Galicia (Spain) Blocks Resolution against so-called “Holocaust”

March 30, 2013

By Adrian Gauss

Holocaust, Zionism & Judaica

March 29, 2013

Xosé Manuel Beiras

Xosé Manuel Beiras

A resolution commemorating the victims of the Holocaust was vetoed by the spokesmen of party leaders in the northwestern Spanish province of Galicia. Before a resolution can be submitted to that regional parliament, a Council of Speakers must approve of it, and that’s where it was stonewalled by the spokesmen of the left-wing electoral coalition AGE (Alternativa Galega de Esquerda, Galician Left Alternative) and by the BNG (Bloque Nacionalista Galego, Galician Nationalist Block).

The event has reached a broader public by the Jewish propaganda outlet Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) in a press release on March 22 in an attempt to put both party spokespersons under pressure. They lamented that “party officials said they viewed Holocaust commemoration as part of Israeli propaganda.” (See also here for those able to read Spanish.

Xosé-Manuel Beiras, Professor of Economy at the University of Santiago de Compostela, is the leader of AGE (see top photo). Asked why he had rejected the resolution, he stated:

“We do not want to support a statement promoted by the State of Israel which is dyed in the wool of imperialism. We have repeatedly condemned the [Jewish] Holocaust but have never condemned any of the other [genocides].”

Mr. Beiras argues that Israel is NOT a democratic state and continues committing genocide against the Palestinian people. He added that Arab prisoners are tortured in Jewish prisons and “nobody says anything.”

To change their attitude toward the proposed resolution, parliamentarians demand that the genocides against other groups are mentioned in it as well, like the extermination of the Kurds, the Armenians, and the Palestinians themselves. The latter is being perpetrated by many more “state actors” than just the Israeli entity.

Yolanda Díaz, líder de Esquerda UnidaYolanda Díaz, leader of “Esquerda Unida,” which is part of the electoral coalition AGE

The president of the Galician Association for Friendship with Israel, Pedro Gómez-Valadés, criticized the veto and the demands made to pass it, stating that the resolution was meant to be only about a certain event in history and is “unrelated to what happens today.” Gómez-Valadés is obviously either mendacious or utterly detached from reality, since it is self-evident that the abuse of the Jewish “Holocaust” is Zionism’s sword in its imperialistic endeavors and its shield against any criticism.

Just read what is written on one of the zillion websites promoting the eternal and isolationist commemoration of the “Holocaust,” here a German self-flagellation website:

“Some people even deny that the Holocaust happened. As time passes, and as we move further away from the Nazi period, we need to ask ourselves how best to communicate such events that still affect all of us.”

But have we Americans, or the Germans, or the Jews learned anything from this Jewish “Holocaust”? Apparently not, because they are all merrily engaged in the genocide against the Palestinians: the Zionists, Jews and gentiles among them, as the main actors, and the Americans and Germans as the main supporters and cheerleaders. Which proves that commemorating the Jewish “Holocaust” in isolation is actually furthering new genocides.

Although the Galician parliament did pass resolutions commemorating the victims of the Holocaust in the years 2010-2012 on occasions of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day (Jan. 27), this time the Galician Jews had to do without it. As Beiras said one time:

“Israel is a racist state insisting on the expropriation of territory and even – if possible – on the extermination of the Palestinian people.”

It looks like Galician politicians actually have morals and a spine. Let’s hope that they will not succumb to the pressure exerted by the non-existing powerful Jewish-Zionist lobby in coming months and years.

Mennonites calling for an immediate end to violence in Syria

March 30, 2013
Electrical stoves purchased with Mennonite Central Committee funds help to keep the children warm as they attend National Evangelical School in Homs, Syria. (Photo courtesy of National Evangelical School)
Electrical stoves purchased with Mennonite Central Committee funds help to keep the children warm as they attend National Evangelical School in Homs, Syria. (Photo courtesy of National Evangelical School)

Calling for an immediate end to violence in Syria

Sarah Adams
February 18, 2013

BEIRUT, Lebanon — The first time I went to Syria through my work with Mennonite Central Committee, almost four years ago, I was unable to access social networking websites. Today, the armed conflict prohibits me from entering the country, but I get a lot of my daily updates through my Facebook feed.

