June 25, 2011

Source: National Prayer Network

By Rev. Ted Pike
13 Jun 11

A number of Judaism’s most venerable ancient rabbis, whose edicts are recorded in the “Bible” of modern Judaism, the Talmud, were pedophiles. This is documented in my article, “Pedophilia: The Talmud’s Dirty Secret.” Some of the earliest and very greatest sages, such as the “great” Simeon ben Yohai, encouraged rabbis to sexually assault (“marry”) girls as young as three and permitted Jewish women to molest boys under the age of 9. (See, “Judaism and Homosexuality: A Marriage Made in Hell” and “Pedophilia ‘Rampant’ in Orthodox Judaism“) Orthodox Judaism today reveals a disturbing trend:  the more that Jewish leaders literally believe the Talmud, the more they are charged with sex crimes against minors.

It is rare today that rabbis from the liberal branches of Judaism, which often “spiritualized” the Talmud, are accused of sex crimes against minors. (These are Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist.) Yet in Orthodox Jewish centers such as New York and Israel, an escalating number of such Orthodox authorities are indicted as child molesters. These rabbis do not merely theorize about the Talmud’s encouragement of child sex but act on it.

Shmarya Rosenberg publishes Failed Messiah, a site devoted to ultra-Orthodox Judaism and exposing its sins. A former member of the Lubavitcher Hasidic movement who remains a practicing Orthodox Jew, he has published hundreds of posts about Orthodox molestation and says he gets dozens of tips per week.

New York journalist and attorney Michael Lesher says, “A certain amount of sexual deviance is going to be found in any society. What is really shocking is the extent of license that’s been extended to these people to victimize children and if you are a pedophile, the Orthodox Jewish community is one of the best places you can be…” (In The Wall of Silence, a Canadian TV documentary about haredi sexual abuse, part of a larger series.)

Amy Neustein is an Orthodox Jew who wrote Tempest in the Temple: Jewish Communities and Child Sex Scandals. She says, “What outrages me most about pedophilia in the Orthodox Jewish community is the systematic cover-up by its leaders of the ongoing crimes perpetrated against children. Rabbis who have a lot of influence in the community systematically intimidate and threaten abuse victims, their advocates, their supporters and their therapist. The abuse victims are left with no support and they’re fighting a behemoth that’s so strong they don’t know where to turn.”

But it is not only leaders who cover for abusers. An Orthodox rabbi, Yosef Blau, who counsels abuse survivors in New York, notes a significant difference between Catholic and Jewish sex abuse. “In the Catholic Church, the issue was the cover-up by the church hierarchy. Here, it’s the community, not the hierarchy. It’s the whole community not wanting to admit trouble in our midst.” Another difference is that pedophilia in the Catholic Church is condemned by church dogma. Child abuse in Orthodox Judaism, however, is commanded by its most authoritative religious source, the Babylonian Talmud.

In 2008 a rabbi who investigates sex abuse in Orthodox communities was chased out of a synagogue by 200 Hasidic Jewish men in London, who formed a mob—even using their cell phones to call for backup—when they recognized him. (It is hardly possible to imagine this happening in a Catholic church.) Police had to intervene. The rabbi, Nachum Rosenberg, says he feared for his life.

Rosenberg has been investigating molestation in Orthodox communities for 18 months. He says, “These things are happening all the time, but the rabbonim prefer to take a quiet road.” A victim abuse counselor in Brooklyn said, “Outside the Chasidic community no one has heard of Rabbi Rosenberg, but all the Chasidic communities know of his work.” And they do not seem to appreciate it. When the attack outside the synagogue was reported on Jewish websites, there were hundreds of reader comments—mostly negative! Some called the rabbi a “pig,” “sick” and “mentally retarded.”

Washington Post reported on Rabbi Sidney Goldenburg, who had a 30-year religious career and spent it abusing children, shielded by the community as well as the hierarchy. He moved from place to place when whispers began. Not one family sued on behalf of their teenage daughters. Numerous authorities who knew of the multiple complaints against him did not mention them when asked for a reference after he had moved. The law finally caught up with him but after a mere two years in prison, “Goldenberg can still call himself a rabbi, because Jewish authorities say ordination is like an academic degree — once conferred, it cannot be revoked.”

