The Men Who Taste Jews in Their Sandwiches

December 30, 2012

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The Men Who Taste Jews in Their Sandwiches

by Jim Goad

November 19, 2012

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The Men Who Taste Jews in Their Sandwiches

I woke up this morning with a bit of a chest cold and decided not to blame the Jews for it. Some mystical yearning deep inside my heart—I believe it’s called “common sense”—led me to surmise that I am probably not afflicted with the Jew Flu.

It’s not that I hold Jews blameless, because they are human beings, too, Shylock, and are therefore not to be trusted. I hold other groups—blacks, feminists, and homosexual sausage-gobbling rump-wranglers—to the same standard. Merely because they find it fashionable to hide behind a shield of historic persecution to further their group interests and seemingly insatiable hunger for power doesn’t mean they are presumed innocent in all situations. I see Jews as human and therefore likely to be up to no good at any given moment.

Then again, neither do I blame the Jews for everything. But there is a tiny, bitter, and relentless subset of individuals who tend to do this reflexively. I call them “The Men Who Taste Jews in Their Sandwiches.” They also taste Jews in the soup they slurp and in the apple pie they eat for dessert.

Merely by stating this, I’m certain I’ll be accused of being afraid to admit that Jews control the sandwich industry.

“I’ll be accused of being afraid to admit that Jews control the sandwich industry.”

These types inevitably turn any conversation toward Jews, no matter how little the topic at hand has to do with Jews. If Godwin’s Law predicts that every Internet discussion will inevitably lead to Nazi and Hitler comparisons, these creeps who eagerly leap across the line from logical to pathological are apparently bound by the inexorable forces of Goldman’s Law…or Goldstein’s Law…or Goldberg’s Law. In their diseased brains, all neurons lead to Jews. Perhaps one day this psychological disorder will be diagnosed and a book written about it called The Man Who Mistook His Hat for a Jew.

What’s ironic is the fact that although I don’t personally taste Jews in my sandwiches unless I’m eating a Reuben with kosher pickles, I likely ask some of the same questions as do the schmucks who even taste Jews in a slice of Wonder Bread with mayonnaise. I’m drawn to the Jewish Question merely because it’s such an untouchable topic. I realize that the mere act of questioning Jewish power and influence is a career-killer in much of the West, and that in certain countries asking certain questions about the Holocaust is enough to get you jailed. It’s one topic about which most “irreverent” and “non-PC” people are extremely reverent and effusively PC. I’ve also noticed that it’s a topic that many people are eager to talk about off the record but terrified to mention in public.

So here’s where I stand on Jews…OK, wait, roll back the tape…I don’t literally stand on Jews, because that would clearly be anti-Semitic. Here are some ancillary questions I have concerning the Jewish Question, and if it makes me anti-Semitic merely to ask them, I suppose I won’t be invited to your son’s Bar Mitzvah. If you want to crucify me merely for asking questions, well, I guess you’re one of The Men Who Tastes Nazis in Your Sandwiches.

The Jewish Question always seemed to lead to more questions than answers, so here goes:

• Are Jews members of an ethnic tribe or members of a religion? If the latter, how do you explain Jewish atheists? What exactly is a “Semite,” and why does the term “anti-Semitism” seem to embrace people who appear to be of Eastern European derivation while it tends to exclude Arabs and other indigenous Middle Easterners?

• If you’re so secure that the evidence surrounding the Holocaust is irrefutable, then why jail people who question the evidence? Why does the Western media feel compelled to mention the Holocaust almost daily while it routinely ignores the 30-50 million non-Jewish civilians—not soldiers, but civilians—who were killed in World War II? Were their lives not nearly as important?

• Why are certain “right-wing” writers brave enough to criticize communism, open immigration, the liberal media, and political correctness while they’re mortified to even consider that Jews were often the primary architects behind such movements—or at least disproportionately represented?

• Isn’t the idea of “God’s Chosen People” cosmically racist and supremacist? Is the Talmud not hostile to goyim? Haven’t the Jews historically been racially separatist, all while accusing other groups of “racism”?

• Is it even remotely possible that Jewish behavior, rather than a murkily mystical and ultimately unprovable notion such as “anti-Semitism,” sometimes led to negative perceptions about Jews? Even once throughout history?

• In a European Union document calling for “equal treatment between persons irrespective of racial or ethnic origin,” why does it urge that we should focus “in particular” on “anti-Semitism” if everyone is to be treated equally?

 • Why does our current cultural climate allow one to decry “white privilege” but never “Jewish privilege,” especially since Jews are undeniably overrepresented statistically when it comes to wealth and power?

• At the moment, Israel and some of its enemies are lobbing missiles at one another. Why should I care about Israel? Why should I deem this dubiously founded and eternally disruptive nation so important that it’s worth starting World War III, shoveling out tax dollars, and enduring much of the world’s wrath to protect it? What do I get out of the deal?