Recently I was chatting with a friend in Aleppo:
Me:  How are you? Are you safe?
Friend:  No one is safe here.

Naive question to someone in a city under siege, I admit. He’s right. Throughout the country, no one knows where violence will break out next. As the conflict has grown, cities that were home to people of all faiths and ethnicities and enjoyed calm for months have suddenly been caught up in the violence.

My friend goes on:
Friend: They are fighting now around the main electric generator. My friend who volunteers in the area told me that both armies won’t leave the station until it is totally destroyed. No electricity now and soon no water.
Me: Who’s benefiting from all of this destruction?
Friend: Everyone but the Syrians are benefiting.

Theories abound about what’s going on in Syria. The growth in the number of non-Syrian fighters, coupled with weapons shipments to both government and opposition fighters from other countries, raises questions about who is really fueling the conflict. MCC partners in Syria often wonder aloud what other countries hope to gain, either from the status quo or from a change in regime.

Meanwhile, millions of people are struggling to feed and shelter themselves. Cooking gas is no longer available in shops and is prohibitively expensive on the black market. People can’t heat their homes in the current freezing temperatures because they can’t afford the diesel needed for the heating stoves. Forests that were hundreds of years old have been cut down for firewood.

Hundreds of thousands of children have been forced to stop their schooling, and state of the art vocational training centers have been turned into shelters for displaced people. Young boys that are able to go to school have been kidnapped on their way to class as opportunists seek a quick profit, requesting high ransoms for their release.

Local churches and community groups have worked tirelessly to meet the needs. To help them in their efforts, MCC has contributed food, blankets, hygiene kits, skills training and other support worth more than $2 million. I speak with Syrians each week who express gratitude that they have not been forgotten.

So my friend asks:
Friend: How do you see the situation in Syria developing? Where is this country headed?
Me: I wish I knew. I don’t know why the international community is waiting to push for an end to the violence.
Friend: We are sick of waiting. But there is nothing we can do on the ground. We have no support.
Me: It seems everyone’s fate is in the hands of a few powerful people and the regular people are forgotten.
Friend: Exactly. But listen. There are still many guys here really working who want to change the situation for the better.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that Syria is not composed only of a government army and opposition fighters. Yet, I know from MCC’s work with church and community groups and youth that millions of Syrians don’t believe violence is the way to end the increasingly complex conflict.

In Homs, volunteers risk their lives to bring basic food and medical care into conflict-riddled areas, and families open their homes to displaced people. In Aleppo, where schools have been closed due to the violence, teachers have set up informal centers where children can keep up their lessons and add a familiar routine to their otherwise terrifying days.

In Qalamoun, people of goodwill have turned their homes into staging grounds for donations and distributions. In Ras al-Ayn, where Christians have been displaced and churches have been vandalized, residents of other faiths enter the church towers each day to ring the bells and keep the spirit of unity alive.

My friend says he wonders how long hope can carry people:
Friend: We need more than food. We need to stop the violence, stop the destruction.
Me: Many people I know are putting pressure on the U.S. government to do something to end the violence and destruction.
Friend: If it lasts much longer, we will be starving. But if the war stopped now, everyone would be ready to work and life would go on, and the money that is being spent now on food could be spent on developing the country.

Until then, MCC’s Syrian partners have new people come to them each week with urgent requests for daily survival. For the many people who lived a comfortable life until just a few months ago, there is much shame in asking for help. Finding ways to help people maintain a sense of dignity as they seek assistance is an important part of the MCC work.

The only hope to reduce the resources needed for the humanitarian catastrophe is to end the violence. While aid addresses the very real symptoms of the problem, it will never solve the conflict. As long as the conflict rages on, the suffering will only intensify.

Because of the power outages, my friend has been chatting on Facebook with me through his cell phone. It’s time to say goodbye:
Me: I wish there was a voice among Syrians who want an end to the conflict that is as strong as the voice of the government or the voice of the opposition.
Friend: We are here. We just need others to hear our voice.

The conflict in Syria has reached its two-year mark, and for many Syrians, it is a time of mourning. Those brave enough to stand on the side of peace and to speak out against both government and opposition violence deserve to be heard. Women and men of all faiths, in all areas of the country, are praying each day for an end to the violence, serving their neighbors as they wait for peace to come.

