CIA Columbia Obama Trial – Guilty Verdict Press Conference

May 28, 2010

Great Palace of Worship

Hear this historic press conference (over 28,500 views so far) conducted May 21, 2010 by Rev. James David Manning, pastor of Atlah World Ministries Church in New York. The video conference is about 1 hour long but worth your time to hear what this patriotic American has done to rescue America from the hands of the Ziofascists and fellow travelers. You may not agree with the reverend’s theology but you’ll have to give him high marks for taking on the political establishment in such a unique way!

Why online religious surveys are worthless

May 10, 2010

Megaphone Desktop Tool


By Rev. Ted Pike
27 Apr 10

Anti-“Tea Party” blogger Jason Levin incurred world scorn by encouraging alleged supporters in 65 US cities to “crash” Tea Party protests April 15. He goaded them to infiltrate Tea Party ranks and destroy the movement by saying and doing outrageous things. Much is not known about Levin. But his tactics resemble efforts by another saboteur to discredit critics online through disinformation and cyber-attack. That is the state of Israel.

For more than a year, Israel has reeled under unprecedented world criticism for its brutality to the people of Gaza. It has not silenced its critics by beginning humane treatment or admitting its wrongdoing. Instead, it has unceasingly described itself as the victim, withering under unprecedented, global anti-Semitism. It says critique of Israel poses as legitimate disagreement but only masks the ancient, irrational Jew-hatred that led to the Holocaust.

Over the past years, defenders of Israel such as the Anti-Defamation League have proposed massive education as the only way to counter worldwide anger at Israel. But there’s a problem. The more educated people become about Israel’s brutality (including use of white phosphorus bombs to devour the flesh of innocent Gazans and their children), the more “anti-Semitic” the world becomes! Thus, for the past four years, Israel’s Foreign Ministry has been creating an international cadre of Israeli and Jewish “cyber-warriors” who will do more than “educate” against internet critics; they may also now be spreading confusion, disinformation, and even sabotage against Israel’s critics on the web – much as Jason Levin proposed against Tea Partiers.

‘Israel’s government has thrown its weight behind efforts by supporters to counter what it believes to be negative bias and a tide of pro-Arab propaganda. The Foreign Ministry has ordered trainee diplomats to track websites and chat rooms so that networks of US and European groups with hundreds of thousands of Jewish activists can place supportive messages. In the past week, nearly five-thousand members of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) have downloaded special “megaphone” software that alerts them to anti-Israeli chat rooms or internet polls to enable them to post contrary viewpoints. A student team in Jerusalem combs the web in a host of different languages to flag the sites so that those who have signed up can influence an opinion survey or the course of a debate.’ (Times Online, “Israel Backed By Army of Cyber-Soldiers,” 28July06)

The widespread use of the “megaphone” software allows perhaps 100,000 Jews to be alerted the moment an internet public opinion poll relating to Israel is proposed. Inventors of the “megaphone” desktop tool clearly say that a purpose of the technology is to skew poll results.

The purpose of any public opinion poll within a democracy is to obtain an accurate understanding of public opinion. It is not a forum for argumentation. Yet countless Israeli cyber-warriors now distort honest survey efforts, guilty of what critics increasingly call “ballot stuffing.” In Britain, computing-website The Register called Israel’s poll activism “highly organized mass manipulation of technology.”

For example, a poll in Britain attempted to determine if the British think questioning the accuracy of the six-million figure of alleged Holocaust victims should be a criminal offense. Massive “yes” votes from Jewish cyber-warriors worldwide so distorted the response that the poll became useless. Independent Television News and others have also criticized cyber-warriors for stifling online discussion by generating excessive comment and “spam” on internet message boards (Wikipedia, “Megaphone Desktop Tool”). By contaminating polling research necessary to the democratic process, Jewish activists block orderly discussion and reveal that their primary intent is to whitewash Israel.

Smashing Israel’s Opposition

Joel Leyden runs the Israeli government-approved Israel News Agency and commands at least 100,000 Jewish cyber-warriors worldwide. When an Iranian newspaper in 2006 sponsored a cartoon contest critical of establishment history of the Holocaust, Leyden “used search-engine optimization [directing search-engine results], to successfully bury the Iranian content, and added text inserts into their cartoons which explained the facts of the Holocaust.” Israel’s destruction of the Iranian contest was not “education” but cyber-terrorism. (The Jewish Chronicle, “Israel Internet PR Cyber-Warriors” by Lucy Tobin, 12Feb09) It is the equivalent of one newspaper hiring thugs to smash a rival newspaper’s printing presses.

