One Thing Donald Sterling Got Right: ‘In Israel Blacks are Treated Like Dogs’

April 29, 2014

Easter Commentary From Gilad Atzmon

April 20, 2014

Jesus In Auschwitz For Easter (must watch)

By Gilad Atzmon

Now that Jews have started to tire  of their own Holocaust industry, some Jews have decided to send Jesus to the gas chambers just ahead of Easter.

The following peculiar video appeared on the net a few days ago.

‘That Jew Died For You’ is a three-minute video showing Jesus Christ being schlepped to Auschwitz amongst a group of fellow Jews. And guess what, the horrid Nazis do not show mercy toward  the holy man, they send him to the gas chamber together with his Jewish brethren.

The film was produced by Jews For Jesus and the explanation is as follows – ‘Jesus has often been wrongly associated with the perpetrators of the Holocaust.’ The short video is meant to clear that up. Jesus was ‘just another Jew,’ and he would have been ended up in the gas chamber like any other Jew.

The Jewish ‘progressive’ outlet, Forward Magazine, is not happy with the clip  and its message. Apparently the Forward doesn’t approve of Jews For Jesus because it is a ‘front’  dedicated to the conversion of Jews. Jay Michaelson writes “let’s start with the reminder that Jews for Jesus is a front. …It exists to convert Jews.” Michaelson doesn’t like the clip either. “Any Jew with personal, familial, or even historical memories of the Holocaust will immediately find it to be an outrage. Not to state the obvious, but it desecrates the memory of six million Jews to use their suffering as a way to convert Jews to Christianity.”

Michaelson is  so obviously immersed  in Judeo centrism, he grossly misses the point. The video is not aimed  at the Jewish market or the Yiddish crowd.  The clip was released ahead of Easter for a reason. It  is intended for a  Christian audience. It is there to convert Christians into the new Jewish faith namely The Holocaust Religion.  

The video  bonds the naïve Christian believer to  Jewish suffering by providing a bridge between the Passion of Christ and Jewish suffering. The intent is  to plant the holocaust Zionist orthodoxy into the heart of the Christian naïve soul.  And it  also serves to defuse, once and for all, the supposed common Christian  belief that it was Jews who killed Christ. At least on YouTube this week it is actually the Nazis who gassed Christ. At last the Jews are free from responsibility. 

Once again the message for the rest of us is simple -Jewish politics is highly sophisticated, manipulative and dangerous -whether it is Zionist or ‘anti’ and even when it is wrapped in a  Christian Zionist propaganda for Easter.  Beware! 

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