Join the people of Syria in their prayers for an immediate end to the violence. Tell your government officials to urgently seek a nonviolent, political solution to end the conflict. Stand with the Syrian people by donating funds for food, shelter, education and reconciliation efforts inside the country.

To learn more about how to speak to the U.S. government on this issue, how to send humanitarian support to Syria and how MCC is responding, visit

Mennonite Central Committee: Relief, development and peace in the name of Christ

Sarah Adams is the MCC representative for Syria and Lebanon. From Westerville, Ohio, Adams lives in Beirut, Lebanon

Jewish Crime, Corruption, and Scandal

March 26, 2013
[Our friend Richard Edmondson has some startling revelations in his weekly Rogues Gallery. mw]

Weekly Rogues Gallery

Welcome one and all, Gentile and Jew alike. Wishing everyone a pleasant day. This is our periodic look at Jewish crime, corruption, and scandal, and today we’ve got some fascinating tidbits to share with you. We’ll be telling you about an Israeli soldier who calls himself a “proud racist;” we’ll learn about an Israeli rabbi formerly convicted of rape; and we’ll also be returning to the widening scandal at New York’s Yeshiva University, where—get this—a top dean has gone on record as saying that child sex abuse allegations should not be reported to the police because…(drum roll please)…it could result in a Jew being locked up in a jail cell with a black inmate who conceivably might want to kill him.

Yes, there are Jews who hold racist beliefs. You knew that. But today we’re going to give you an idea of how pervasive such beliefs are amongst the “chosen people,”—I mean, egads! there really are lots of racist Jews out there!—and we’ll also be showing you how Jews, particularly in Israel, are becoming so emboldened they are expressing their racism openly. So without further ado, let’s open up this week’s gallery door and peek inside. Read more.

Members of Parliament Who Voted To Throw You Into Jail Because of Your Religious Beliefs

March 24, 2013

700-02201348Here’s how Canadian Members of Parliament voted for Protecting Freedom (Bill C-304): 153 voted Yes (for freedom), while 136 voted No (against freedom).

I was surprised that the one lone Green Party MP, Elizabeth May, and Independent MP Bruce Hyer, who could have been Parliament’s conscience for freedom of expression, followed the herd of Bolshevik-minded MPs who want to throw you into jail or be fined for expressing your religious views, for expressing politically incorrect opinions, for expressing unofficial historical stories, for hurting someone’s feeling, and on and on.

Fortunately, MPs who favoured freedom of expression won the vote in the House of Commons despite hypocritical MPs who talk “human rights” out of one side of their mouths and deny it with their actions.

It was easy for the Conservative MPs (majority in government) to vote in favour of freedom. But I give special credit to Liberal MP Scott Simms of Newfoundland who voted for freedom of expression and didn’t follow his party line.

But the enemies of freedom are ever present and active. And Bill C-304 is not yet Canadian law. The Bill is tied up in the Senate and might die on the order paper.

Canadians can contact their Senators to ask them to resume debate and vote on Bill C-304 (Protecting Freedom). Let’s do it (unless you really do like jail or heavy fines for hurting someone’s feelings).

Priest Hails Free Speech Warrior Doug Christie as a “Saint”

