The Occult Symbolism of the Vatican’s 2020 Nativity Scene

December 17, 2020

Published 1 day ago on December 15, 2020

By Vigilant Citizen

The Vatican’s 2020 Nativity scene is a bizarre collection of ugly pieces that include an astronaut and an executioner wearing a horned mask. Furthermore, the entire thing is replete with occult symbolism. Here’s a look at this puzzling display.

Through a display that is thoroughly anti-Christian, the elite sought to prove that its toxic ideology is also embedded in the Vatican.

To add to this Satanic celebration of Christmas, I saw this tweet the other day and like the tweeter exclaimed “I have no words.”


Vigilant Citizen closes his excellent essay with:

Like everything else that happened this year, this [Nativity] scene is about showcasing the control of the elite and the demoralization of the masses.

They’re Coming After Your Handshake

September 20, 2020
Marko Marjanović 14 Sep 2020

Are handshakes oh so slightly unhygienic? Of course, they are. That is the point!

That is why a handshake is the greeting of equals. A sign not just of respect, but of a measure of trust, and a sign of equality that is the prerequisite to exploring mutual interest.

A handshake established the participants as equal, or as equal enough that they can engage in mutual enterprise, or conspiracy for that matter.

It is not despite its faint germ-sharing quality that a handshake rose to become *the* greeting of the modern world, but because of it.

Our ancestors understood at an innate level that someone who thinks himself too pure, or too contaminated to grasp your hand could not be trusted.

The willingness to engage in a little germ-sharing was precisely what was required to establish the other was neither too alien nor too warped to work with.

Even today something as insignificant as buying a car is inescapably sealed by — sharing a few germs.

A handshake establishes so much more than a mutual bow or the moronic “elbow bump” ever could, and is a much better bridge between people and the starting point of every conspiracy.

And that is why they want to take it away.


Please finish reading this insightful essay at Anti-Empire.

It’s Just A Mask

August 5, 2020

Your Body Is Their New Weapon

July 26, 2020

Jews Aided The Persian Invasion And Sacking Of Christian Byzantine Israel In 7th Century AD

June 22, 2020

Source: Christians for Truth

Jews still living in the Levant during the early 7th century war between the Christian Byzantine and Sasanian Persian Empires aided and abetted the Persian invasion and sacking of Jerusalem along with many of the smaller surrounding Christian settlements in the land of Israel, such as Pi Mazuva which has been the subject of a recent archeological excavation:

Israeli archaeologists have published a 360-degree analysis of a rural, affluent Christian town in the Galilee that was most likely destroyed by Persian invaders in 613 CE.

Unearthed in 2007 in a salvage excavation before roadworks near Shlomi and Kibbutz Hanita, the remains of the Byzantine settlement at Pi Mazuva are located in modern Israel’s northwest corner on the border with Lebanon. The finds include Christian iconography, a large house and a colorful, high-quality, partially preserved mosaic floor.




Corona Virus: Pandemic or Scamdemic?

April 29, 2020

A few sources for your review regarding Coronavirus or COVID19. You won’t get these reported on CNN or FOX News:

  1. Scientist explains why Corona virus doesn’t kill you
  2. Bracelets are used to follow you
  3. Sweden Is Right
  4. Bill Gates Calls For Digital Certificate
  5. Covid-19 Lockdown: A Global Human Experiment
  6. Facts and Covid-19 Updates
  7. Dr. Ron Paul Interview
  8. Interview With Journalist Harry Vox

Latest Middle East War Scheme Revealed

January 2, 2020


One mercenary’s death is used to force new wars upon Iraq, Iran and Syria. The US political leadership demonstrates what Christmas is not about, by bombing several sites over the holidays. Reportedly the U/S killed 19 Iranians and Syrians, wounding some 50 on the last, sad days of 2019. How many of those killed were civilians is not disclosed.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo let us know the Arabs had it coming, having killed an “American contractor” three days prior.  He stated, “the strikes send the message that the US will not tolerate actions by Iraq that jeopardize American lives.”

A spokesman for the Iraqi government claimed that top officials had “pleaded with the United States”not to go ahead with the threatened Sunday night airstrikes. But to no avail.

Associated Press reported that three days later, on Dec 31, Iraqi protesters burned property in front of the US Embassy compound in Baghdad, Iraq.

“Dozens of angry Iraqi Shiite militia supporters broke into the US Embassy compound in Baghdad on Tuesday after smashing the central door and setting fire to a reception area, prompting tear gas and sounds of gunfire. There were no reports of casualties.”

US Press, from the New York Times to the Nashville Democrat, have all reported on the bombings and the follow-up assault on the US Embassy, but this author has yet to see anybody raise two vital questions:

First question: Why does the US military attack a country where we maintain an actively staffed embassy? Is not our embassy a symbol of peace and cooperation? What can be the motives of politicians who direct military raids that kill dozens in a country with whom we have diplomatic relations? Is this a scheme to force new wars?

Second question: We are told the US deadly military raids were in response to Iraq killing a single American “military contractor.” But Is a “contractor” in fact a war mercenary, hired by a private company, and paid to carry out often questionable legal acts?

Our President tweeted that he will “protect all Americans.” Should this include mercenary warriors on unknown missions paid by private companies, many of which companies are weapon makers? And is not the purpose of “contractors” to carry out clandestine, politically questionable tasks, some that US military would not or could not legally do? The individual’s name has not been released, nor has the contracting company and its mission when he was killed!

We are correct in calling this unnamed warrior a “mercenary”. Our Secretary of State and President are using this contractor’s death as the latest but weakest excuse for a new war with Iraq, Iran and Syria. He has yet to be named, nor have we been told the circumstances of his death, how much he was paid, what his orders were, and who issued them. It is unlikely we ever will.

His employer is not required to tell us what he was doing or why. But we ask, why do we taxpayers pay contractors more money to do secret jobs in undeclared wars than we pay our own Marines? Because they carry out the political agenda of our President and others!

Only The Atlantic took note of the push for war. Use of mercenaries is not an isolated case; it is the norm against the oils rich Middle East. Atlantic points out that, as of June 2011, 554 private contractors died in the first Iraq war. And of those 254 were Americans and 59 Britons.

Contractors hire former military-trained Americans, who become mercenaries, flying below the radar of accountability under the US military code of conduct. No wonder it is so easy to get into the wars. Leaders, including our present administration, have for years privately agitated for war that results in slaughter of victims, using excuses like this one.

The US President has already ordered 14,000 Marines be dispatched (at taxpayer expense) to Iraq because of the minor breach of security (no injuries) at the US Embassy

We Hold These Truths has always taught that war is a business, maintained by those who profit from it. War must be hidden from us less we revolt! This is why the mercenary military is such a big, secret part of creating endless wars. US Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler said it best when he wrote “War is a racket.”

Charging Interest is Immoral and Unchristian for Certain Types of Loans

December 16, 2019

Apparently the bible references usury several times. And if you do an internet search (with Google), you’ll get over 6 million results. So people have a lot to say about it.

Hilaire Belloc had something to say about usury and I’ve copied from the Russian Faith website (probably because I’m too lazy to look it up myself).


This article is an excerpt from Hilaire Belloc’s book: Economics for Helen – A Brief Outline of Real Economy.

Usury, the last subject but one on which I am going to touch in this book, is one which modern people have almost entirely forgotten, and which you will not find mentioned in any book on Economics that I know. Yet its vital importance was recognised throughout all history until quite lately, and it is already forcing itself upon modern people’s notice whether they like it or now. So it is as well to understand it betimes, for it is going to be discussed very widely in the near future.

All codes of law and all writers on morals from the beginning of anything we know about human society have denounced as wrong the practice of USURY.

They have recognised that this practice does grave harm to the State and to society as a whole, and must, therefore, as far as possible, be forbidden.

Now what is Usury, and why does it thus do harm?

Modern people have so far forgotten this exceedingly important matter that they have come to use the word “usury” loosely for “the taking of high interest on a loan.” That is very muddled thinking indeed, as you will see in a moment. The character of Usury has nothing to do with the taking of high or low interest. It is concerned with something quite different.

Usury is the taking of any interest whatever on an UNPRODUCTIVE loan.

Read more

The Biggest Con Man in U.S. Presidential History

June 15, 2019

Yes, he’s even a bigger CON than Manchurian Candidate
Barack Hussein Obama and we thought that was impossible.

My correspondent in the USA sent me a link to his website. It contains some very interesting links to articles that support his claim of Don the Con. (Apologies to all who had high hopes that President Trump would be different.)

What Do Today’s TV Talking Heads Have In Common With Famous Mass Murderers?

July 22, 2018

th (1)

Consider Trotsky and Stalin who murdered 60 million Christians (almost twice the population of Canada) in Russia, or any other mass murderer such as Mao. If these psychotic killers were alive today, and appeared together on CNN as “expert” talking heads, what would you expect? Well, you’d expect them to debate the finer details of how to kill, since they all believe in killing. But what about today’s hundreds of “expert” talking heads on Zionist-owned CNN and FOXNEWS and ABC and CBC and CTV and others? Are they really “debating”? Take a look at the list below.

NOTE: For those who don’t get the point of the list below: the people listed are not all corrupt or over-rated or talentless. The point is that Jews — who make up less than 2% of the population of the United States, less than 1% of Canada, and less than half a percent of the population in the U.K. — have a death-grip on Anglo-American media, politics, and society. Even if certain of them are talented and hardworking and clever, they keep out non-Jews who could do better, and destroy the careers of anyone who threatens their power, and discourage many non-Jews (esp. those unwilling to kowtow or ponder to Judonia or support their lies and larceny or feed their chutzpah-egos) from going into law, finance, politics, the arts, the news industry, et cetera.