Failed Messiah reports that there are multiple religious obstacles for Jews who might otherwise report sex abuse. “The obstacles include traditional Jewish rules, adhered to in some pockets of the Orthodox world, such as a prohibition against ‘chillul Hashem,’ bringing shame on God’s name, and against ‘mesirah,’ informing on fellow believers to secular authorities.”

The “Billy Graham” of Israel is Child Abuser

Mordechai Elon is one of the most powerful rabbis in the world and a virtual “Billy Graham” of religious influence over Orthodox Jews in Israel. He has made infamous headlines in Israel since 2010 when police announced investigation into allegations of sex with numerous male students, at least one by force. Since 2003, Elon’s crimes against kids had been addressed only by a Jewish non-government body established in 2003 known as Takana. Apparently all that had been required was a promise he would limit his contact with young men.

An opinion piece in YNet News called “Rabbis are Human too” shows the level of adoration and even worship given to rabbis in Israel by the religious. Mordechai Elon is described as more than a rabbi, as a “master and leader,” unique in his level of influence. Israeli families study the Talmud at the dinner table along with his books. After the sex scandal arose, dozens of Elon’s students passionately defended him. So great is Elon’s charisma that the author of the opinion piece wrote that he himself was moved to tears. The reverence of rabbis leads to incredible reluctance to believe overwhelming evidence, let alone a child’s solitary, vulnerable voice of accusation. After Rabbi Elon was exposed for sex abuse, “A yeshivah student said that it amounts to ‘crisis of faith’. A rabbi talked about ’emotional disaster,’ while a 17-year-old boy said ‘he can’t get out of bed’ because of depression.”

In ultra-Orthodox (Kabbalistic) culture, Talmudic sages are regarded as semi-divine, some having preexisted in heaven before bringing God’s insight to earth. Ultra-Orthodox laity also regard themselves as the presence of divinity in this world. The mythical status of rabbis today gives them all the more power to abuse in secret. When they are found out, they are not responsible to the police.

In Haaretz in 2010, Gideon Levy wrote that the Takana forum is an alternative law enforcement agency for religious Zionists. Levy explains, “A high school teacher at a secular school who sexually assaults his students would be turned over to the police. A rabbi at a yeshiva suspected of the same thing would be turned over to Takana.” This body typically recommends distance from temptation or public life…not prison or public accountability! Even when authorities in Israel are contacted, permissiveness from the government continues. Apparently the Israeli attorney general also advocated silence in the Elon case.

YNet News reported in 2010:

Unfortunately, there are virtually no accurate data on sexual abuse in the religious sector. There is no body dealing with religious kids who have been subjected to molestation or are sexually active in the State of Israel… Dr. Aviad Hacohen, dean of the Sha’arei Mishpat College and member of the Takana forum…stated in 2007 that 95% of sexual offences in Jerusalem were performed by Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox.

“Several years ago, I began looking into the issue on a data-based level,” he said. “It turned out that the law enforcement authorities, both the police and the prosecutor’s office, were aware of the data but refused to expose it…The fact that all the hearings on these types of offences were held in closed doors and subject to gag orders prevents issuing accurate data.”

[Hacohen says] “This is a wide-scale phenomenon. . . most of the serious incest offences within the Jewish sector in Jerusalem are performed within the religious society. This is topped by the bond of silence…”

Here are only some examples of Orthodox rabbis who got caught. How many more remain un-apprehended?