March 22, 2013
Thanks to
VICTORIA. March 15, 2013. “Today we are laying a saint to rest,” proclaimed Fr. Lucien Larre, who said the funeral Mass this foggy morning for Doug Christie, Canada’s foremost free speech lawyer.” He fought for what was right,” said Order of Canada winner and psychologist Fr. Larre, “no matter the threats to his life or the number of times his office windows were broken. He stood tall.”
Twice in three days, Canadians have buried a taller than life man, known for his cowboy boots and black hat. Folks crowded a Peterborough hockey arena, March 13, to say farewell to Country and Western icon Stompin’ Tom Connors, the boy from Skinner’s Cove, PEI, who gave us songs like  Sudbury Saturday Night, Bud the Spud, My Stompin’  Grounds, that celebrated Canada.
Today in Victoria, a Western Canadian who struggled for more than 30 years to uphold another Canadian value, freedom of speech, even for people vilified by the press for their unpopular views, was buried. Doug Christie, a proud Scotsman, would have smiled as a lean piper piped his casket into a crowded St. Andrew’s Cathedral in downtown Victoria. A large bouquet of vivid red roses and Mr. Christie’s black Australian outback hat graced the top of the casket.
Fr. Larre hailed Doug Christie as “a real Westerner, a man with ideals and aspirations as high as the Rockies. He stood for a better Canada, a freer Canada,” the priest told the packed cathedral made up of mourners who had been Mr. Christie’s family, friends, clients, neighbours, and, in several cases, the beneficiaries of his kindness.
Father Lucien Larre
The Battling Barrister ” had the ideals our soldiers died for — for freedom — but we do not have certain freedoms, like freedom of speech, in Canada today,” said Fr. Larre, who returned his Order of Canada honour  in protest when the same honour was bestowed some years ago on mass abortionist Henry Morgenthaler. “What mattered to Doug Christie is a man’s right to speak. He believed people have the right to go to court whether they can afford it or not,” he added.
In a stirring eulogy to his father, Caderyn Christie, a second year law student, shared memories of a complex man — the battling lawyer so well known to the public, the politician, the devoted father, the private man with a wicked sense of fun and humour.
“A man like my dad was not meant to die in a hospital bed but on a battlefield with a sword and shield,” he said. And Doug Christie very nearly did die in the battle ground of the courtroom. For days during a three week trial in Victoria, Mr. Christie had been in mounting pain, fighting nausea and sleeplessness, but refusing painkillers lest they dull his wits. Finally, on Thursday, February 21, he was too ill to finish his summation and was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with advanced terminal liver cancer.
One of Doug Christie’s heroes was Confederate General Robert E. Lee whose portrait hung in his office. Lee advised: “Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, you should never wish to do less.”
Doug Christie took this to heart and was driven by a sense of duty.
Caderyn revealed that Doug often recalled growing up in Winnipeg and that there was always food on the table but just enough. Doug paid his way through the University of Winnipeg working on the railway and as a lifeguard at Banff Hotsprings. For a while he lived in a top floor garret that was scorching in the summer and leaked snow and rain in the frigid Winnipeg winter. Other part-time work paid Doug’s way through law school at the University of British Columbia. Doug’s single-minded goal was to practise law.
He was part way through articling for a Victoria firm when an accidental error in judgement angered a prominent client and the law firm let Doug go. He was in near despair seeing his career stymied before it even began, his son recalled. Then, a single practitioner in Victoria, Barney Russ, gave the Winnipeg law student a break and took him on as an articling student. Nine months later, Doug was called to the bar and began a 42-year career in law.
Years later, Doug Christie visited Barney Russ who was dying of cancer. Doug asked what he could ever do to thank or repay Mr. Russ for having given him a chance. “Pass it on,” he gasped with laboured breathing.
That had become a driving force in Doug’s life, his son recalled: “He chose to defend people who would otherwise be unrepresented and he paid dearly in his personal and professional life.” Although he had struggled hard to become a lawyer and succeeded, “he was very frugal with himself.”
Caderyn Christie said his father was “profoundly kind to his children. He was also a proud Scotsman and taught us kids how to pull the nails out of a 2′ x 4″ and reuse them.” And, yet, Doug would treat a man who was a regular panhandler at the church doors to a lunch once a month. He didn’t just toss him a looney as he walked by.
Caderyn concluded his eulogy with words that left many an eye wet: “Robert Louis Stevenson said: ‘A leader is one who keeps his fears to himself and shows his courage to others.’ That was my father. He lived fully, he lived freely and laughed every chance he got.”
In his closing remarks, commenting on Doug Christie’s ever present cowboy boots, celebrant priest Fr. Larre quoted a line from Country and Western singer George Jones song Who’s Going to Fill Those Shoes? “We must get together for free speech and try to fill those shoes,” he urged. — Paul Fromm
Photo: Leaders of Canada's free speech movement at the reception at Doug Christie's funeral in Victoria, BC., March 15, 2013: Dave "The Unlicensed Man" Lindsay; Paul Fromm, Director Canadian Association for Free Expression; expert witness on Internet and computer technology, Bernard Klatt; and Marc Lemire, webmaster of the Freedomsite, the only victim to win under Canada's notorious Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (Internet censorship).
Leaders of Canada’s free speech movement at the reception at Doug Christie’s funeral in Victoria, BC., March 15, 2013: Dave “The Unlicensed Man” Lindsay; Paul Fromm, Director Canadian Association for Free Expression; expert witness on Internet and computer technology, Bernard Klatt; and Marc Lemire, webmaster of the Freedomsite, the only victim to win under Canada’s notorious Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (Internet censorship).