Whether you’re left, or right, or a libertarian, or an anarchist, or a paleoconservative, or a socialist, or a hedonist, or into movies, or reggae, or rap, or fashion, or comic books, or shopping, or T.V., or science fiction, or comedy, or journalism, or publishing, or the law; or studying larceny, or blackmail, or colonialism, or the slave trade, or smuggling, or the arms industry, or dope, or philosophy, or history, or human rights, or psychiatry, or the environment, or whatever — tens of thousand of interconnected, psychopathic, over-hyped, loud-mouthed, obnoxious, no-talent or over-rated, jumped-up Jewish hacks, warblers, scribblers, pornographers, terrorists, hams, perverts, smut-merchants, banksters, gangsters, killers, and scam-artists are trying or have succeeded in circumscribing the limits of your freedom, and are controlling your schools and airwaves and libraries and journals and magazines and talk shows and newspapers and perceptions and ideas and thoughts and attitudes and perspectives and visions.

The effect of this Jewish control on ostensibly Christian host-societies can be measured in degrees of corruption, blasphemy, larceny, pornography, brainwashing, egotism, selfishness, abortion, delusion and deception; and can be measured in the level of warfare being conducted against any nation, person or thing that is viewed by Jews as a threat to the Jewish State, the Jewish Money Power, the Jew Stream Media, and universal Jewish domination.

A Jew or Jews debating with another Jew or other Jews on or in a Jew-produced show or article on or in a Jew-owned-and/or-run network or publication, about something some other Jew or other Jews said about another Jew or other Jews on or in another Jew-produced show or article on or in a Jew-owned-and/or-run network or publication in relation to the activities of another Jew or other Jews. [Plus the active and/or passive collaboration of those who serve, assist, enable, deny and/or defend Jewish domination of public discourse and non-organic culture.]