  1. “Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz, a Brooklyn based psychologist, was among the first of a series of high-profile rabbis or yeshiva teachers to be indicted on charges of sexual abuse that have rocked the Orthodox community in recent decades. Press reports have stated that the five-count indictment against him is based on complaints from more than one hundred victims.” ( – N.Y. High Court Takes on Orthodox Sexual Abuse Scandal).
  2. Rabbi Moshe Nussboim is currently on trial behind closed doors in Jerusalem, accused of sexually abusing three boys in his school between the years 2002 to 2008.  (The Jerusalem Post – Sexual Abuse Case Sheds Light on Emmanuel’s Ethnic Tensions).
  3. Rabbi Nechemya Weberman, a prominent Brooklyn rabbi, was charged in 2011 with molesting a 12-year-old girl over three years. Weberman was charged with a criminal sex act, rape, endangering the welfare of a child and sexual abuse.
  4. Rabbi Avrohom Reichman was temporarily removed as principal of a Brooklyn yeshiva after being accused of sexually abusing a student. The victim was pressured by all his religious leaders to be quiet about the incidents.
  5. Rabbi Israel Weingarten was found guilty of molesting his daughter over a seven-year period by a Brooklyn Federal Court in 2009.
  6. Rabbi Baruch Lebovits was convicted of repeatedly sexually abusing a 16-year-old classmate of his son. A Brooklyn jury found him guilty of eight counts of sexual abuse.
  7. Rabbi Stanley Z. Levitt, in 2009, was charged with sexually assaulting two 11-year-old students while he taught at the Maimonides School in Brooklyn during the 1970s. In previous years, Levitt was also arrested on various charges related to claims of indecent assault against three other boys.
  8. Rabbi Bryan Bramley was arrested in 2010 by U.S. Marshals for the rape of a 7-year-old girl in March 2000 in New York City.
  9. Rabbi Yehuda Kolko pleaded guilty in 2008 to two counts of endangering the welfare of a child for molesting a 6-year-old boy. Another alleged victim stated that he personally knows of another 15 victims, and that he believes more than 100 other boys were molested by the rabbi.

Double Standard for Jewish Sex Offenders

The Jewish-dominated media (See, “Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish“) has aggressively covered all details of child abuse by Roman Catholic clergy. Have you read anything in it or Christian media hinting that pedophilia is rampant among Orthodox rabbis? Meanwhile, the myth persists that Orthodox Judaism consists of “true Torah-believing Jews” who cling to the laws of Moses.

The truth is that, since the defeat of the Karaite rebellion, no branch of Judaism has deviated from primary loyalty to the Pharisees and their Talmud. Protected from the healthy influence of scrutiny or criticism, Orthodox Judaism reveals as much ethical poverty as its secular counterpart. That spiritual dryness was noted by formerly Orthodox Jewish/conservative talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger. She explained her abandonment of Orthodox Judaism on her December 31, 2010 radio broadcast. Dr. Laura said she tried for a lifetime to find some thread of true spiritual comfort in Judaism but could not. Jewish Conservative writer Ben Shapiro says “being truly Jewish requires allegiance to basic Judaic principles: the first and foremost of which is identity with the Jewish people and its enlightened national aspirations. . .” These are social political values – not spiritual ones!

True spirituality, as the Mosaic Law boldly asserts, means loving God with all of our heart, soul, and mind and our neighbor as ourselves. Orthodox Judaism is preoccupied with the Jewish people to the exclusion of the lesser “goyim.” It elevates liturgy, law, tradition and Jewish nationalism. It lacks anything resembling the spiritual emphasis God tried to convince the ancient Hebrews He valued most.

Today, the degenerate ethics (including pedophilia) manifesting in Orthodox Judaism are described by evolutionary racists as evidence of Jewish hereditary corruption: evolution’s bad fruits. Actually, it only results from the clearest moral choices 2,000 years ago by the Jewish people and their leaders against Jesus. The Jewish people chose to follow immoral hypocrites, “blind guides who strain at a gnat and swallow a camel” – the Pharisees. Pharisaic perversion has nothing to do with Jewish genes; it is a consequence of rebellion against the known will of God.

Such rebellion continues, lodged in modern Judaism’s “holy Talmud,” giving permission to Jews in every age to molest children. Such perversion takes a mallet to the very foundation of their worth, development and personhood. Christ said it would be better to have a millstone tied around your neck and be thrown into the ocean than to commit such an offense against a child. But today it is an epidemic among the Orthodox because of vastly lowered standards of morality, particularly in the Western world, and correspondingly higher levels of Jewish power.