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Satan And Sex At The Wailing Wall

March 21, 2013

Douglas H. Christie, Canadian Free Speech Hero, Passes Over

March 12, 2013

Douglas H. Christie Passes Over March 11, 2013 Age 66 Rest In Peace

March 12, 2013 
 By Arthur Topham

 photo Christiefotosm1-1.jpg

Douglas H. Christie

April 24, 1946 – March 11, 2013

The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:

He leadeth me beside the still the waters.

He restoreth my Soul:he leadeth me

in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil: for thou art with me;

thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:

Thou anointest my head with oil;my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:

And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

~ Psalm 23

LordismyShepard photo LordismyShepardcopy2.jpg

God bless you Doug. Your life and your work and your love for humanity

will live on and inspire others to carry on the struggle for freedom of speech

and all the other freedoms that will follow in its wake.

Rest in Peace.

Wipe Section 13 Off the Canadian Map: Fight for Internet Free Speech

March 12, 2013

Write your Canadian Senators and ask them to get to work on Bill C-304 which has already been passed by Parliament. Some MPs and Senators are open enemies of free speech and use any excuse to curtail your freedom of speech (but not theirs), so we need to act now! Don’t delay!

Church Reports From Mystery Worshippers At Ship-of-Fools

March 10, 2013

churchHere are a few church reports from Ship-of-Fools in the UK. While their reports do not deal with Christian Zionists, the church reports are definitely entertaining. Your own church might be listed.

Recent reports

> Intimidating and remote: Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
> Open the door to Christ: Liverpool Cathedral, UK
> Good and bad music at St Ignatius Loyola, New York City
> Justice that justifies: All Souls, Langham Place, London
> Bouncy but grim: St Bartholomew’s, New York City

> Heavenly preaching at Old St Mary’s, San Francisco, USA
> Byzantine with British twist: St Mary, Newnham Murren, UK
> Ash Wednesday, Methodist style: First UMC, Glendale, USA
> Enthusiasm and panache at Auckland Cathedral, NZ
> Choir in full control at Wellington Cathedral, NZ

> Plugged into God at Holy Trinity, Picton, NZ
> Flood of light & sound: St Michael Archangel, Auburn, USA
> Hospitality at its best: Hastings Baptist, NZ
> Chanting in the snow at St Onuphrius, Québec, Canada
> Ploddy and lumbering: St Charles Borromeo, Peru, USA

> Bells ring out at St Swithun’s, East Retford, UK
> Not alone at Coll Church, Arinagour, Isle of Coll, UK
> “You’re joking!” Don Bosco’s relics at Liverpool Met, UK
> No noses bled at St John’s, Mobile, USA
> Like being in heaven: Bath Abbey, UK

Editor’s choice

> “You’re joking!” Don Bosco’s relics at Liverpool Met, UK
> Merely an observer as Bishop of Chichester is enthroned, UK
> Rocking and swaying at ordination of Bishop of Atlanta, USA
> Fire, mud and cupcakes at Greenbelt 2012
> St John Vianney’s relic arrives: Liverpool Met Cathedral, UK

Correspondence With A Friendly Rabbi

March 4, 2013


I came across the following conversation between The Birdman and friendly Rabbi. What the rabbi wanted, the birdman could not provide. But don’t despair. After you read the email exchanges below, the rabbi’s wish is contained here.

Mr Birdman,

I am a 73 year old Rabbi. Lets leave it at that.

I feel your pain and I want to help you, so that you may help me.

If you REALLY want to bring light into the issues that animate you, I suggest that no better way exists than publishing the document which all Jews stand by, like our ancestors before us. Post the Talmud on your site and allow people to download it for free.

If you do that, the spell will be broken.

You talk the talk, now walk the walk. 

I would gladly post it myself, but I am forbidden by my religious vows  to do so.

[Birdman responds:]

Dear Rabbi:

Thank you for your note.