For example: Charles Krauthammer and Jonah Goldberg and David Horowitz debating with Michael Lerner and Naomi Klein and Amy Goodman on ABC about something Bill Kristol and Dennis Prager and Norman Podhoretz wrote about Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein in the New York Times, in relation to Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Susan Sontag or Karl Marx or Howie Levey / Anton Szandor LaVey or Lev Bronstein / “Trotsky” or Benjamin Satanyahoo or Honest Abe Foxman or Rosa Luxemburg or Ben Stein or Theodor Herzl or Ike Turner or Joe Lieberman or Bill Maher or David Miliband or General ? / Jakob Rosenfeld or Nicholas Sarkozy or Naomi Wolf or Erica Jong or Paul Gottfried or Andrea Dworkin or Gloria Allred or Daniel Ellsberg or Harvey Milk or Yousef “al-Qaeda” al-Khattab or Larry “Pull It” Silverstein or Marianne Faithful or Gloria Steinem or Emma Goldman or William Kunstler or George Soros or Rabbi Meir Kahane or Alisa Rosenbaum / Ayn Rand or Leon Uris or Rabbi Schmuley Boteach or Rahm Israel Emanuel or Benjamin Shalom Bernanke or Alan Greenspan or Betty Friedan or Adam Yahiye “al-Qaeda” Gadahn or Murray Rothstein / Sumner Redstone or Larry Kramer or Fairuza Balk or Jonathan Adhout or Rob Reiner or Kivie Kaplan or Stanley Levison or Allen “naked kids have been a staple of delight for centuries … to label pedophilia as criminal is ridiculous” Ginsberg or Barry Levinson or Joseph Levitch / Jerry Lewis or Michael Mann or Elaine May or Dick Wolf or Paul Mazursky or John Milius or Paul Newman or Sandra Bernhard or Steven Spielberg or David Geffen or Jeffrey Katzenberg or Murray Rothbard or Felix Frankfurter or Irving Kristol or John Podhoretz or Abbie Hoffman or Bill Graham or Jerry Rubin or Marty Peretz or Jeff Jacoby or Irv Rubin or Norman Ornstein or Bennet Cerf or Richard Perle or John Stewart Liebowitz or Ken Roth or Jerry Zucker or Christopher Hitchens or Peter Hitchens or Annie Liebowitz or Marcel Mangel/Marceau or David Brooks or Michael King or David Frum or Michael Eisner or Bernard Kouchner or Shimon Persky/Peres or Wolf Blitzer or Ted Koppel or Dennis Ross or Larry King or Andrea Koppel or Mike Wallace or Barbara Walters or Ilana Mercer or Michael Ledeen or Heather Graham or Phil Bronstein or Michael Savage or Michael Medved or David Reznik or Sandy Berger or Woody Allen or Roman Polanski or Richard Cohen or Ariel Cohen or Mortimer Zuckerman or Alan Dershowitz or Jeffrey Goldberg or Henry Kissinger or Robert Reich or John Deutch or Robert Rubin or Mickey Kantor or Madeleine Albright or William S. Cohen or Larry Summers or Ari Fleischer or Elliott Abrams or Paul Wolfowitz or Douglas Feith or Irve Lewis “Scooter” Libby or Sidney Joseph Perelman or Michael Chertoff or Joshua Bolten or Michael Mukasey or Carl Levin or Arlen Specter or Frank Lautenberg or Dianne Feinstein or Barbara Boxer or Russ Feingold or Charles “Chucky” Schumer or Bernie Sanders or Henny Youngman or Teddy Kaufman or Al Franken or Barry Goldwater or Jacob Javits or Paul Wellstone or Norm Coleman or Henry Waxman or Barney Frank or Gary Ackerman or Ileana Ros-Lehtinen or Jane Harman or Jerry Nadler or Steve Rothman or Yehudi Menuin or Robert Wexler or Shelley Berkley or Jan Schakowsky or Brad Sherman or Anthony D. Weiner or Eric Cantor or David Paymer or Susan Davis or Steve Israel or Adam Schiff or Allyson Schwartz or Debbie Wasserman Schultz or Steve Cohen or Gabrielle Giffords or Paul Hodes or Steve Kagen or Moe Berg or Ron Klein or John Yarmuth or Ed Perlmutter or John Adler or Alan Grayson or Jared Poli or Tom Lantos or Ben Cardin or Mark Levin or Ron Lauder or Michael Bloomberg or Laura Schlessinger or Milton Friedman or Joseph Stiglitz or James Wolfensohn or Paul Krugman or Lawrence Kaplan or Marvin Hier or Eli Rosenbaum or Elliot Spitzer or Samuel Gompers or Kathy Boudinor Isaac Deutscher or Sir Martin Gilbert or Eric Hobsbawm or Harold Laski or Tony Judt or Bernard Lewis or Simon Schama or Kurt Weill or Simon Sebag Montefiore or Sir Karl Popper or Ludwig “Hitler’s Schoolmate” Wittgenstein or Sigmund Freud or Nathan Mayer Rothschild or Danny Cohen or Sasha Baron Cohen or Nigella Lawson or Aaron Brown or Matt Drudge or Thomas Friedman or Lew Grade or Joseph Moses Levy or Robert Maxwell or Melanie Phillips or Jacob Rothschild or Baron Saatchi or Charles Saatchi or Simon Cowell or Sharon Osbourne or Chaim Weizmann or Ian Buruma or Jackie Collins or Arthur Koestler or Will Self or Israel Zangwill or Harold Pinter or Tom Stoppard or Barbra Amiel or Paddy Chayefsky or Samuel Montagu or Herbert Samuel or Vivian (Chaim) Herzog or Dame Shirley Porter or Sir Julius Vogel or Stephen Frears or Henry Jaglom or Wilhelm Weiller or Mike Leigh or Sam Mendes or Alan Yentob or Ben Elton or Edwin Samuel Montagu or Leslie Hore-Belisha or Sir Gerald Kaufman or Sir Clement Freud or Baron Brittan or Baron Lawson or Joel Schumacher or Bryan Singer or Todd Solondz or Barbra Streisand or James Toback or Billy Wilder or Sir Malcolm Rifkind or Manó Kertész Kaminer or Howard Koch or Edwina Currie or Michael Howard or Christopher Cerf or Oona King or Irving Thalberg or Ed Miliband or Izzy Asper or Gail Asper or Lenny Asper or Charles Adler or Isaac Asimov or Zoltán Kellner or Lawrence Auster or Saul Bellow or Sholem Aleichem or Fred Zinnemann or Judy Blume or Michael Chabon or Larry David or Garth Drabinsky or Stephen Suleyman Schwartz or Bernie Madoff or Bob Zimmerman /Dylan or Moishe Stern / Lazar Stern / General Emilio Kléber / Mark Zilbert / Manfred Stern / ?? or Harlan Ellison or Howard Fast or Allen Ginsberg or Schmul Ginsburg / Walter Krivitsky or Peter Hyams or Stanley Kubrick or William Goldman or Eve “Vagina” Ensler or Rosa Luxemberg or Lord Mandelson or Lord Levy or Rod Serling or Wallace Shawn or Aaron Sorkin or Benjamin Disraeli or Lionel de Rothschild or Sam Harris or Joseph Heller or Mark Helprin or Judith Krantz or Jacob Schiff or George Lakoff or Fran Lebowitz or Vladimir Ulyanov or Ira Levin or Norman Mailer or Lou Reed or Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich or Bernard Malamud or Sheldon Adelson or David Mamet or Arthur Miller or Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo or Clifford Odets or Sara Paretsky or Chaim Potok or Harold Robbins or Monica Lewinsky or Philip Roth or Ariel Sharon or Leiba Felbing or J.D. Salinger or Lev Rosenfeld or Erich Segal or Maurice Sendak or Paul Warburg or Erich Weiss / Harry Houdini or Irwin Shaw or Sidney Sheldon or Joan Ganz Cooney or Sarah Silverman or Rod Lurie or Neil Simon or Isaac Bashevis Singer or Danielle Steele or Gertrude Stein or Ovsei-Gershon Radomyslsky or Martin Landau or Natalie Hershlag/Portman or Baron Jakobovits or Andy and Larry Wachowski or Joel Silver or William “Exorcist” Friedkin or Otto Preminger or Milos Forman or Saul Zaentz or Norman Jewison or Harry Saltzman or Stan Lieber/Lee or Jacob Kurtzberg / Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko or Joe Simon or Will Eisner or Irvin Kershner or Robert Zemeckis or Ivan Reitman or Arthur Hiller or Sam Raimi or Michael Douglas or Jerry Bruckheimer or Joseph L. Mankiewicz or Irwin Allen or Sydney Pollack or Barry Sonnenfeld or Poul Anderson, or Gregory Benford or Ben Bova or Edgar Rice Burroughs or Ursula Kroeber/Le Guin or Don Wolheim or Eliezer Levi Samenhof / Ludovic Lazarus Zamenhof / Doktoro Esperanto or Jack Dann or Fritz Lieber or David Brin or Wolf Mankowitz or George Steiner or Jacqueline Susann or Scott Turow or Elie Wiesel or Herman Wouk or Harold Bloom or Irving Howe or Alfred Kazin or Lionel Trilling or Carl Bernstein or Ruben Sax / David Brooks or Ernst Lubitsch or Sidney Lumet or David Mamet or Joel and Ethan Coen or George Cukor or Stanley Donen or Nora Ephron or Friz Freleng or Christopher Guest or Peter Hyams or Adam Spiegel / Spike Jonze or William Shatner or Charlie Kaufman or John Landis or Michael Landon or Mike Nichols or Leonard Nimoy or Alan Pakula or Arthur Penn or Leo Penn or Sydney Pollack or Otto Preminger or Harold Ramis or Brett Ratner or Martin Ritt or Henry Winkler or J.J. Abrams or Judd Apatow or Alan Arkin or Darren Aronofsky or Rosanna Arquette or Evan Rachel Wood or Ralph Bakshi or Michael Bay or Peter Berg or Albert Brooks or Larry Charles or Bernard Goldberg or Doug Herzog or David Halberstam or Andrew Breitbart or Sy Hersh or Daniel Pearl or Geraldo Rivera or Philip K Dick or William Safire or David Ben-Gurion or Daniel Schorr or Joel Siegel or Joel Stein or I.F. Stone or Walter Winchell or Mel Brooks or Ralph Miliband or Baroness Birk or Meyer Lansky or Baroness Gaitskell or Baron Goldsmith or Ariel Emanuel or Harlan Ellison or Robert Silverberg or Harry Turtledove or Forrest J. Ackerman or Alfred