How can Orthodoxy cleanse itself? It can’t! None of us can. Two thousand years ago Orthodoxy despised and crucified the One whose atoning blood alone can make the filthiest sinner clean. It still vilifies that cleansing fount – teaching the Jewish people that Jesus is now in hell, writhing in boiling excrement (Gitten 56b, 57a). It still insists that the virgin Mary was a whore (Sanhedrin 106b) and that Gentiles are subhuman (Kaerithoth 6b) and may be lied to and cheated (Baba Kama 113b), even killed (Abodah Zara 26b).

How long will Jewry remain in its arid moral wasteland? Jesus answers: “Behold your house is left unto desolate. You shall not see me… until you say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!’” (Luke 13:35)

Was Jesus A Christian Zionist Real Estate Associate? Yes, Say Palin and Bachmann

June 19, 2011

Beware of Bachmann Palin and Religion in Politics

By Eileen Fleming

Less than 24 hours after President Obama stated:

“The United States believes that negotiations should result in two states, with permanent Palestinian borders with Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, and permanent Israeli borders with Palestine. The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states. The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state.” [1]

Presidential candidate, Tea Party congresswoman Michele Bachmann launched 150,000 robo-calls to residents in Iowa and South Carolina on May 19th accusing Obama of not standing up for Israel.

In her recent speech at the “Faith & Freedom Conference” held in D.C., Bachmann termed Obama’s call for a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict based on Israel’s 1967 boundaries and mutually agreed land swaps “shocking ” and she followed up by buying ads on Jewish websites reiterating her message.

After graduating from high school, Bachmann worked on a kibbutz in Israel near to Beersheva, one of over 500 Palestinian villages and towns that Israel ethnically cleansed beginning in 1948.

In 1986, Bachmann received a J.D. degree from Oral Roberts University, a cross-denominational/non-denominational Christian university that is part of a movement of individual, historically mainstream congregations who have adopted beliefs and practices similar to Pentecostals, which includes a wide range of different theologies, such as The NAR/New Apostolic Reformation.

The NAR is a religious movement of elites and regular people guided by an entire genre of books, texts, videos and other media. Among NAR adherents, is Sarah Palin and the NAR is one of the largest movements in America that nobody knows of due to the dearth of investigative reporting on the intersection of faith and politics.

NAR videos “demonstrate the taking control of communities and nations through large networks of ‘prayer warriors’ whose spiritual warfare is used to expel and destroy the demons that cause societal ills. Once the territorial demons, witches, and generational curses are removed, the ‘born-again’ Christians in the videos take control of society…Leaders in the NAR movement refer to themselves as ‘apostles.’

“Along with her entire family, Sarah Palin was re-baptized at twelve at the Wasilla Assembly of God in Wasilla, Alaska and she attended the church from the time she was ten until 2002: over two and 1/2 decades. Sarah Palin’s extensive pattern of association with the Wasilla Assembly of God has continued nearly up to the day she was picked by Senator John McCain as a vice-presidential running mate.

“Palin has also been blessed, or ‘anointed’, by an African cleric, prominent in the Third Wave movement, who has repeatedly visited the Wasilla Assembly of God and claims to have effected positive, dramatic social change in a Kenyan town by driving out a ‘spirit of witchcraft.’

“The Wasilla Assembly of God church is deeply involved with both Third Wave activities and theology…The Third Wave is a revival of the theology of the Latter Rain tent revivals of the 1950s and 1960s led by William Branham and others. It is based on the idea that in the end times there will be an outpouring of supernatural powers on a group of Christians that will take authority over the existing church and the world. The believing Christians of the world will be reorganized under the Fivefold Ministry and the church restructured under the authority of Prophets and Apostles and others anointed by God. The young generation will form ‘Joel’s Army’ to rise up and battle evil and retake the earth for God…” [2]

Jesus called politicians foxes and with Bachmann and Palin being touted as presidential material, the issue of faith in politics has never been more deadly.