I would have no objection per se to posting the Talmud on my site. But it is a bit unclear why you are urging me to do so, and also why the entire HUGE collection of volumes should be posted as opposed to extracts which demonstrate whatever point is trying to be made. And there are some good extracts, eg, those by Elizabeth Dilling (‘The Talmud Unmasked’).

Jewish ethnocentrism and other matters are well illustrated by selected quotes, at least as I understand it from my (admittedly spotty) knowledge. If your concern is that these selected quotes, used by Jew-haters and other interested parties, are taken out of context, then I hope you will demonstrate to me that this is a problem. If you are merely concerned that the ‘whole ball of wax’ be at the disposal of researchers, then I am all for it, tho of course there is the problem of censorship of translations which do not include the ‘good stuff’.

And of course there is the tiny problem of getting this huge collection into electronic format.

Perhaps you will be kind enuf to let me know what’s what.

Thank your for writing. -j

[The Rabbi replies:]

Let me explain my thoughts and actions. I think that the Talmud acts as a prison to Jews. I feel that it traps us in a time warp, where we repeat mistaken patterns of behaviour from our past. I think that it is imperative that the whole 63 books are posted. Otherwise any quotation can be denied, interpreted away or simply ignored for lack of original sources for personal research. I think that if you can do it, you will have done more for improving relations than any man in history. It will give me and other moderate rabbies the clout to demand the change of dogma, much as the Pope has changed Catholic dogma to improve relations with us. If a billion Catholics can do it, so can 25 million Jews.

I approached you, because you are clear headed and even handed. I think you have real concern for solving the problem and are not out for revenge.

As for the e-book format, I will send you info on how to get it. The price is only $219. A small price to pay.

[Birdman responds:]

Dear Rabbi:

Naturally it would inflate my ego to vast and quite unseemly proportions to be someone who could significantly help to bring Jew and gentile together, but I don’t think this will happen, at least not as you propose. I think rather that the mantle for this formidable event may rest upon the shoulders of you and your fellow ‘righteous Jews’.

To begin, my putting the Talmud on my website (which I couldn’t do from an e-book – that’s part of the idea of e-books) would be just as much subject to being ignored or denied as is most of the material suggesting that Jews may be less than perfect. It would be the same kind of situation as the issue of gun control — statistics prove clearly that an armed citizenry is much safer than an unarmed one, but the Gun Grabbers manage to ignore this, and the fight continues unabated to trash the Second Amendment — led, I might add, by your Schumer and Feinstein.

But there is hope. We need ‘righteous Jews’ to come out of the closet – to use their brilliant organizational abilities and moolah to take a stand against the garbage that is being dumped on the folks in my corner. Stupid goys the (heavily-Jewish) media can ignore, but much more difficult is righteous Jews.

You are right to be concerned — for JEWS’ sake. If the sleeping goy giant awakens, well, we have seen it before.

Shalom and all that.-j

PS: If you desire, I will add our correspondence to my website, but only with your prior permission, and not with your email unless you so request.

[The Rabbi writes:]

I hoped you might understand me. Perhaps you understand me more than I understand myself. I am in an impossible situation. I cannot initiate this myself. I am too old, too frail and I think that alone, I cannot initiate this.

Also, please excuse my ignorance of web-design and posting. I only have an old computer 486. I thought that an e-book can be posted on a web-site. That is why I wrote you; in my ignorance I thought that this can be done and it could provide an inexpensive solution. My thoughts are crushed. If my assumptions were true, it would have been so easy.

Finally, to your suggestion that we must initiate this from the inside, I think you are mistaken. It is much easier to open a prison from the outside than from the inside.

Think of it, could an old man start a revolution? It has never happened before. Perhaps my words cannot express properly my pain and my despair. How can I, after a life of earning my bread by preaching the Talmud, turn around and denounce it? It is hard to understand my feelings, but if you REALLY understood me, you would post it. Then it would be so much easier for those inside the mental prison of the Talmud to make a choice. To walk out of it, or to remain in it.

But unless someone from the outside opens the door, we cannot walk out of it. A drowning man cannot pull himself out of the water by pulling his own hair.

I am sorry I could not make my message, my cry to you more convincing. I am not a good orator.

You may post my conversations, but not with my name or my email address.

I wish you good luck.

May the Almighty look kindly upon you.

[Birdman responds:]

Dear Rabbi:

Please do not be discouraged. There are many roads to the same house. -j

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