Bester or Robert Bloch or E.L. Doctorow or Phyllis Eisenstein or William Goldman or Phyllis Gotlieb or Jack C. Haldeman or Gene Rodenberry or Russell Hoban or Cyril M. Kornbluth or Barry Malzberg or Judith Merril or Joanna Russ or Joan D. Vinge or Robert Sheckley or Judith Katz or Frank Herbert or Michael Moorcock or Guy Gavriel Kay or Marvin Kaye or Theodore Gottlieb or Jerzy Kozinski or Martin H. Greenberg or Baron Woolf or Patricia Richardson or Gerry Gable or Sir James Goldsmith or Victor Gollancz or Emma Lazarus or Ted Grant / Isaac Blank or Mark Knopfler or Lennie Bernstein or George Michael or Theodor Adorno or Golda Meir or Max Horkheimer or Herbert Marcuse or Walter Benjamin or Erich Fromm or Paul Goodman or Al Goldstein or Randy ‘Andy Abrams’ West or Barbara ‘Stacy Mitnick’ Dare or Seymour Butts or Nina Hartley or Seth Warshavsky or Jonathan Silverstein or Ron Levi or Peter Asher or Steven Hirsch or David James or Danni Ashe or Dr Ruth Westheimer or Richard Berman or Hirsz Moische Wonskolaser or Stephan Rechnitz / Steve Jay Ross or Theodore Assofsky / Ted Ashley or Jerome Segalovich or Joseph Shuster or Bobby Kahn or Billy Finger or Stephen Cohen or Dr Jules Masserman or Ron Jeremy or Peter Bergson / Hillel Kook or Marc Rich or Heidi Fleiss or Dr Paul Fleiss or Zac Efron or Reuben Sturman or Itzhak Lennie Wonskolaser or Xaviera Hollander or or Shia La Bouef or Gene Simmons or Mark Ronson or Chris Blackwell or Karol Sobelsohn or Trevor Horn or Malcolm McLaren or Andrew Loog Oldham or Benny Goodman or Phil Silver or Arthur Miller or Sidney Hillman or David Sarnoff or Lorne Lipowitz / Lorne Michaels or Weingartner and Shuster / Wayne and Shuster or Dick Ebersol or Mae West or Sean Penn or Norman Lear or Shelley Berman or Lenny Bruce or Don Rickles or Isaac “Sid” Caesar or Max Liebman or Larry Gelbart or Joseph Heller or Milton Berle or Steven Waldman or Emanuel Goldenberg / Emanuel Goldenberg / Edward G. Robinson or Milton Berle or Andy Kaufman or Mort Sahl or Gilda Radner or Jason Alexander or Bernie Rhodes or Roseanne Barr or Jack Benny or Milton Berle or Jack Black or Lewis Black or Nathan Birnbaum or Billy Crystal or Enon Gersh?vich Ieguda or Andy Kaufman or Danny Kaye or Avrum Aaron Wonskolaser or Jerry Seinfeld or Szmul Lepke Wonskolaser or Seth Rogen or Adam Sandler or Garry Shandling or Aaron Spelling or Howard Stern or Ben Stiller or Mark Rudd or Saul Alinsky or Judith Sheindlin / Judge Judy or Paula Abdul or Elvis Presley or Gerald Levin or Dennis Dammerman, or Peter Chernin or Samuel “Si” Newhouse or David Lee Roth or Paul Simon or Art Garfunkel or Herbert Khaury / Tiny Tim or Michael Bolton or Sammy Davis Jr. or Neil Diamond or Leonard Cohen or Ramblin’ Jack Elliott or Arlo Guthrie or Billy Joel or Barry Manilow or Bette Midler or Phil Ochs or Country Joe McDonald or Max Weinberg or Saul Hudson / Slash or Stanley Eisen / Paul Stanley or Marc Bolen or Phil Spector or Donovan or Harold Arlen or Bob Saget or Artie Arshawsky/Shaw or Jerome Kern or Vincent Youmans or Stan Getz or Alan Freed or Mortimer Adler or Murray Kaufman / Murray the K or Syd Nathan or Allen Klein or Israel Young or Fred Weintraub or Manny Roth or Peter Yarrow or Moe Asch or Laura Negro/Nyro or Janis Ian or Albert Grossman or Boruch Winogradsky / Bernard Delfont or Joe Collins or Joan Collins or George Wein or Maynard Solomon or The Beastie Boys or Randy Newman or Carly Simon or Helen Reddy or Lesley Gore or Donald Fagen or Marty Friedman or Martyn Buchwald / Marty Balin or Chaim Whitz / Gene Simmons or Perry Bernstein / Perry Farrell or Kevin Dubrow or Gar Weinrib / Geddy Lee or Eric Bloom or Gavin Rossdale or Jay Blatt or Phranc or Howard Kaylan or Mark Volman or Cyndi Lauper or Dee Snider or Yaran Cohen / Dana International or Jann Wenner or Georges, Armand, Paul, and Maurice Marciano or Joel Siegel or Brian Epstein or Sid Bernstein or Reginald Leon Isaac Vapnick / Dick James or Joe, Ralph, and Avi Nakash or Lev Winogradsky / Baron Lew Grade or Laszlo Winogradsky or Archibald Alexander Leach / Cary Grant or Robin Leach or Joel Rosenman or John Roberts or Artie Kornfeld or Michael Lang or Max Yasgur or Elliot Tiber or Stanley Goldstein or Melvin Bernard Lachs / Mel Laurence or Charles Revson or Richard Esther “Dynasty” Shapiro or Löb/Levi Strauss or Bert Cohen or Jeffrey Sachs or Lawrence Summers or Alexander Hamilton (Talmudic education) or Henry Morgenthaler or Rene Levine or Mark Cuban or Ralph J. Roberts or Julian A. Brodsky or Daniel Aaron or Richard Meier or Imre Kertesz or Nadine Gordimer or Joseph Brodsky or Elias Canetti or Samuel Agnon or Nelly Sachs or Boris Pasternak or Henri Bergeson or Frida Kahlo or Roy Lichtenstein or Jacques Lipschitz or Paul Heyse or Paul Samuelson or David Ricardo or Eugene Meyer or Arthur Burns or Alex Jaffee or Sonia Rykel or Abbie Hoffman or John Scher or Jeffrey Hyman / Joey Ramone or Michael Oren or Baat Ye’or Emil Maurice or Führer Joseph Cohen / Joseph Collin / Frank Joseph or Howie Klein or Donna Faske/Karan or Joseph “NWA” Heller or Anna Paquin or Ira Selsky or Lyor Cohen or Al Teller or Laszlo Moholy-Nagy or Man Ray or Mark Rothko or Steve Ralbovsky or Lewis Black or Matt Stone or Rick Rubin or Jacob Arabo or Isaac Mizrahi or Calvin Klein or Ralph Rueben Lifshitz/Lauren or Herman Bergdorf or Richard Avedon or Harold Wallace Rosenthal or Robert Haas or Gene Siskel or Marc Jacobs or Al Neiman and Herbert Marcus or Walter A. Haas Jr. or Daniel Kahneman or Warren Hirsch or Alfred Slaner or Diane Halfin / Diane von Fürstenberg or William “MAD” Gaines or Maurice Zylberberg / Maurice Bidermann or Joseph and Lyman Bloomingdale or Daniel Libeskind or Barney Pressman or Alan “Ace” Greenberg or Armand Hammer or Michael Zelnick or Carl Rosen or Henry & Richard Bloch/Block or Walter Annenberg or Michael Ovitz or Sam Rubenstein or Hannah Golofski / Ann Klein or Andrew “5th Ave” Saks or the Gimbel Brothers or Tommy Hilfiger or Michael Budman or Jeffrey Brotman or Jerome Chazen or Art Ortenberg or Leonard Boxer or Davre and Harold Davidson or Sidney “Max” Factor or Don Green or Bruce J. Klatsky or Henry, Manny and Mayer Lehman or George Macy or Stanley Marcus or William S. Paley or Irving Rabb or Samuel Rosen or David Yunich or Arthur Goldberg or Sam Massell or Newton Minow or Richard Newberger or Abraham Ribicoff or Nathan Freudenthal Leopold and Richard Albert Loeb or Marty Glickman or Robert Zelnick or Alan Cohn or Robert Kraft or Kenneth Cohen/Cole or Harvey Falk or Jay Margolis or Daria Retain or Ellin Saltzman or James Fowler or Mary Talbot or Jackie Presser or Morton Bahr or Kaye von Bergen or Lois Ziegler or Sue Bicksler or Bernie Ozer or Barbara Weiser or Barbara Warner or Lynne Manulis or Joan Weinstein or Ron Glaser or Mitch Kapor or Kal Ruttenstein or Sal Ruggerio or Severin Wunderman or Alain Dominique Perrin or Lanny Davis or Kenneth Jay Lane or Nudie Cohen or Joyce Brothers or Nathan Turk or Bernard “Rodeo Ben” Lichtenstein or Manuel Ruben Abimael Guzman or Sidney Toledano or the Pierre and Paul Wertheimer or Jean-Pierre Meyer or Stanley Kohlenberg or Joel Elias Spingarn or Henry Moscowitz or Arthur Spring or Kivie Kaplan or Helena Rubenstein or Josephine Esther Menzer / Estee Lauder or Adrien Arpel or Winona LaDuke or Lorie Berneson or Puello Torres or Vidal Sassoon or Jack Rosen or John Frankenheimer or Karel Reisz or Tomáš Straussler / Tom Stoppard or Ruth Prawer Jhabvala or Anthony Shaffer or Sir Jonathan Miller or Peter C. Newman or Josef Körbel or Elinor Kaplan or Irwin Cotler or David Matas or Baron Ackner or Baroness Trumpington or Isaiah Berlin or Theodore Bikel or Jack Cohen or Leonard Feather or Lucian Freud or Stephen Fry or Neil Gaiman or Charlotte Gainsbourg or Baron Gavron or Martin Gilbert or Victor Gollancz or Baron Haden-Guest or Baroness Higgins or Baron Jacobson or Mick Jones or Baron Kahn or Harold Laski or Baron Levene or Baron Lever or Baron Levy or Viscount Burnham or Baron Marks or Baron Melchett or Baron Mishcon or Baron Swaythling or Baron Nathan or Baron Neuberger or Baroness Neuberger or Anthony Newley or Michael Nyman or Baroness Oppenheim-Barnes or Baron d’Aguilar or Baroness Plummer or Stephen Poliakoff or the Marchioness of Reading or the Marquess of Reading or the Countess of Rosebery or the Duchess of Roxburghe or Viscount Samuel or Viscount Bearsted or Alexei Sayle or Baron Shinwell or Baron Israel Sieff or Baron Marcus Sieff or Baroness Stern or Rachel Weisz or Amy Winehouse or Baron Wolfson or Baron Woolf or Baron Pirbright or Maggie Gyllenhaal or Alyson Hannigan or Gwyneth Paltrow or Joaquin Phoenix or River Phoenix or Leah Remini or Eli Roth or Maya Rudolph or Andy Samberg or Fred Savage or Alicia