As Don Hewitt advised: “Tell me a story. It’s that easy” I offer this one to my sister and brother Americans, in particular those who claim to be Christian:

Dear Christian: Resurrect This and Know That..

On March 20, 2006, I traveled from the Little Town of Bethlehem: Occupied Territory to the Mount of Beatitudes in Israel. This awe inspiring site sits above the shimmering Sea of Galilee where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, and I ended up delivering my own Sermon on that Mount! Read more…

Four Franciscan Sisters, one each from Syria, Jordan, Malta and Italy care for the shrine and the pilgrim guests at the Hospice Center where I spent two nights and a day of silent reflection after nine days on a Sabeel Reality tour through occupied Palestine.

At dinner a Catholic Pentecostal from Scotland introduced himself and asked me why I was there and what church I was from.

I responded that I have Irish Roman Catholic, Polish Jew and Ukrainian DNA and my rock is The Beatitudes.

He looked even more perplexed when I told him I had come to the Mount of Beatitudes to decompress and reflect upon my nine days in Occupied Territory. I asked him if he were aware of the work of Sabeel, the Palestinian Christian liberation theology organization founded by a 1948 refugee, which promotes a theology of liberation, based on justice, peace, non-violence and reconciliation with all people regardless of faith path or nationality.

He sternly admonished me; “God gave this land to the Jews! The Bible never mentions Palestine, and that is that! God gave this land to the Jews and that is that!”

I responded just as fervently that the Palestinian Christians are the descendants of those who first followed Jesus and they have been denied inalienable human rights by the Israeli government. I told him the Christians in the Holy Land have shrunk from 20% of the total population to less than 1.3% since 1948 and if things don’t change soon, there will be no Christians left in the land where Christ promised that it is the peacemakers who are the children of God.

He sputtered, “But the Jews have suffered! God gave this land to the Jews and that is that!”

This really got my Irish up and I retorted, “Yes they did because good people did nothing for far too long, and now the oppressed have become the oppressors. In the 21st century good people are unaware, ignoring or are in total denial of the injustices Israel gets away with in the so called Holy Land. And the Hebrew prophets, such as Micah reminded the people of what the Lord requires: To be just, to be merciful and to walk humbly with your God!”

I could NOT shut up although I knew that that Scotsman was trying to get away from me, but, I was on a tear and barely took a breath as I told him that instead of staying in Israel for his entire visit, he should go and witness life in the occupied territories; go and see the effects of The Wall on his spirit and see what it has done to the Palestinian economy. I told him he should go and tour some of the Bethlehem refugee camps and see the ruins of all the uncompensated home demolitions. I brought it on home by telling him that I also doubt that God was ever in the real estate business!

His eyes had bugged out and his mouth had dropped open while the torrent of words spewed out of me. After I finally shut up, he stammered, “But there is suffering everywhere!”

“Yes there is and Christ always stood up for the poor and the oppressed. And he told us what ever we do or do not do for the least and the outcast; we do it or not unto God.”

He shook his head and turned and walked quickly away and never again looked my way.

Nobody else spoke to me the rest of the evening or the next day. That was fine with me, for I was listening to the voice within and I kept hearing Luke 23:34:

“Father forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.”

But when you know and if you are of good will, you must do something and as education is the way to compassion and compassion is the way to change, so I persist to try and Wake Up the Bachmann’s and Palin’s of America many of whom have been misled into accepting the ideology of Christian Zionism as IF it were theologically sound!

What is Christian Zionism?

Christian Zionism is an extremist Christian movement, which supports the claims of those who believe that the State of Israel should take control of all of the land currently disputed between Palestinians and Israelis. It views the creation and expansion of the modern state of Israel as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy toward the second coming of Jesus.

Christian Zionism is a modern theological and political movement that embraces the most extreme ideological positions of Zionism, thereby becoming detrimental to a just peace within Palestine and Israel. The Christian Zionist program provides a worldview where the Gospel is identified with the ideology of empire, colonialism and militarism. In its extreme form, it laces an emphasis on apocalyptic events leading to the end of history rather than living Christ’s love and justice today.