Such is a powerful reminder that, while Israel counts itself a democracy, it and its PR arm, the Anti-Defamation League, are actually intent on destroying the free speech and action of their critics. In their opinion, strong criticism of Israel ranks as one of the deadliest outbreaks of anti-Semitism in history, imminently threatening the survival of the Jewish state. It is beneath representation, they believe, and should be illegal. Toward this end, Israel wants to end freedom of speech not only for the Palestinians but also for Messianic Christian evangelists in southern Israel and Holocaust revisionists in Iran. (See, “Is ‘Strong’ Criticism of Israel Anti-Semitic?“)

The motto of Mossad, “by way of deception,” appears to extend far beyond Israel’s secret police. It seems that, for many Jewish activists, any means of silencing anti-Semites is permissible.

Destroying the Patriot Movement

Israel’s attempt to destroy internet opposition may already be well advanced. Increasingly, a host of saboteurs attack critics of Israel on the Internet.

– Spreading gossip and accusations within the Right, promoting distrust.

– Representing themselves as conspiracy theorists who are profane and violent.

– Posing as wildly irresponsible anti-Semites and right-wing extremists in order to frighten away newcomers.

– Calling for imminent violence.

– Cluttering search engines with disinformation.

– Inciting religious and racial tensions.

– Voting down good videos as soon as they appear while voting up bad ones (Result: good videos languish from lack of interest).

Jeff Rense, the world’s preeminent anti-Zionist talk show host and internet news provider, tells me:

“Zionist internet terrorism, character assassination, and email hacking are growing in ferocity and arrogance. The ongoing interception of many articles you write and send to me for posting is certainly a prime case in point….here’s what I have to work against. Each story I select for publication is edited, formatted, etc., by yours truly, and then emailed to my webmaster for posting. To make certain he gets the stories I want placed on, I email each of them a total of *five* times. I send four of the copies to four *different* addresses that James maintains at four *different* IPs. I also send one email (the fifth one) – of each story back to myself via cc to be as sure as possible the emails were actually processed and delivered. What the Zionists (and perhaps others) do is clear. If they choose to block certain stories, they intercept all four of the emails through James’ four different email addresses… but they allow my own cc to be delivered back to my mailbox. This makes it appear to me that all five of the emails were processed correctly. Clever trick. We have run across this ‘technique’ many, many times. So, in addition to blocking and destroying incoming email from very important writers like yourself, they are having a good time vaporizing outgoing stories I send to be posted at They are also quite capable of changing the content of emails which they so choose. Unfortunately, there are a lot more dirty tricks in their inventory, which is clearly laid out in my article which can be read here: ‘Zionist Terror Attacks‘ on and Rense Radio.”

What Can Be Done?

Lovers of freedom must recognize that the internet is the “Lexington Green” on which freedom can be saved or lost today. As such, we must be open to the possibility that Israeli cyber-warriors will not be content to simply manipulate polls and search engines but will actually create the impression of “anti-Semitic” bigotry, outrages, and even threats of violence online. They may also attempt to knock out websites and manipulate right-wing communications.

As we saw powerfully demonstrated on April 15, once the Tea Party movement became aware of Jason Levin’s attempts to infiltrate and discredit it, Tea Partiers everywhere made it clear they would be especially watchful for such “agent provocateurs” and expel them. The same awareness, action, and suspicion must pervade the Christian/conservative right as the government of Israel attempts to take over one of the very greatest forums of freedom left to us: a free internet. If Israel wants ballot-stuffing and destruction of the communication tools of its critics, then let such repression be confined to its twisted “democracy,” Israel.

Everyone must let Israel know that “by way of deception” will not be tolerated on the information super highway. The internet belongs to everyone.

VE Day: Should Christians celebrate war?