Silverstone or Hank Azaria or Yasmine Bleeth or Lisa Bonet or Matthew Broderick or David Duchovny or Jon Favreau or Lisa Kudrow or Jennifer Morrow / Jennifer Jason Leigh or Courtney Love or Julianna Margulies or Marlee Matlin or Debra Messing or Sarah Jessica Parker or Jeremy Piven or Rain Pryor or Paul Rudd or Rob Schneider or David Schwimmer or Kyra Sedgwick or Ally Sheedy or Pauly Shore or Tom Arnold or Katie Couric or Jamie Lee Curtis or Daniel Day-Lewis or Fran Drescher or Ben Elton or Harvey Fierstein or Kathie Lee Gifford or Julie Kavner or John Landis or Jon Lovitz or Rick Moranis or Bebe Neuwirth or Mandy Patinkin or Kevin Pollak or Paul Reubens / Peewee Herman or Steven Seagal or Jane Seymour or Richard Belzer or Peter Coyote or Richard Dreyfuss or Harrison Ford or Victor Garber or Paul Michael Glaser or Gabe Kaplan or Sherry Lansing or Bette Midler or Olivia Newton-John or Frank Oz or Rhea Perlman or Saul Rubinek or Brent Spiner or Jeffrey Tambor or Dyan Cannon or Marty Feldman or Judd Hirsch or Dustin Hoffman or Harvey Keitel or Yaphet Kotto or Martin Landau or Louise Lasser or Piper Laurie or Jackie Mason or Jerry Orbach or Joan Rivers or Elizabeth Taylor or Al Waxman or Ed Asner or Sid Caesar or Bernie Schwartz / Tony Curtis or Buddy Hackett or Alan King or Jack Klugman or Harvey Korman or Walter Matthau or Marilyn Monroe or Chesty Morgan or Tony Randall or Peter Sellers or Simone Signoret or Mel Tormé or Abe Vigoda or Martin Balsam or Red Buttons or Eva Gabor or Zsa Zsa Gabor or Paulette Goddard or Sid James or Zero Mostel or Eli Wallach or Sam Wanamaker or Stella Adler or Melvyn Douglas or John Houseman or Peter Lorre or Fanny Brice or Solomon Mikhoels or Paul Muni or Broncho Billy or Douglas Fairbanks or Al Jolson or Erich von Stroheim or Sarah Bernhardt or Shirley Polykoff or Marvin Winkler or Kurt Eisner or Joe Slovo or Samuel Schwartzbard or Jay Schottenstein or Maurice Stein or Richard Selzer / Dick Ellis / Mr Blackwell or Trevor Spero or Edwin Goodman or S. Daniel Abraham or Bernard Schwartz or David Gilo or Chaim Saban or Brett Goldberg or Eve Berenblum or Sidney Kimmel or Bela Kun or Norman Siegal or Menachem Begin or Alan Rosskamm or Bob Sockolow or Bill Rosenszweig or Mel and Patricia Ziegler or Donald George Fisher or Eddie Bauer or Darren Star or Jeffrey Swartz or Leslie Wexner or Linda Wachner or Howard Gross or Donald Fisher or Millard Drexler or Arnold Rothstein or Daniel Boorstein or Steven Jay Gould or Nathan Glazer or Claude Lanzmann or Mike Lieberman/Leigh or Jodi Picoult or David Helfgott or Wolf Biermann or Alfred Redl or Alfred Dreyfus or László Rajk or Hannah Rabinsohn / Ana Pauker or Polina Zhemchuzhina/Molotova or Mátyás Rákosi or Aleksander Ford or Henryk Goldszmit / Janusz Korczak or W?adys?aw Szpilman or Stanis?aw Lem or Walther Rathenau or Rudolf Slánský or Samuel Ginsberg / Walter G. Krivitsky or George Behar / George Blake or Henri Curiel or Kurt Eisner or Arkady Kots or Lev Rosenfeld/Kamenev or Yakov Sverdlov or Moisey Uritskiy or Adolf Yoffe or Karol Sobelsohn / Karl Radek or Girsh Yankelevich Brilliant / Grigory Yakovlevich Sokolnikov or Yuri Nekhamkes/Steklov or Émile Durkheim or Olga Benário Prestes or Paul Levi or Haydée Tamara Bunke Bider / Tania the Guerrilla or Lionel Begleiter/Bart or Juval Aviv (Avner Kaufman) or Zack Snyder or Mikhail Gruzenberg / Borodin / ??? or Edward Gottlieb or David Riesman or Jacques Derridaor or Louis Brandeis or Franz Boas or Boris Berezovsky or Vladimir Gusinsky or Alexander Smolensky or Mikhail Khodorkovsky or Yury Luzhkov or Jacques Levy or Roman Abromovich or Anatoly Chubais or Jonathon Ollard or Julius and Ethel Rosenberg or Klaus Fuchs or Harry Gold or David Greenglass or Theodore Hall or Morton Sobell or Elizabeth Bentley or William Purl or J. Robert Oppenheimer or Jason Nidorf “Max” Mutchnick or Alfred Adler or Erik Erikson or Bruno Bettelheim or Amy Sherman-Palladino or Stephen G. Breyer or Freida Fromm-Reichmann or Paul Reiser or Jenji Kohan or Michael Grade or David Rapaport or Abraham Maslow or Anne Frank or Richard Rogers or Oscar Hammerstein or Ben & Jerry or Leonard Goldenson or Katherine Meyer Graham or Frederick August Otto (FAO) Schwarz or Donald Graham or Pauline Kael or Alfred A. Knopf or Salomon Brothers or Lazard Freres or Arthur Rock or Alan Patricof or Sidney Lumet or Gene Kleiner or Ben Rosen or Bernard Baruch or Louis and Jacob Blaustein or Ludwig Wittenstein or Henri Bergson or Michael Dell or Sergey Brin or Steve Ballmer or Michael Medved or Michael Berk or Douglas Schwartz or Lawrence Ellison or Michael Marks or Andrew Grove or Terry Semel or Jeff Skoll or Barry Diller or Irwin Jacobs or Bessie Abramowitz or Ben Kingsley or Jennifer Connelly or Vadim Perelman or Sidney Hillman or David Dubinsky or Jerry Rubin or Sheldon Leonard or Donald “Mossad NCIS” Bellisario or Richard Levinson or William Link or Haim Saban or Fred Silverman or Markus Wolf or David Susskind or Brandon Tartikoff or Martin Ransohoff or James Burrows or Ed Weinberger or Tom Werner or Ethel Winant or David Kohan or David Wolper or Bud Yorkin or the Guggenheims or Meyer Guggenheim or David Guggenheim or Harry and Max Hart or Fred Hirschhorn or William Paley or Joseph Cullman or Julius Kessler or Adolph Zukor or Maurice Greenberg or Ivan Seidenberg or Robert Benmosche or Seymour Sternberg or Brian Roberts or Sanford I. Weill or David H. Komansky or Laurence A. Tisch or Mare Winningham or Anthony Brandenburg / Tony Cadena or James Caan or Dan Hedaya or Barbara Hershey or Madeline Kahn or Robert Klein or David Proval or Peter Riegert or Zoë Wanamaker or Barbara Ann Berman / Barbara Barrie or Samille Friesen / Dyan Cannon or Charles Grodin or Gene Wilder or Hedwig Kiesler / Hedy Lamarr or Zero Mostel or Jack Albertson or Moses Horwitz / Moe Howard or Samuel Horwitz / Shemp Howard or Jerome Horwitz / Curly Howard or Andrew Feinberg / Larry Fine or Mickey Katz or Alan King or BJ Novak or “The Reverend” Bob Levy or Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Zeppo, and Gummo Marx or Rita Rudner or Paul Rudd or Mort Sahl or Robert Schimmel or Steven Wright or Mike Palm or Greg Graffin or Lucky Lehrer or Joel Adelberg / Jeff Barry or Leonard Borisoff / Len Barry or Adam Yauch or Michael Lookofsky / Michael Brown or Randy Wolfe/California or Eric Carmen or The Cars or The Angry Samoans or Asleep at the Wheel or NOFX or The Walker Brothers or Hüsker Dü or Sparks or The Tokens or Suicide or The Knack or The New York Dolls or Teenage Jesus and the Jerks or Auntie-Christ or The Jesus Lizard or Sha Na Na or The Shangri-las or The Yiddish Hitlerjugend or Jefferson Airplane or The Electric Prunes or The 13th Floor Elevators or The Beastie Boys or The Manhattan Transfer or Phish or Blue Öyster Cult or Ric Ocasek or Elliot Steinberg / Elliot Easton or Bad Religion or Black Flag or The Circle Jerks or Sleater-Kinney or The Dictators or Harry Chapin or Alex Chilton or Johnette Napolitano or James Mankey or Annette Kleinbard or Chris Cornell or Dick Dale or Glenn Danzig or Roky Erickson or Tamas Erdelyi / Tommy Ramone or Percy Faith or Michael Gira or Efrim Menuck or Thierry Amar or Aidan Girt or Thea Pratt or Bob Mould or Grant Hart or Erick Lee Purkhiser / Lux Interior or Scott Ian or Paul Kantner or Jack Casady or David Yow or Götz Ksinski / Gershon Kingsley or Michael Eisenstein or Tony Levin or Lydia Koch/Lunch or Catharina “Nina” Hagen or James Siegfried/Chance or Melissa Manchester or Johnny “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” Marks or Richard Marx or Dave Mustaine or Marty Friedman or Randy Meisner or James Mercer or Judith Kay Cohen / Juice Newton or Lenny Kaye or Richard Sohl or Samuel Ram / Buck “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” Ram or Jaime Robert Klegerman / Robbie Robertson or Melanie Anne Safka-Schekeryk or Mark Sandman or Chuck “Father of Death Metal” Schuldiner or Genyusha Zelkowitz / Genya Ravan or the Sherman Brothers or Mort Shuman or Ron and Russell Mael or Steve Schneider/Stevens or Alan Vega or Tom Miller/Verlaine or Richard Lloyd or Richard Meyers/Hell or John Segall / Jay Jay French or Catherine “Scat Goddess” Ringer or Diane Warren or Carnie Wilson or George David Weiss or Steve Wynn or Brian Setzer or Ira Kaplan or Lou Adler or Moses Asch or Michael Cohl or Bob Ezrin or Jimmy Iovine or Steven Miller or Bob Rafelson or Paul A. Rothchild or Seymour Stein or Bob Balaban or David Cronenberg or Victor Fleming or David Blaine or Teller or Samuel Z. Arkoff or George Axelrod or Akiva Goldsman or Marta Kauffmaner or Sam Simon or Florenz Ziegfeld or Laura Ziskin or David Zuckerman or Chuck Barris or Jim Cramer or Ira Glass or Mary Hart or Suze Orman or