What is the Christian Zionist connection with the Holy Land?

Believing that God fights on the side of Israel, Christian Zionists call for the unqualified support for the most extreme political positions. They do not have eyes to see or ears to hear their sisters and brothers in Christ, or cousins in the family of Father Abraham who are caught in the crossfire of the military minded.

Christian Zionist spokes persons have also attributed Hurricane Katrina to God’s wrath over America’s failure to stop Israel from “disengaging” from Gaza in 2005, although Israel has never ceased their total control over air, land and sea borders!

They also consistently oppose any moves towards a solution to the conflict, which would validate the political aspirations of both Palestinians and Israelis.

Who Supports Christian Zionism?

Christian Zionism has significant support within American Protestant fundamentalists, and number between 10 and 20 million. Its reach is broad, by virtue of its favorite themes related to the “End Times” and an Israel-fixated Christian media.

Christian Zionism is both a political movement and a way of mis-interpreting current events. Its focus on Israel and the Middle East is an ideology and a movement. Its promoters share many beliefs but are not organized through any one institution.

Throughout history Christians have at times twisted scripture to justify violence: for the Crusades, for Antisemitism, and for slavery.

Too often the Church has been slow to respond to these biblical distortions and with disastrous results.

Today Christian Zionists – particularly those with dispensationalist leanings – are well organized and although their motives are couched in terms of compassion toward the Jewish people they base their theology on literal readings of scripture.

The political agenda of territorial expansion advocated by Christian Zionists has given rise to the brutal injustices against Palestinians, which fuels the fires of militancy in the Middle East.

While Jewish Zionism began with the hope that all Jewish people would have a safe and peaceful dwelling place, these corruptors of the gospel Christ preached, adhere to a 200 year old convoluted interpretation of disparate scriptures that they have chosen to weave together to support their fear based judgmental narrow minded doctrine.

This heretical theology of Premellenial Dispensation worships a god of Armageddon and not the God of love, forgiveness and compassion that Jesus/The Prince of Peace modeled even while being nailed to a cross.

The “Left Behind” series of fiction is the epitome of what millennium of theologians have always understood to be what the term anti-Christ is truly about

The term “Antichrist” only appears five times in the Bible, but a cult not based on sound theology has created an urban legend that seeks Armageddon.

The term “Antichrist” never appears in John’s Revelation or Daniel, two disparate works of literature written three centuries apart and under very different circumstances, yet the Left Behinder’s weave them together.

The small texts that mention the “Antichrist” were written to attack the Gnostic understanding of whom Christ was. A Gnostic relies on intuition and not on dogma and doctrine. Gnostic’s were most certainly free spirits and most all of the writings we have about Gnostics, have been the attacks upon them. That all changed when the Nag Hamadi Library was translated and published, for what had been deemed heretical by those in power in the fourth century can now be read in most every language. Read more…

The theology promoted in the Left Behind fiction is a theology based on fear and punishment.

These misinformed Christians worship a punitive father as God. They do not have eyes to see that nature is God’s primary temple, and war the greatest abomination.

The theology of the fictional “Left Behind” series is the epitome of the spirit of the anti-Christ: which is the evil within ones own heart that leads one to fear “the other” and compels them to violence.

According to Christ, to be his follower, one must do what the Father requires. The Hebrew prophet Micah summed it up best: “What does the Lord require? He has already told you o’man: Be Just, Be Merciful and walk humbly with your God.” -Micah 6:8:

To be just is to be fair and reasonable. To be merciful means to treat all people the way we want to be treated. To be humble is knowing oneself; the good and the evil, for both cut through every human heart.

Jesus taught that the only way to resist evil is with good and he modeled that one must always work for peaceful resolutions, even to the point of returning violence with compassion and forgiveness.

No religion owns God and no church owns Jesus, who was never a Christian, for that term was not even coined until three decades after he walked the earth.

