the radio speakers. ALL new cars have at least one side of this capability – the outgoing microphone -installed in them NOW. 2. Recording of all conversations happening in the vicinity of a computer equipped with an Intel CoreVPro or Sandy Bridge processor, even if it is not “online” and even while “turned off”. Intel evidently thought it was a good security choice to have full time cell connectivity built into the heart of every CPU they produce, and I bet you don’t know that new Intel laptop you just bought is ALWAYS online, even when turned off. YOU don’t get to use that connection though, which leaves the question, WHO DOES? 3. All cell phones have been and will continue to be (this started in 2005) in speech to text mode, where the phone listens to nearby conversations, converts them to text, and loads the text to an NSA server during cell phone tower updates which happen frequently during the day as part of normal cell operation. In the past, whenever they put full time monitoring on cell phones, the batteries would die in a couple of hours and the phone would always be hot. People noticed this, so to circumvent that all cell phones were equipped with speech to text software and though it is not perfect, it still gives pretty good “intelligence” about the user without draining the battery at all. Once again, as it is with the new Intel processors and their always on cell connection, you don’t even know that software exists 4. Recording of all conversations in the vicinity of computers that are turned on and have an internet connection even if they have no CoreVPro or Sandy Bridge CPU, but that’s old news. 5. Video and sound recording of household activities within view of a Samsung SmartTV, any of the new video gaming consoles, or any smart meter compliant appliance which can communicate with an electrical smart meter. All electrical smart meters have wifi, 3g, and sometimes 4g connectivity for the sole purpose of “receiving daily energy related instructions”. Yeah right. 6. Possible now – ALL cell phones which have cameras most likely are, right now, constantly taking a sequence of photos while out in public, and uploading them during cell tower updates to hide battery usage and the cell phone’s owner never realizes this.

People need to recognize the importance of what Edward Snowden did. He gave us a fixed reference point for what the NSA was capable of in 2005, and from there we can calculate what they can do NOW

Moore’s law, and what it means for the NSA Most everyone knows about Moore’s law which states that computers will double in power once every 18 months as technology advances. Moore was partially right, because in reality computers ended up doubling in power more frequently – once every 13 months. But let’s just use 18 months as a reference standard anyone could agree on. If in 2005 the NSA was able to record and permanently store every phone conversation, video chat, internet record for everyone, every text, every e-mail, and store it forever BACK THEN, let’s see how many times that capability just went into that NSA data center in Utah. 2013-2005=8 x 12 = 96 / 18 = 5.3 doublings of processing power since 2005. First doubling will be 1 plus 1, then after that x2. So we have 1+1x2x2x2x2, which equals 32 times the processing power available in 2005. If we take 100 percent and divide it by 32, we can see how strong in percent what they had in 2005 will compare to that new data center in Utah. 100/32 = 3.125% Now, I would like to ask you to appeal to your logic – If they were already permanently recording every phone call, financial transaction, video chat, e-mail, text message, and whatever else with a system that was only a little over 3 percent as powerful as what they just put into Utah, WHAT NEW CAPABILITIES DID THEY JUST GET? How about: Every vacation picture you take with any Wifi equipped digital camera instantly uploading to an NSA server for permanent storage as possible future evidence? How about every music project you ever worked on with a PC? How about every family video you ever shot, every place your car ever went and everything you said while driving? How about your smart microwave, via your smart meter, sending out all the audio in your house, to corroborate what your cell phone is sending out, to corroborate what your smartTV is sending out, to corroborate what your PC sent out, to corroborate what your land line sent out, to corroborate what your game console sent out and having ALL of those recordings of what went on in your house being permanently stored on the NSA server, just in case the microwave did not hear it clearly? THAT is what 32 times the capability of what they had in 2005 means, and if we learned anything from Edward, it is that If they can do it, they will do it, which is an affirmation of what I have said all along I got called a wacko by a few when I said ALL phone conversations were being permanently recorded and stored on an NSA server, as well as all texts and e-mails, regardless of who made them and ended up being right, even if I was behind in saying this by 6 or 7 years. Now I am taking that a step farther, and I would like to ask you, do you think I am wrong this time?

The bottom line is that the surveillance state has gotten so powerful that even a creative mind could never dream up what it is really capable of. There is no doubt a lot I missed


Kunia is geographically isolated yet ideally located for electronic warfare operations in the Pacific theatre. It was the largest NSA center on American soil prior to Utah, (there are bigger ones elsewhere) and employs approximately 7,000 people. Now here is the kicker Because Kunia was geographically isolated, the fact that they could record all phone conversations from there means that the NSA center in Utah, which is on what could be argued as the strongest part of the internet back bone in the world, – that added bandwidth potential with no bottlenecks, means that the data center in Utah will dwarf the abilities of Kunia by at least 200:1. This also has other damning ramifications – that the NSA really did shift missions after 9/11 because if you wanted to spy on the American mainland, your pride and joy system that recorded everything should not be located in Hawaii. Yet it is confirmed – Edward Snowden worked at Kunia, which as young as he was would have been his only facility. This means that the system of compartmentalized clearances would have prevented him from knowing about PRISM if it was NOT LOCATED AT KUNIA. And on that note, I have this to say to the NSA: You traitorous bastards, HOW DARE YOU convert a legitimate defense facility for THAT TYPE OF USE. If you don’t like me ratting out Kunia, you can * OFF.