Maury Povich or Morley Safer or Carl Sagan or Daniel Schorr or Jerry Springer or Herb Stempel or David Belasco or Victor Borge or Joseph Chaikin or Peter Feldman or Ben Hecht or Mitch Miller or Joe Papp or Billy Rose or Morrie Ryskind or Sonia Kalish / Sophie Tucker or Nora Louise Kuzma / Traci Lords or Joanna Angel or Ariana Jollee or Naomi or Bernard Natan or Richard Pacheco or Tera Patrick or Harry Reems or Daphne Rosen or Scott Schwartz or Ona Zee or Isla “Ayalia” Fisher or Henry “Goodfellas” Hill or Felicity Kendal or Elaine Richardson / Jamaica Kincaid or Allen Shawn or William Shawn or Jean-Pierre Grunbach/Melville or Hanne Bayer / Anna Karina or Anatole Dauman or Abel Flamant/Gance or Raymond Kienzle / Nicholas Ray or Maurice Henri Joseph Schérer / Jean-Marie Maurice Schérer / Erich Rohmer or Edgar Nahoum/Morin or Natalia Tcherniak / Nathalie Sarraute or Harvey Kurtzman or Marty Feldman or Samy Rosenstock / S. Samyro / Tristan Tzara or Diego Rivera or Norma Shearer or Jackie “Reet Petite” Wilson or Michael Silverstein or Roman Jakobson or Claude Lévi-Strauss or Horace Kallen or Abba Eban or Abe “Harlem Globetrotter” Saperstein or Neil Bogatz/Bogart or Eric Mensinger/Singer or Sylvain Mizrahi/Sylvain or Michael Diamond / Ad-Mike D or Adam Horowitz / Ad-Rock or Adam Duritz or Al Waxman or Alan Dershowitz or Alan Menken or Albert Hammond or Alberto Moravia or Alexei Sayle or Alfred Schnittke or Alfred Uhry or Alice B. Toklas or Allen Funt or Amedeo Modigliani or Amitai Etzioni or Amy Heckerling or Andre Weil or Andrew “Dice” Clay or Ani DiFranco or Anouk Aimee or Antal Dorati or Ari Fleischer or Arie Eldad or Ron Eldad or Art Spiegelman or Arthur Hiller or Arthur Koestler or Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. or Arthur Sulzberger, Sr. or Balthus or Barbara Bach or Barbara Ehrenreich or Barbara Tuchman or Barney Kessel or Bea Arthur or Bela Fleck or Ben Folds or Ben Hecht or Beverly Sills or Bill Nye or Billy Joel or Bob Weinstein or Bob Woodward or Boris Karloff Harvey Freed / Brian Lane or Mark Tinker or David Milch or John Masius or Pam Dawber or Mark Harmon or Gloria Reuben or Dave Grusin or Barry Josephson or Carl Icahn or Gustave Levy or Michael “Hedge Fund” Steinhardt or Samuel Klagsbann or Dennis Levine or Martin Lipton or li Black or Leon Black or Edwin Black or Eli Jacobs or Seymour Cohen / Fred Carr or Eli Pinkas or Thomas Spiegel or Isaac Zafrani or Martin Wolfe or Barry Minkow or Ben Friedman or Reed Slatkin or Mel Weinberg or David Gravier or Abe Goldberg or Katy Rochelle Boskowitz or Jerome P. Jacobson or Alex Liberman or Stanley Friedman or Marvin Kaplan or Michael Lazar or Lester Shafran or Shelley Chevlowe or Victor Botnick or Jay Turoff or Melvin Lebetkin or Geoffrey Lindenauer or Charles Berg or Bernard Sandow or Donald Manes or Ehud Olmert or Rafael Pinchasi or Avigdor Kahalani or Ya’acov Ne’eman or Yair Levy or Binyamin Ben-Eliezer or Avner Shaki or Simcha Dinitz or Nahum Manbar or Dudu Topaz or Ofer Nimrodi or Rafi Pridan or Rami Dotan or Yehuda Gil or Jim “Kidney” Cohan Rabbi Bernard Bergman or Eugene Hollander or Albert Schwartzberg or Monroe Freedman or David Begelman or Michael Hellerman or Walter Orlinsky or Marvin Mandel or Joe Waldholtz or Ronald Stern or Donald Warshaw or Al Gutman or Bernie Cornfeld or Edward Mezvinsky or Edward Shils or Jonathan Yarowsky or Gerald Wolpe or Stanley Goldblum or Stanley Korman or Leona Helmsley or Dr Max Jacobson or Albert Abrams or Dr Robert Feder or Dr Melvyn Rosenstein or Herman Melnitzer or Peter Munk or David Walsh or Michael de Guzman or John Felderhof or Arnie Zaler or Barry Trupin or Samuel Sheinbein or Larry Douglas or Schlomo Sheinbein or William Nakash or Arkadi Gaydamak/Gaidamek or Boguslaw Bagsik or Andrzej Gasiorowski or Solomon Morel or Nahman Dushanski or Simion Borkov or David Bogatin or Yefim Zvyagilsky or Arkady Angelevich or Vladimir Gusinsky or Mikhail Mirilashvili or Vadim Rabinovich or Jezda Yasiljevic or Gordon Wolfson or David Mordechai or Eddie Antar / David Cohen or Dov and Ayala Engel or Michael Vishedsky and Shlomo Wishedsky or Michael Schiff or Richard Minns or Ezra Murad or Samuel Dagan or Yosef Lisch or Ronald Carmon or Nahum Vaskevitch or Ilan Mayan or Daniel Weiz or Natchum Gal or Billy King or Dror Haim Goldberg or Jeffrey Ashkenazi or Paul Stern. Stern or Kenyon Schulman or Sholam Weiss or Harold and Alan Lieberman or Martin Bramson or Alexander Ross / Alexander Cohen / William Cohen or Jeffrey Gottlieb or Hal Kaplan or Charles Ray Lonberger or Eduardo Rabiea or Jonathan Kern or Patrick White or Stanley Cherry / Stefanos Coreey or “Duke” Wolff or David and Karen Missman or John Perry or Lester Kaplan or Rabbi Jonathan Maltzman or Rabbi Jacob Lustig or Gerel Payne or Ralph Lipsky or Sam Semet or Barry and Barbara Wilf or Betty Shusterman or Wolfgang Schnur or Rabbi Fred Neulander, or Myron Lewin or Mel Green or Rabbi Steven Jacobs or Rabbi Austin Yoncy Feld or Abner ‘Longie’ Zwillman or Moses Annenberg or Myron Goodman or Mordechai Weissman or Allen Ganz or Manny Friedman or Stephen Lichtman or Jeffrey Resnick or Harry Weiss or Martin Shulman or Simon Fireman or Myron Gottleib or Roy Rosenbaum or Rabbi Stephanie Dickstein or Beverly Hurel or Moishe/Morris Levy or Gerland Zelmanowitz or Roy Cohn or Rabbi Irving Greenberg or Avner Azulay or Rabbi Shlomo Riskin or Avraham Burg or Itamar Rabinovich or Shoshana Cardin or Jerome Cardin or Vadim Rabinovich or Boris Fuchsmann or Jeanette Nelson or Victor Incenty or Phillip Scott Plotka or Patricia Starr or Ellen Bloch or Rabbi Jonathan Sacks or Jean Thorbourn or Rabbi Jacob Bronner or Rabbi Efroim Stein or Morris Lax or Chester and Morris Waxman or Bess Myerson or James S. Tisch or Martin Teicher or Dr Arthur Reider or Dr Lionel Schwartz or Dr Joel Feigon or Dr Jacob Goldberg or Dr Leonard Friedman or Dr Sheldon D. Zigelbaum or Dr Edward M. Daniels or Dr Stanley S. Kanter or Dr Jules Masserman or Dr John N. Rosen or Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach or Michael Exelbart or Rabbi Jerrold M. Levy or Eric Hindin or Eugene Gold or Sol Wachtler or Rabbi Frederick Werbell or Rabbi Pinchas Lew or Philip Stillman or Yehuda Friedlander or Ze’ev Kopolovitch, or Rabbi Mordechai Yomtov or John Douglas Wynn or Tom Lantos or Shlomo Nour or Amnon Tzabari or Dan Weinrich or Shachar Halevi or Charles Hurwitz or David Koch or Samuel Heyman or Bernie Marcus or Earl Krugel or Henry Samueli or Daniel Fischel or Bruce Paltrow or Buck Henry or Bud Abbott or Buddy Rich or Carl Bernstein or Carl Laemmle or Carole Bayer Sager or Chaim Topol or Chandra Levy or Charlie Watts or Mick Jones or Joey Kramer or Trevor Rabinowitz/Rabin or Marty Balin or Jorma Kaukonen or Chris Stein or Claire Bloom or Clem Snide or Clive Davis or Cloris Leachman or Connie Chung or Conrad Veidt or Daniel Cohn-Bendit or Daniel Pipes or Darius Milhaud or David Beckham or David Brenner or David Rashbaum/Bryan or David Copperfield or David Johansen or David Suchet or David Was or David Weiss or Delmore Schwartz or Demi (Harmon) Guynes / Demi Moore or Denise Scott Brown or Dennis Franz or Howard K. Stern or Jane Goldman or Aaron Bondaroff or Diane Arbus or Dinah Shore or Don Adams or Dorothy Parker or Douglas Ullmann / Fairbanks or Douglas Feith or Dov Zakheim or Dustin Hoffman or Dylan Klebold or Ed Koch or Ed Rendell or Eddie Fisher or Edgar G. Ulmer or Edith Head or Edward Bernays or Edward Teller or Elisabeth Shue or Elliot Gould or Emile Durkheim or Evan Seinfeld or Aaron Abeyta / El Hefe or Michael John Burkett / Fat Mike or Eric Melvin or Felix Mendelssohn or Fran Lebowitz or Frank Lautenberg or Franz Oppenheimer or Franz Rosenzweig or Freddie Prinze Jr. or Freddie Prinze Sr. or Derek Jacobi or Fritz Freleng or Fritz Lang or Fyvush Finkel or Gavin Rossdale or George Cukor or George Michaels or George S. Kaufman or George Segal or George Steiner or Gerry Goffin or Gil Kane or Gilbert Gottfried or Gloria Allred or Graham Gouldman or Gustav Mahler or Jacob/Jacques Offenbach or Richard Blum / Handsome Dick Manitoba or Hannah Arendt or George Jonas or Harry Connick Jr. or Harry Oppenheimer or Harry Shearer or Harvey Korman or Harvey Pekar or Harvey Weinstein or Helmut Neustädter/Newton or Henri Bergson or Herschel Grynszpan or Hillel Slovak or Howard Cosell or Howie Mandel or Ilya Ehrenburg or Immanuel Velikovsky or Ira Kaplan or Irving Layton or Isaac Deutscher or Isaac Emanuilovich Babel or Italo Svevo or Jac Holzman or Jack Abramoff or Jacob Sverdlov or Jacqueline Susann or Jacques Halevy or Jane Bowles or Janis Ian or David Blatt / Jay Black or Jill Clayburgh or Jill Oppenheim / Jill St John or David Margulois / Merrick or Jim Croce or Jim