Jesus was a social justice radical revolutionary nonviolent Palestinian devout Jewish road warrior who rose up and challenged the job security of the temple priests by teaching the people no need to pay the priests for ritual baths or sacrificing livestock to be OK with God; for God already LOVES you just as you are.

Christianity and this republic were founded by rebels, revolutionaries and dissidents. Jesus called politicians foxes and I take that as a warning to US that when religion rules politics instead of guiding ethics and morality, we the people for justice, peace, equality and true democracy get screwed.

Understanding Rev. Joe Amaral: Insights into the Words and Deeds of a Useful Idiot for Zionist Israel

June 17, 2011


By Mystery Worshiper

Rev. Joe Amaral has written a book, Understanding Jesus: Cultural Insights into the Words and Deeds of Christ. You’ll see “smokin’ Joe” on his First Century TV program. A likable person, probably sincere. He travels the world and conducts tours for Zionist Israel. But, is he a complete religious fake like Walis Shoebat and Ergun Canar? Or is he simply an extremist Christian Zionist like Rev. Dr. Charles McVety and just a “useful idiot” (a Christian Zionist who is more Zionist than an Israeli Zionist)?

To try to find out who Rev. Joe Amaral really is, let’s look briefly at this Portuguese-born minister of Milton, Ontario, Canada. Rev. Amaral is a Christian Zionist (an “Israel-firster”) to the core and I would cautiously call him a useful idiot; I don’t think he is a fake in the strict sense of the word. However, there are some strange things about Rev. Amaral that bother me, and even make him a suspect, given the fact he is a trained (Pentecostal) clergyman and claims to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So, below I give a few bits of information about Rev. Amaral that indicate his “useful idiot” tendencies in helping the politcal Zionist cause:

  1. Rev. Amaral has appeared on Zionist media shows and his name is proudly displayed on a list of rabid political Zionists, including Mein Weinstein of the “militant, occasionally violent Jewish Defense League“—an outfit that promotes ethnic cleansing and is considered “violent” by the FBI in the USA. Are we known by the company we keep?
  2. Sharing the same guest list is political Zionist Frank Dimant, Executive VP of B’nai Brith Canada. Dimant is an extremist Zionist who apparently convinced Rev. Charles McVety’s Canada Christian College to give him an honourary doctorate. (Frank Dimant is an Orthodox Jew who is “the follower of the rather secular Ze’ev Jabotinsky” a fierce fascist who declared that Zionism’s strength “stands or it falls by the question of armed force.” In fact, Jabotinsky was founder of Irgun, the terrorist Zionist group; see list of Irgun attacks. And B’nai Brith is a Masonic foreign lobby outfit that works against Canadian sovereignty and works to abolish Christian symbols.)
  3. Rev. Amaral advertises that he has connections with the racist State of Israel and “works closely with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” You can be certain that Mossad is watching (and grinning).
  4. Rev. Amaral’s website also links to Zionist film-maker Steven Spielberg who denies all holocausts (except one).
  5. Rev. Amaral has produced a documentary that he says tells the truth about “how Palestinian propaganda seeks to rob the Jewish people of their rich history in the Land of Israel” and how Palestinian “Children are taught and encouraged to aspire to kill Jews and to become suicide bombers.” He doesn’t say anything about the first peaceful Jewish homeland established over 80 years ago.

Joe Amaral admits that he was a disappointed and discouraged Pentecostal pastor. Nothing new there. But what is new is his experience of hearing from God that after failing as a pastor, God told him to promote the Christian Zionist belief that whatever the political State of Israel does, it is ordained of God. Rev. Amaral therefore establishes himself as an extremist Christian Zionist, that is, “any Christian who supports the Zionist aim of the sovereign State of Israel, its army, government, education etc…for any reason.” In other words, “Bless Israel.” And this includes ethnic cleansing, war, etc.

Just a few days ago, Israeli Prime Minister B. Netanyahu  was asked by Christian Zionists: What is the best way to support Zionist Israel? His answer was simple: “Visit.” This is precisely what Joe Amaral does best. His various websites are loaded with information on how to join his tours to Israel.

