Is Rev. Charles McVety a “spiritual Bernie Madoff”?

Everyone remembers fake “investment advisor” Bernie Madoff (Shamir calls him the financial “suicide bomber”) who ripped off billions of dollars from his friends (even more from his foes) and said he’d do it again if he had the chance. But not everyone knows about “spiritual Madoffs” inside Christian circles.

Sure, we all know about the obvious “spiritual Madoff” scammers such as Israeli-born Benny Hinn. But do we know about the fakes in our own churches who can trick Christians for years? Two obvious fraud examples: Walid Shoebat and Ergun Caner, president of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. If these messianic maniacs can fool “evangelical” Christians for years, who is to say that there aren’t other Christian fakes lurking behind pulpits?

I come now to the Rev. Dr. Charles McVety, a not so humble man (watch him). My personal take is that McVety is a Zionist shill; in fact, he almost admits it. In any case, here are a few reasons why I’m highly suspicious of him (other than the fact he is “the most high-profile champion of Christian Zionism“—the fastest growing cult in the world):

I could go on and list other things that make me suspicious of McVety such as his appearance in a news release of Likud Canada, and McVety inviting criminal Karl Rove to Canada. But that’s it for now.

2 Responses to Is Rev. Charles McVety a “spiritual Bernie Madoff”?

  1. anarchore says:

    Great article man… these ‘christian’ serpent-tongued decievers need to be exposed for their hexagram underwear.

    I never even heard of this guy… well maybe heard of him on the CBC J-ws media, but of course they didn’t go into detail! He does have the Christian Zionist bloat going on like Falwell, so I hope that the chloresterol does it’s job.

    How many McVetyite Devil Pigs does this Canada “Christian” College crank out each year?


  2. Thanks for linking, anachore. Yes, we’ve got to expose these Trojans, and you’re doing a great job, even making it to the NationalPost. Ya know, funny how people can get confused…see this:
    Here’s a person who recognizes Harper as a Zionist shill but still uses McVety’s article as the way to expose Harper! And it was McVety’s Christian Zionist front organizations (operated by Zionist Jews) that helped to elect Harper! So we need to be patient at times…


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