Jarmusch or Joey Bishop or Johann Strauss or John Frankenheimer or Jacques Haussmann / John Houseman or John M. Deutch or John Schlesinger or John Zorn or Johnny Clegg or Jon Fishman or Jon Lovitz or Jon Moss or Jonathan Pollard or Jonathan Richman or Josef Von Sternberg or Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Politzer József / Joseph Pulitzer or Joseph Trumpeldor or Josh Groban or Joshua Redman or Judd Hirsch or Judge Wapner or Jules Dassin or Julian Schnabel or June Allyson or K.D. Lang or Karl Popper or Katharine “Kitty” Dukakis or Keith Reid or Ken Mehlman or Kevin Godley or Kevin Kline or Kristen Nygaard or Leon Blum or Lawrence Kasdan or Lee J. Cobb or Lee Konitz or Paul Desmond or Lee Strasberg or Leo Frank or Leo Rosten or Leo Strauss or Leo Szilard or Leonard Maltin or Lesley Gore or Leslie Weinstein/West or Lillian Hellman or Linda McCartney or Lion Feuchtwanger or Lol Creme or Lorne Greene or Louis “Kid” Kaplan or Louise Post or Reuben Gosfield / Lucky Oceans or Ludwig von Mises or Luke Ford or Richard Salkovitz / Magic Dick or Maimonides or Malcolm Rifkind or Marc Chagall or Marc Shaiman or Marcel Proust or Marcia Clark or Marek Borowski or Margaret Bourke-White or Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco or Mark Rothko or Martin Buber or Marv Albert or Maxim Litvinov or Mel Blanc or Meredith Monk or Mezz Mezzrow or Michael Brecker or Michael Kinsley or Michael Milken or Michael Tilson-Thomas or Mickey Hart or Milton Babbitt or Mina Loy or Moe Dalitz or Monty Hall or Mort Sahl or Morton Feldman or the Montefiores or the Sassoons or Moses Mendelssohn or Nan Goldin or Nancy Spungen or Natan Shcharansky or Nathan Weinstein / Nathanael West or Nelson Algren or Nina Gordon or Nora Ephron or Alex Cox or Nostradamus or Oliver Stone or Orlando Bloom or Oscar Hammerstein or Oscar Homolka or Otto Klemperer or P.F. Sloan or Paddy Chayefsky or Paul Ehrlich or Paul Wellstone or Paulette Goddard or Mervyn LeRoy or Perry Farrell or Peter Bogdanovich or Peter Wolf or Peter Yarrow or Philip Kaufman or Pierre Salinger or Primo Levi or R.H. Thomson or Rachel Dratch or Rachel Maddow or Richard Alpert / Baba Ram Dass or Randi Rhodes or Randy Brecker of Blood, Sweat and Tears or Raul Hilberg or Red Rodney or Richard Dreyfuss or Richard Myers / Richard Hell or Richard Meltzer or Richard Simmons or Ricki Lake or Rita Rudner or Robbie Krieger or Robbie Robertson or Robert Rauschenberg or Robert Siodmak or Walter Rosenberg / Rudolf Vrba or Sam Fuller or Sandy Pearlman or Scott Ian or Scott Engel/Walker or Serge Gainsbourg or Sergei Eisenstein or Seth Justman or Shabtai Tzvi or Shel Silverstein or Shirley Schrift / Shelley Winters or Shelly Manne or Sid Caesar or Sidney Pollack or Simon Wiesenthal or Simone Weil or Sir Hermann Gollancz or Sir James Goldsmith or Solomon Mikhoels or Milton Supman / Soupy Sales or Spencer Dryden or Stan Freberg or Stanley Donen or Stanley Fish or Vassily Grossman or Stefan Zweig or Stephen Dorff or Stephen Jay Gould or Stephen Sondheim or Steve Lawrence or Steve Weinberg/Wynn or Steven Page or Loius “Studs” Terkel or Susan Faludi or Artie Kelm / Tab Hunter or Judith Miller or Jimmy Miller or Tom “Dr Who” Baker or Tom Bosley or Tom Lehrer or Tony Kushner or Tony Randall or Tristan Tzara or Tuli Kupferberg or Morris “Two-Gun” Cohen / ???? or Uri Caine or Uri Geller or Vanessa Carlton or Vic Morrow or Viktor Frankl or Vladimir Zhirinovsky or Walter Koenig or Walter Mosley or Walter Winchell or Arthur Fellig / Weegee or Wendy Wasserstein or Gen. Wesley Clark or Maxwell Ginzberg / Max “EC” Gaines or William “Mad” Gainesn or William Henry Joseph Bonaparte Bertholoff Smith / Willie “The Lion” Smith or Yakov Naumovich Pokhis / Yakov Smirnoff or Anthony Perkins or Millard Kaufman or Pinchas Finkelstein / Yevgeny Primakov or Yitzhak Rabin or Yitzhak Shamir or Ivo Livi / Yves Montand or Zac Posen or Zal Yanovsky or Ze’ev Jabotinsky or Russ Feingold or Steve Bing or Paul Rosenberg or Steve Wozniak or Lesley Ann Warren or Anson Williams or Steven Berkoff or Walter Matthau or Simone-Henriette-Charlotte Kaminker / Simone Signoret or Herbert Lom or Sam Wanamaker or Theda Bara or Robert Schwartzman or Leelee Sobieski or Brad Garrett or Mordecai Richler or Evan Solomon or Barbara Frum or Eugene Levy or Peter Falk or Werner Klemperer or Jack Klugman or Suzanne Vega or Harvey Golub or Stephen P. Kaufman or Lewis E. Platt or Harry P. Kamen or Arthur M. Blank or Seymour G. Sternberg or Leon Hess or John B. Hess or Richard Charles Levin or Judith Rodin or Jeffrey Lehman or Henry Bienen or Lawrence S. Bacow, or Jerry Weisner or David Baltimore or Jared L. Cohon or Leon Botstein or Richard Flacks or Al Haber or Robb Ross or Steve Max or Mike Spiegal or Mike Klonsky or Stan Daniels or Leah Remini or Kate Hudson or Scarlett Johannson or Liv Tyler or Sarah Jessica Parker or Lisa Loeb or Ashley Tisdale or Debra Winger or Jamie-Lynn Sigler or Amanda Peet or Susanna Hoffs or Adam Brody or Adrian Brody or Helena Bonham Carter or Alyson Hannigan or Amanda Bynes or Gina Gershon or Ione Skye or Brooke Burke or Mia Kirshner or Carrie Fisher or Elizabeth Banks or Winona Horowitz / Ryder or Selma Bleitner/Blair or Phoebe Katz / Cates or Mila Kunis or Sarah Michelle Gellar or Camryn Manheim or Amy Lippman or Goldie Hawn or Jonathan Katz or Eppie Friedmann / Ann Landers or Popo Friedman / Dear Abby / Abigail Van Buren or Jeanne Phillips / Dear Abby / Abigail Van Buren or Herb Albert or Kenny Gorelick / Kenny G or John Lurie or Gary Levitch / Gary “Playboy” Lewis or Al Kooper or Danny Kalb or Happy and Artie Traum or Doc Pomus or Mort Shuman or Jerry Ragovoy or Alfred Döblin or Norman Pearlstine or Peter Chernin or Andrew Lack or Michael Silverman or Jonathan Wolman or József Schwartz / József Pogány / John Pepper or Joshua Elliot or Hannah Strom or Joel Hyatt Zylberberg / Joel Z. Hyatt or Ron Epstein or Tony Kornheiser or Gerry Goffin or Albert Grossman or Jerry Wexler or Lenny Kravitz or Don Kirshner or Jim Steinman or Todd Haynes or Todd Gitlin or Bettina Aptheker or Bella Abzug or Larry Kramer or Roberta Achtenberg or Leslie Fienberg or Arnie Kantrowitz or William Weinberger or Judy Gluckstern or David Huebner or Bahar Soomekh or Lejzor Czyz / Leonard Chess or Fiszel Czyz / Philip Chess or James Burrows or David Amram or Ernest Bloch or Aaron Copland or Hanns Eisler or George Gershwin or Ira Gershwin or Philip Glass or Morton Gould or Jacques Halévy or Fritz Kreisler or György Ligeti or Steve Reich or John Zorn or Harold Arlen or Burt Bacharach or Pat Andrezejewski/Benatar or Laura Prepon or Jason Schwartzman or Michelle Trachtenberg or David Arquette or Elizabeth Berkley or Alex Borstein or Zach Braff or Scott Caan or Dustin Diamond or Corey Feldman or James Franco or Soleil Moon Frye or Missy Gold or Adam Goldberg or Seth Green or Corey Haim or Samantha Harris or Bob Geldof or Mark Feld / Marc Bolan or Rashida Jones or Chris Kattan or Mia Kirshner or Lisa Kushell or David Krumholtz or Adam Levine or Kellie Martin or Seth Meyers or Adam Pascal or Alecia Beth Moore / Pink or Betty Joan Perske / Lauren Bacall or Josh Radnor or Ellen Barkin or Eric Boucher / Jello Biafra or Ermes Effron Borgnino / Ernest Borgnine or Ellen Naomi Cohen / Mama Cass Elliot or Jerzy Andrezjewski or Ethel Zimmermann / Merman or Lew Wasserman or Stevan Bozovic / Steve Bochco or Norman Granz or Irving Green or Stanley Gayetsky/Getz or Phil Ochs or Adam Lambert or Tatiana Desirée Prinzessin zu Fürstenberg or Barbara Goldbach/Bach or Eva Green or the Countess Francesca Gregorini di Savignano di Romagna or Al Cohn or Samuel Goldberg / Buddy Clark or Reuben/Ruby Braff or Uri Caine or Edith Gormezano / Eydie Gormé or Antal Doráti or Maurice Kaufmann and Honor “Pussy Galore” Blackman or Jack Rosenthal or Jacqueline du Pré or Leslie Hore Belisha or Jill Oppenheim/St.John or Milton Mesirow / Mezz Mezzrow or Lee Konitz or Barney Kessell or Allen Sherman or Ernie Wiseman/Wise or Zoot Sims or Alan Daniel Maman / The Alchemist or Belle Miriam Silverman / Beverly Sills or Shel Silverstein or Sara Paxton or Keith Morris or Anneliese van der Pol or Cynthia/Cindi Leive or Sheldon/Shelly Manne or Ben Elton or Harry Donenfeld or Jack S. Liebowitz or Hilly Kristal or Andreas Papandreou or George Papandreou Jr or Dave Berg or Jack Levy or Jon Winkelried or Marc Spilker or David Solomon or Milton Berlinski or Richard Friedman or Constantine Simitis or Carl Levin or Itze-Leib Schmuilowsky / Louis Isadore Kahn or Frank Gehry or Max Abramovitz or Dankmar Adler or Gregory Ain or Armand Phillip Bartos or Samuel Gottesman or Walter Curt Behrendt or Edward Blum or George Blum or Marcel Breuer or Arnold Brunner or Alan