It’s a pity that Rev. Joe Amaral has strayed so far from his original calling of preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. It is my hope that Rev. Joe Amaral will one day leave the cult of Christian Zionism behind him and experience a true conversion similar to this professor of theology who tells the story of his “journey out of Christian Zionism.”

Christian Fanatics Meet Jewish Fanatics

June 6, 2011


By Rev. Ted Pike
12 Apr 10

A fanatic is “possessed by an excessive and irrational zeal for a religious or political cause” (American Heritage Dictionary). Today, two types of fanaticism threaten the safety of our republic and the future of our populist revolt. The first is Christian Zionism. The second is right-wing calls for violence.

Contradicting the Bible, Christian Zionism says Jews and Israel are favored above all other races and nations, no matter what they do. Most Christian Zionists believe God will curse anyone who criticizes Israel. Jewish supremacists—whose ancestors founded communism and its offspring, liberalism—today corrupt the Gentile world through their predominant influence in international banking, Congress, and big media. (See, Jewish Activists Created Communism and Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish) This weakening of Gentile power is encouraged by Jewish Talmudic/Kabbalistic scripture so that the Jewish messiah can someday rule the nations.

Nevertheless, most Christian evangelicals ignorantly preach and practice ironclad non-criticism of everything Jewish. This formula is taken so far that no major Christian, conservative leadership group will criticize the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, despite its anti-Christian, pro-homosexual agenda and creation of Christian-persecuting hate crime laws worldwide.

The second fanaticism that threatens freedom is revealed in those who call for imminent violence to overthrow our government. An example may be the nine Hutaree militia members who allegedly planned to jumpstart revolution by killing a policeman, then bombing police at his funeral. If guilty as charged, the Hutaree held both forms of fanaticism. Their website displays “Seven Reasons Why Christians Should Support Israel.” Contrary to media spin, they were not anti-Semitic. Their stated intent of supporting Israel unconditionally is the same position held by Pastor John Hagee, Dr. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. A militia leader told me that in 2007 he visited the now arrested leader of the Hutarees, David Brian Stone; he said Stone’s headquarters were decorated with flags of Israel and the leader angrily denounced any critique of Israel as “anti-Semitic.”

Renewal Will Be Undermined

This underscores an ominous reality. Pro-Israel fanaticism, with its welcoming invitation to supremacist Jews, runs so deep everywhere in the Christian right that it would continue, even if a government overthrow did take place. The pattern of supremacist Jews hijacking a conservative “revolution” already occurred in recent history. In 1980, Ronald Reagan accomplished his own coup against liberalism. The “Reagan Revolution” brought new respect for conservatism in America. Immediately, Jews flooded the movement, creating the Jewish “neoconservative” faction of the Republican Party. This Jewish lobby’s insistence on special favors to Israel helped pressure Pres. George W. Bush to invade Iraq, protecting Israel from Saddam’s “weapons of mass destruction” – which were never found. The same Jewish neo-cons goaded Bush to invade Afghanistan after 9/11, again to secure the safety of Israel. These two wars, promoted by Israeli dual-loyalists high in Republican circles, gave the Democrats the anti-war issue they needed to end Republican credibility and elect Obama. Now, the same pressure is witheringly applied on the Obama administration to take military action against Iran, again to insure the safety of a greater Israel.

What does America really need?

Through education and return to sound, Biblical interpretation, we need to overthrow the power of Jewish supremacism. It will do little good to topple the present government if this is not confronted. With incredible speed, supremacist Jews will only resurface like toxic mushrooms after a thundershower. Incredibly, triumphant evangelicals like Sarah Palin would be the first to invite such Jews to participate. A violent revolution would only substitute one Jewish-controlled government for another.

Instead, there must be a complete willingness to examine Jewish power and motives, and how they brought us to the straits we are in. Up to this point, Christian, conservative leaders have refused such inquiry. What America needs now is not radical revolution—but radical reevaluation of how supremacist Jews have ruined, and will continue to ruin, our hopes.

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