May 8, 2010

Credit: Metro News, May 7, 2010

Today is V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day), 65 years after the Allies of the Second World War (the “Good War“) defeated Germany. Should Christians be interested in wars? I say yes. Not because I believe in the goodness of Zionist-instigated and financed wars (e.g., WWII), or that the victors were saints (they weren’t), or as the British said, to uphold “Christian civilization.”

No, I believe Christians ought to be interested in wars because wars are always fought and memorialized in the name of God, even though they are instigated by warmongers at the top of national governments, and, sadly, promoted by so-called militaristic Christians. Recently, I was strolling through a small park and came upon this sign about the Great War (1914-19): “To the Glorious Memory of the Men of…whose deaths helped under God to save their Country in the Great War…” The same god seems to bless the “Good War.”

Recently, Andrew Cohen, president of the Canadian Historica-Dominion Institute complained that a new survey shows Canada’s younger generation don’t find it a big deal to remember a war that’s 65 years old, and that the young today wouldn’t have gone to war back then. In a patronizing way he asks: “Do they know enough?” His answer, of course, is that they don’t know enough. My uncle was killed in WWII when his merchant ship was torpedoed. Was he stupid? No. But perhaps, like many today, he “did not know enough.” But now we do know more, thanks to courageous authors. We have learned that the “good” Allies were war criminals too.

Starving babies 1947 (Crimes and Mercies)

For example, Canadian historian James Bacque proves in his books Other Losses and Crimes and Mercies that the Allies were just as vengeful as their enemy, even more so. Bacque shows that years after Germany surrendered, the victorious Allies starved over 2 million German POWs causing their deaths and starved to death almost 14 million civilians, most of them children, women and old men (page 131 of Crimes and Mercies)!

Is this upholding “Christian civilization”? Gordon Duff writing in Veterans Today asks: “Why do Christian Zionists love torture and rape?” Torture, murder and rape are still authorized by “democracies” with the approval of Christian Zionists who support wars (yes, those mega churches where happy-clappy worshipers perform on Sundays and on your TV). Nothing has changed in 65 years.

Canadian prison for Christians: no heat or shoes or socks, bed sheets washed every 3 months

May 2, 2010

These four “freedoms” on the left are taken from page 8 of “Discover Canada” (2010 edition), a booklet for new Canadians published by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. In my opinion, this booklet should have a prominent warning printed on the front, such as “Warning: Canada’s Freedoms Are Subject to ZioFascists.” Here’s why:

What’s it really like in a Canadian prison? And what is it like when you’re not a criminal? The following excerpt describes the inside of Canada’s prison gulag if you are a truth seeker and pacifist, and dare to express a personal opinion that contradicts official government opinions. Listen to a survivor of Canada’s gulag prisons:

Throughout my imprisonment, basic human rights principles were trampled underfoot repeatedly and with impunity. The worst prisons were the Canadian detention centers at Thorold, Ontario and at Toronto West, where I was held for two long years in isolation cells, ice-cold in the winter, no shoes or socks allowed. The electric light in these cells, bright enough to be able to read, was kept on 24 hours a day. Through a glass slot in the door I was checked every 20 minutes, and my activities were meticulously noted by the guards: one sheet for every day.  No dignity, no privacy. My toothbrush was kept in a plastic bin in a hall. I was not allowed to speak to other prisoners. Bed sheets were changed only after three months. No pillows. No chairs. When I wrote to my wife or to my attorneys, I had to sit on a makeshift pile of my court transcripts. No radio, no television, not even an electrical outlet to sharpen my pencils. No ball point pens, only pencil stubs, cut in half with a saw. No spoons, forks, or knives were permitted; only a white plastic spoon with a fork called a “spork” that had to be returned every time at the end of the meal. With very few exceptions when furtive guards showed me some kindness away from the surveillance cameras, I was treated as though I was the worst of criminals. That’s Canada for you, where I have lived and worked without a criminal record for more than 40 years.

This Christian pacifist with no criminal record was treated many times worse than Canada’s most violent serial killers, compliments of the Zionist-controlled departments of (in)justice. So, I think new Canadians have every right to view their little booklet with great distrust, and could treat this part of the booklet as so much “poppycock.” Indeed, if Canada claims so much freedom of religion, why does it prosecute the clergy and tell them to renounce their faith? When Zionists have complete control, torture will be normal practice, as it is now in Israel.

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