Additionally About the NSA – an important note

The NSA has NO GOONS, NO AGENTS, NO ONE working outside of their secret facilities. IF ANYONE CLAIMS TO HAVE BEEN VISITED BY THE NSA, THEY ARE FRAUDS, THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN. The NSA has nothing but geeks at data terminals, that do ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY – WATCH AND LISTEN. If you have read online about someone who has been visited by the NSA, they are full of B.S., that is the job of the CIA, FBI, or whatever other agencies have active agents working out in public. The NSA is behind closed doors only. If you have read anything online about someone getting visited by the NSA, throw it straight in the trash. It’s an outright lie. ________________________________________________

If you have problems getting into the forum hit reload 3 times and it will work normal, it is apparently getting messed with again.

“Anonymous” linked documents appear to be largely fluff

I went through that “treasure trove” of documents, and it appears to be heavily weighted with non sensitive general distribution type stuff. I said “heavily weighted” with non sensitive stuff, because I did not want to spend the time reading through that many pages to verify if it was entirely non sensitive stuff. Documents that are classified have (in my experience) always been labeled as such. These have distribution levels, a, b, c, etc assigned to them with no mention about classification. So if there is anything classified about these it is labeled in a way I have never seen before. There is none of any of the types of things I know to be sensitive in these, and though a truly critical document may compromise an individual NSA system or method, even if these were truly sensitive documents having this few would be like asking a blind man to feel an elephant in one spot, and then try to tell you how the entire thing looks. Keep in mind that these NSA documents have nothing to do with the leak that spoke about prism, and even that might be of limited value because the NSA has many many systems, having the word get out about one, even if it included complete technical specs, methods, routing, EVERYTHING would be easily made up for by shutting it down and assigning the task to something else. No matter what level you are at in the NSA, there will be plenty of systems you never heard of, even if you work on the inside. I guess the greatest value in all of this is that it confirmed, once and for all that what I have always told you from day one – that the NSA records and monitors EVERYTHING, court orders be damned. This web site is probably the biggest NSA leak on the web, because I will at least give you a picture of the elephant that you can see. Unfortunately due to obsolescence of systems I cannot tell you how to poison the elephant as it is now. I do, however, know where the elephant is going, or should I say, what the new data centers will really be doing. I will tell you in my report tomorrow, and once again, I think a few people will laugh at and doubt what I say, the same way a few people laughed at and doubted me when I said last year that the NSA records EVERYTHING said in phone calls or sent across the web, court order or not. The monster is actually much bigger than that, and I will cover this tomorrow. Landingnewly in the forum posted a link to the Anonymous “security breach” Here

Syrian Rebels Massacre Christian Village

June 18, 2013


Free Syrian Army massacre Christian villagers at Duwaina; retaliation for stunning defeat at al-Qusayr
by James Heiser

While President Obama’s administration considers military aid to the Syrian rebels, the true character of the revolution underway in that country is becoming horrifically clear.

Numerous press reports are providing details of a massacre perpetrated by the Free Syrian Army that annihilated the entire population of a Christian village.

The Free Syrian Army massacred the village on May 27: “The armed rebels affiliated to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) raided the Christian-populated al-Duvair village in Reef (outskirts of) Homs near the border with Lebanon today and massacred all its civilian residents, including women and children.

“The Syrian army, however, intervened and killed tens of terrorists during heavy clashes which are still going on in al-Duvair village.”

But Mr. Obama praised the opposition, known formally as the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces: “At this point we have a well-organized-enough coalition — opposition coalition that is representative — that we can recognize them as the legitimate representative of Syrian people,” he said.…

Now Obama’s inclusive opposition has allegedly slaughtered the entire population of al-Duvair, which is the type of crime that the U.S. president has previously purported was sufficient reason for the people of Syria to rise up and overthrow their government.

And the massacre is hardly an isolated incident; for example, only several weeks ago, rebels attacked the St. Elijah Orthodoxy monastery.

“The militants ransacked the cloister, destroyed the sanctuary, blew up the belfry and tore down the statue of St. Prophet Elijah who is equally revered in Syria by both Christians and Muslims, Syria’s SANA news agency reports.

Even as the American government has expanded its involvement in the war in Syria, the radicalization of the rebel forces has continued.

While Syrian rebels perpetrate their own atrocities, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was still insisting “We can identify who these people are. We can help the right people.”

Published at The New American



Praying for War

June 9, 2013

“…O Lord our God, help us to tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our shells; help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead; help us to drown the thunder of the guns with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain; help us to lay waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire; help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing grief; help us to turn them out roofless with their little children to wander unfriended the wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and thirst… Amen.”The War Prayerby Mark Twain

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
If you like movies, take 10 minutes and watch this YouTube epilog of Mark Twain’s classic The War Prayer (1981). Then, watch this short clip video of “Christian Zionists” John Hagee and Benny Hinn praying for war. What difference do you see? Looks like the same prayer, doesn’t it? If you are in the habit of praying for war (as these two videos show),then this message is probably not for you, and I apologize for wasting your time. On the other hand, if you are even a little bit concerned about losing freedom of expression of religious beliefs in Canada, then please stay with me for the next few minutes.