Buchsbaum or Serge Chermayeff or Erich Mendelsohn or Ivan Chermayeff or Richard Dattner or Elizabeth Diller or Sheldon Fox or Bertrand Goldberg or Percival Goodman or Victor Gruen or Herman Jessor or Morris Lapidus or Paul László or Richard Meier or Erich Mendelsohn or Georgette Bennet or Kathy Perutz or Robert H. Lieberman or Rona Elliot or Joshua “St Elsewhere” Brand or Barry Lewis or Peter “Penguin” Mayer or Robert Moses or Barbara A. Nadel or Richard Neutra or Emery Roth or Moshe Safdie or Taal Safdie or Stanley Saitowitz or Lawrence Scarpa or Rudolph Schindler or Raphael Soriano Rhodes or Paul Zucker, architect/city planner in Berlin who joined the University in Exile at the New School for Social Research or John Kerry or Abraham Joshua Heschel or Judith Rodin or Irving Howe or Michael Walzer or Baron Alliance or Jimmy Delshad or Jason Shapiro or Abie Nathan or David Nahai or Shaul Bakhash or Michael Coren or Marty Dolin or Linda Frum or Irving Abella or Isaac Abella or Rosalie Abella or Joseph Ben-Ami or Ralph Benmergui or Ben Blue or Alan Borovoy or Oscar Brand or Charles Bronfman or Edgar Bronfman Sr or Edward Bronfman or Edgar Bronfman Jr or Peter Bronfman or Saidye Rosner Bronfman or Samuel Bronfman or David Caplan or Gerald Caplan or Maury Chaykin or Saul Rubinek or Danny Finkleman or Ken Finkleman or Morris Fish or Howard Galganov or Victor Garber or Jonathan Goldstein or Noam Gonick or Allan Gotlieb or Phyllis Gotlieb or Jerry Grafstein or Jack Granatstein or Herb Gray or Edward Greenspan or Edward Greenspon or Lawrence Greenspon or Sam Katz or Barbara Kay or A.M. Klein or Moe Koffman or Anton Kuerti or Mel Lastman or Irving Layton or Ezra Levant or Norman Levine or Daniel Levy or Avi Lewis or David Lewis or Stephen Lewis or David Matas or David Mirvish or Ed Mirvish or Anita Neville or Dina Rabinovitch or Jack Rabinovitch or Judy Rebick or Heather Reisman or Ivan Reitman or Jacob Richler or Joe Schlesinger or Gerry Schwartz or Paul Shaffer or Norman Spector or Janice Stein or Karen X. Tulchinsky or Ben Weider or Joe Weider or Nikki Yanofsky or Garth Drabinsky or Peter Munk or Robert Lantos or Harold Greenburg or Shawn Levy or Moses Znaimer or Scott Reid or David “Moses” Cameron or Mira Spivak or Bora Laskin or Bernard Shapiro or Marshall Rothstein or Mavis Gallant or Rick Salutin or Anne Michaels or Steven Cojocaru or Jamie Glazov or Lorrie Goldstein or Paul Gross or Michele Landsberg or Eric Margolis or Rachel Sklar or Larry Zolf or Tom Bosley or Elaine Boosler or Victor Borge or Brother Theodore or Marcia Clark or Alfred Caplin / Al Capp or Mindy Cohn or Ahuva Gray or Dustin Diamond or Eddie Fisher or Joely Fisher or Norman Fell or Ariel Levy or Bonnie Franklin or Steve Guttenberg or Milton Snavely Hershey or Leslie Steiner/Howard or Amy Irving or Derek Jacobi or David Jannsen or Asa Yoelson / Al Jolson or Madeline Kahn or Bert Lahr or Linda Lavin or Richard Lewis or Shari Lewis or Peggy Lipton or Wolf Garber / Bill Macy or Ron Pearlman or Amanda Peet or Artie Roenberg / Tony Randall or Sally Lowenthal / Sally Jessy Raphael or Nikki Reed or Carl Reiner or Rob Reiner or Melissa Rivers or Arnold Klein or Debbie Rowe or Michael Jackson Jr or Paris-Michael Jackson or Zelda Rubinstein or Rita Rudner or Robert Schimmel or Julius Rosenwald or Rick Salomon or George Segal or Debbie Schlussel or Robert Shapiro or Harry Shearer or Brandon Tartikoff or Fred Silverman or Bruce Vilanch or William Asher or Elliot Yamin or Jennifer Grey or Joel Grey or Matt Lauer or Vic Morrow or Katey Sagal or Jack Osbourne or Kelly Osbourne or Craig Rivera or Gavin Rossdale or Anthony E. Zuiker or Bob Justman or Herb Solow or Peter Lawford or Lou Adler or Jeff and Mark Bass or Gary Brooker or Vanessa Carlton or Eric Carmen or Jim Croce or Roger Corman or Fiorello La Guardia or Dick Morris or Hedwig Kiesler / Hedy Lamarr or Leslie Wunderman / Taylor Dayne or Janis Ian or Scott Rosenfeld / Scott Ian or Jason Kay / Jamiroquai or Suzy Menkes or Carroll Baker or Eliyahu “Bible Code” Rips or David P. Goldman or Paul Kossoff or David Kossoff or Robbie Krieger or Steve Lawrence or Manfred Lubowitz/Mann or Sandy Pearlman or Ross Friedman / Ross the Boss or Buck Adams or Amber Lynn or Bunny Bleu or Barbara Dare or Bobby Hollejnder or Frank James or Jayme Langford or Ron Hyatt/Jeremy or Collin O’Neal or Gloria Leonard or Tiffany Million or Sharon Mitchell or Herbert Streicher / Harry Reems or James Deen or Evan Seinfeld or Philip Toubus / Paul Thomas or Steve Drake or Sasha Gabor or Hershel Cohen/Savage or Marie Hartman / Nina Hartley or Alexandra Silk or Andrei Treivas / Michael Lucas or Paul Siederman / Jerry Butler or Robert Charles Kerman / R. Bolla / Richard Bolla or Daphne Rosen or Adam Glasser / Seymour Butts or “Sasha” Gabor Sarközi or Whitney Stevens or Britney Stevens or Howie Gordon / Richard Pacheco or William Margold or Marc Goldberg/Wallice or Naomi Russell or Danny Kaminski/Kaye or Ona Zee or Jessica Yellin or Campbell Brown or John King or Dana Schwartz/Bash or Stu Schwartz or Frances Weinman Schwartz or Cameron Kerry or Karen Tintori or or Sara Lee Schupf or Nathan Cummings or Melissa Peroff / Barbie Bridges / Pastor Melissa Scott or Ashley Youmans / Ashley Rae Maika DiPietro / Ashley Alexandra Dupré or Warren Zevon or Seymour “Budd” Schulberg or Robert Elias / Downey or Calista Flockhart or Katherine Borowitz/Turturro or David Shore or Katie Jacobs or Paulor Aubrey “Drake” Graham or Rob Morrow or Allegra Goodman or Elsa Dorfman or Harvey A. Silverglate or Igal “Saddam” Naor or Emily Stern or Golan Globus or Bill Rubin or Melville Herskovits or Kathy Kacer or Stacey Farber or Jake Epstein or Jerome “Gideon’s Crossing” Groopman or Victor Frankl or Otto Rosenfeld/Rank or Bishop Jean-Baptiste Gourion or Cardinal Aaron Lustiger or Ernest Becker or Wilhelm Reich or Alfred Adler or Solomon Asch or Bruno Bettelheim or Jerome Bruner or Paul Ekman or Albert Ellis or Leon Festinger or Carol Gilligan or Israel Goldiamond or Edith S. Lisansky Gomberg or Jeffrey Guterman or Irving Janis or Arthur “Primal Scream” Janov or Daniel Kahneman or Lawrence Kohlberg or Elizabeth Loftus or Abraham “Recovery” Low or Robert Jay Lifton or Abraham “Needs” Maslow or Walter Mischel or Hugo Munsterberg or Ulric Neisser or Fritz “Gestalt Esalen” Perls or Laura Perls or Steven Pinker or Theodor Reik or David Rosenhan or Peter Salovey or Al Seckel or Martin Seligman or Herbert Simon or Robert Sternberg or David Wechsler or George “Homophobia” Weinberg or Joseph Wolpe or Kurt Lewin or Leon “Cognitive Dissonance” Festinger or Alexander Lowen or Irvin Yalom or Ken Olin or Jon Robin Baitz or Saul “Ron” Rifkin or Eric Reed Boucher or Leo Jaffe or Stanley R Jaffe or Michael Rapaport or Michael Rosenbaum or Tracee Ellis Ross or Keri Russell or Gabe Sandler or Noah Wyle or Steven Adler or Louis Szekely / Louis C.K. or Embeth Davidtz or Robert Downey Jr. or Lisa Edelstein or Brad Garrett or Melissa Gilbert or Jennifer Grey or Greg Grunberg or Annabelle Gurwitch or Daryl Hannah or Helen Hunt or Juliet Landau or Julia Louis-Dreyfus or Dina Meyer or Ari Meyers or Liev Schreiber or Scott Schwartz or Jonathan Silverman or Cathy Silvers or Helen Slater or Robert Smigel or Rena Sofer or Michael Vartan or Steven Weber or Robby Benson or Mike Binder or Jerry Butler or Kate Capshaw or Ian Mitchell or Emmanuelle Béart or Jeff Goldblum or Judd Nelson or Laraine Newman or François Truffaut or Katey Sagal or Richard Schiff or Annie Sprinkle or Sam Zimbalist or Sammy Cahn or Cy Coleman or Donald Freed or Mark Lane or Hal David or Norman Gimbel or Marvin Hamlisch or Yip Harburg or Lorenz Hart or James Horner or Jerome Kern or Joseph Kessel or Jerry Leiber or Alan Jay Lerner or Frank Loesser or Johnny Mandel or Brad Grey or Bernie Brillstein or Neil Sedaka or Mike Stoller or Elmer Bernstein or Danny Elfman or Jerry Goldsmith or Bernard Herrmann or Johnny Mandel or Stanley Myers or Alfred Newman or Alex North or Michael Nyman or André Previn or Lalo Schifrin or Howard Shore or Dimitri Tiomkin or Franz Waxman or Charles Fox or Neve Campbell or David Goodstein or Judy Wieder or Yakov Sverdlov or Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel or Dutch Schultz or Louis “Lepke” Buchalter or Gurrah Shapiro or Joel Steinberg or Otto Sanhuber or Yigal Amir or Pincus Green or Bernie Cornfield or Ivan Boesky or Michael Milken or Martin Frankel or Al Taubman or Kevin Mitnik or Vladimir Zhirinovsky or David “Son of Sam” Berkowitz or Jacob Rubinstein / Jack Ruby et cetera ad nauseum.

With all these talking heads having the same ideology, is this the way to have an open debate on any subject?

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