Understanding Rev. Joe Amaral: Insights into the Words and Deeds of a Useful Idiot for Zionist Israel


By Mystery Worshiper

Rev. Joe Amaral has written a book, Understanding Jesus: Cultural Insights into the Words and Deeds of Christ. You’ll see “smokin’ Joe” on his First Century TV program. A likable person, probably sincere. He travels the world and conducts tours for Zionist Israel. But, is he a complete religious fake like Walis Shoebat and Ergun Canar? Or is he simply an extremist Christian Zionist like Rev. Dr. Charles McVety and just a “useful idiot” (a Christian Zionist who is more Zionist than an Israeli Zionist)?

To try to find out who Rev. Joe Amaral really is, let’s look briefly at this Portuguese-born minister of Milton, Ontario, Canada. Rev. Amaral is a Christian Zionist (an “Israel-firster”) to the core and I would cautiously call him a useful idiot; I don’t think he is a fake in the strict sense of the word. However, there are some strange things about Rev. Amaral that bother me, and even make him a suspect, given the fact he is a trained (Pentecostal) clergyman and claims to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So, below I give a few bits of information about Rev. Amaral that indicate his “useful idiot” tendencies in helping the politcal Zionist cause:

  1. Rev. Amaral has appeared on Zionist media shows and his name is proudly displayed on a list of rabid political Zionists, including Mein Weinstein of the “militant, occasionally violent Jewish Defense League“—an outfit that promotes ethnic cleansing and is considered “violent” by the FBI in the USA. Are we known by the company we keep?
  2. Sharing the same guest list is political Zionist Frank Dimant, Executive VP of B’nai Brith Canada. Dimant is an extremist Zionist who apparently convinced Rev. Charles McVety’s Canada Christian College to give him an honourary doctorate. (Frank Dimant is an Orthodox Jew who is “the follower of the rather secular Ze’ev Jabotinsky” a fierce fascist who declared that Zionism’s strength “stands or it falls by the question of armed force.” In fact, Jabotinsky was founder of Irgun, the terrorist Zionist group; see list of Irgun attacks. And B’nai Brith is a Masonic foreign lobby outfit that works against Canadian sovereignty and works to abolish Christian symbols.)
  3. Rev. Amaral advertises that he has connections with the racist State of Israel and “works closely with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” You can be certain that Mossad is watching (and grinning).
  4. Rev. Amaral’s website also links to Zionist film-maker Steven Spielberg who denies all holocausts (except one).
  5. Rev. Amaral has produced a documentary that he says tells the truth about “how Palestinian propaganda seeks to rob the Jewish people of their rich history in the Land of Israel” and how Palestinian “Children are taught and encouraged to aspire to kill Jews and to become suicide bombers.” He doesn’t say anything about the first peaceful Jewish homeland established over 80 years ago.

Joe Amaral admits that he was a disappointed and discouraged Pentecostal pastor. Nothing new there. But what is new is his experience of hearing from God that after failing as a pastor, God told him to promote the Christian Zionist belief that whatever the political State of Israel does, it is ordained of God. Rev. Amaral therefore establishes himself as an extremist Christian Zionist, that is, “any Christian who supports the Zionist aim of the sovereign State of Israel, its army, government, education etc…for any reason.” In other words, “Bless Israel.” And this includes ethnic cleansing, war, etc.

Just a few days ago, Israeli Prime Minister B. Netanyahu  was asked by Christian Zionists: What is the best way to support Zionist Israel? His answer was simple: “Visit.” This is precisely what Joe Amaral does best. His various websites are loaded with information on how to join his tours to Israel.

It’s a pity that Rev. Joe Amaral has strayed so far from his original calling of preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. It is my hope that Rev. Joe Amaral will one day leave the cult of Christian Zionism behind him and experience a true conversion similar to this professor of theology who tells the story of his “journey out of Christian Zionism.”

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