Who Says It Can’t Happen Here?

Some of my Christian friends say: “What are you talking about? That stuff can’t happen here, Canada is a democracy. Besides, the government has just established an Office of Religious Freedom (Feb. 2013).” True; but Canada already prosecutes worshipers for their religious beliefs. Clergy are threatened with jail time and forced to pay huge fines, and are banned for life if they want to communicate their religious beliefs! Is this what we expect in a democracy?

Could It Get Worse?

Perhaps. I think it’s possible. It’s gradual and takes time, of course. For example, the present government of Canada has already eliminated religious reference from its expanded immigration handbook (2013) by deleting the lyrics of “O Canada” (“God keep our land glorious and free“). Will Canada someday become like “democratic” Germany where, recently, expressing a religiously incorrect opinion is equated with committing a violent action and therefore punishable by prison sentence? Who knows for sure? Will it get as bad as martial law imposed overnight in Boston during the Boston Marathon? Who knows for sure? You’ll recall that last month the ordinary people of Cyprus had up to 40% of their bank savings stolen (without warning) by their government. Not surprisingly, Canada introduced the same theft clause in its 2013 federal budget which allows our federal government to steal a major portion of your bank account in Canada’s major banks! So, you see, government theft of your bank savings can’t happen here in Canada, it’s a democracy, right? You get the idea. We don’t know for sure what will happen.

What’s Happening Now

So, what’s all this got to do with religious freedom? Quite a lot, I would like to think. The enemies of religious freedom want to steal your religious freedom in the same way. Martial law might come, who knows. But before we get to martial law, there is something happening in Canada right now that could help postpone more severe restrictions on freedom of religious expression, and you can be a part of it.

The House of Commons has already passed Bill C-304 (Protecting freedom). This Bill would rightly eliminate Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, and thereby abolish the “hate speech” provision of the Act. What this means to you, the religious person, (and believers of non-religious philosophies) is that you will no longer be thrown into jail, or fined (a type of forced labour), or banned for life from expressing your religious views by offending someone! To me, this is a good thing. But it isn’t yet law in Canada. Bill C-304 will become law IF the Senate passes it. This is where you come in. It is in 2nd reading in the Senate and Senators are sitting on it. If they wait long enough, they won’t have to deal with it, as it will die on the order paper.

Members of Parliament Who Voted To Restrict Your Religious Freedom

The enemies of free speech, especially religious expression, are ever present, and here’s a list of who voted to possibly imprison you, fine you, or restrict your religious views: how Members of Parliament voted for Protecting Freedom (Bill C-304): 153 voted Yes (for freedom), while 136 voted No (against freedom). According to the Pew Forum Christians are the largest religious group in Canada and worldwide. If we lose more of our religious freedoms, we have only ourselves to blame. As comedian George Carlin would say, “And this is the best we can do folks?”

Easiest Thing You Can Do Now

Write to your own Provincial Senators, or all Senators if you have the time and energy. Here’s the list: Senators by province with their email addresses. Keep your letter polite. A sample letter follows at the end. I’ve already received very nice replies from Senators who are following this free speech debate. If you don’t have a lot of time, just write a one line note asking them to vote for Bill C-304 (Protecting freedom). It’s that easy.

Remember, human rights written on paper do not guarantee religious freedom or free speech. If it did, all countries of the world would be following Article 19 of the Human Rights Charter, United Nations which says “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” But as we all know, this is not current reality. And even in Canada, free expression is being taken away bit by bit. So we have to be always vigilant, even in our so-called democracy.

Sample letter to a Canadian Senator

The Honourable Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Senator

The Senate of Canada

Ottawa, Ontario

Canada K1A 0A4

Dear Senator Xxxxxxxx,

I have been watching, most anxiously, for the Senate to pass Bill C-304 (Protecting freedom), already passed by the House of Commons. This bill is necessary for Canadians to be able to debate issues based upon the truth. Currently, under the Canadian Human Rights Act, Section 13, it is impossible to do this; under that infamous section truth is no defence against allegedly uttering hate speech. If we, the Canadian people cannot debate issues, freely, based upon the truth of the matters, then we will end up having a nation based upon lies, and I, for one, could not ever feel proud of being a Canadian if that were the case.

Some people feel that Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is necessary to protect vulnerable groups; however, that is not how the section has been used to date, but instead has been used, corruptly, to further personal aims, and to obtain profitable settlements for the complainant in the process.

Honourable Senator, abolishing Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is the only upstanding and honourable action upon which to base our democracy, anything less would be to debase it, and show Canadian jurisprudence to be a sham, something to be ashamed of as a citizen, and an insult to all of the brave men and women who have given their lives in the armed forces in order to protect our rights and freedoms.

Please vote to pass Bill C-304 (Protecting freedom), and ask all the other Senators to do the same. Protecting freedom should not be a partisan decision, would you not agree?

Yours sincerely,

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