So those are my questions. I won’t hold my goyishe breath waiting for you to answer them. But dismissing them outright as “paranoid” or “anti-Semitic” is either dishonest or naïve.

My questions are honest and sincere rather than “hateful,” and calling me all the nasty names in the Torah won’t budge my feelings or cause me to relent. And I believe that a huge quotient of the population has similar questions but have been terrorized into silence at the mere thought of asking them. As a truth-seeker rather than a team-joiner, I find this troublesome. So sue me!

And this is the main reason why The Men Who Taste Jews in Their Sandwiches are such a pain in my tuchis. They live up to the crude stereotype of rabid, delusional anti-Semites, and by so doing, they tend to allow all criticism of Jews to be painted with the same broad Jew Brush. They’re the ones who tend to give so-called “anti-Semites” a bad name. It almost makes me suspect that some of them may be Mossad agents.

Making EVERYTHING about Jews gives Jews far too much credit. So ease up, fellas. There are no Jews in your sandwiches. There are no Jews in your soup. If you have a chest cold, you likely didn’t get it from shaking hands with a Jew…or maybe you did, but that’s what you get for being friendly to Jews.

NATO Killers And Child Molestation

December 27, 2012

Not sure if I posted this earlier. Anyway, here’s a letter dated August 28, 2011 which I sent to all Canadian Members of Parliament, and, as expected, since all members favor Zionist wars, I didn’t get one response.

Dear Member of Parliament,

(Don’t let your kids see this. It’s horrible to look at.) Please take a good look at the fried corpse of an innocent child in Libya. This is extreme child molestation by NATO killers, and, regrettably, you were part of it, because you voted to bomb Libya.
The late leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition wrote in his last “manifesto” for social democracy: “My friends, love is better than anger… So let us be loving…” Indeed, if “love is better than anger,” why did Mr. Jack Layton and his party vote unanimously (with the government) for this NATO child-molesting war crime? Opposition? What opposition? Such hypocrisy!
Certainly, with 307 pro-war elitist MPs voting with you, you were not alone. And you felt strong, so strong that you were not afraid to violate the sovereignty of a small, peaceful, and the most prosperous African nation. You don’t need to remind me, I know you call this kind of crime “collateral damage.” But using a fancy phrase from your diplomatic dictionary doesn’t detract from your immoral behavior (despite some affixed “hon.” titles).
Even more hypocritical is our pro-war Christian Zionist Prime Minister who appeases a few voters by adding “Royal” to his killing machines, knowing that dumb downed Canadians love the sound of “Royal”—it’s just so cool to fry kids with a “royal” bomb. Obviously, the PM has misread his bible which says “Suffer the little children…” It doesn’t say “Make the little children suffer.” Only one lone MP voted against extending the Libya bombing.
Thanks for listening and I pray that your God will grant you mercy when the Grim Reaper comes for you, as he will for all of us.
Mystery Worshiper

Religious Scams

December 23, 2012

“Foods are certified as kosher by a variety of Jewish religious agencies that oversee and approve production methods.” Time magazine, June 19, 2012

What’s Behind the Kosher Religious Scam? — Former Jew explains.

The Kosher Nostra — Snopes is not always truthful, so it defends the Kosher religious scam.

What’s Up With The Big “U”? — Estimates of what the K tax costs consumers.

Mayan calendar, Sandy Hook, Peace Prize Obama

December 23, 2012

sermonI’ve chosen this month’s “mini-sermon” from Natural News. With the world-wide coverage of the killing at the Sandy Hook school, I think Mike Adams delivers a talk that will help all of us. Below I take excerpts from his essay, and close with his prayer.


(NaturalNews) This is a message for those who are new to Natural News and who seek the truth in this time of great change. You may have already noticed the Mayan calendar prophecy was a hoax. The universe didn’t end. We’re all still here, and we must face our future rather than writing it off.

The Sandy Hook shooting outrage reaction is also a fear mongering hoax. You have been manipulated by Obama and the mainstream media into invoking an irrational, hyped-up response to an event that poses virtually no risk to the American people. How’s that? For starters, 116,000% more Americans die each year in motor vehicle accidents than were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. You are far more likely to be killed by a deer in the road than a psychopathic mass shooter. And you are WAY more likely to be killed by your doctor than by a gun: An astonishing 784,000 Americans are killed each year by their doctors.

Approximately one-quarter of all Americans have been emotionally manipulated into worshipping a false prophet: Barack Obama, one of the world’s great mass murderers of children who is right now signing off on yet more unarmed drone bombings of innocent children in Libya, Afghanistan, and soon Syria and Iran. You don’t see those children on television, and Obama sheds no tears for them. They are the “invisible” children of the world whose deaths don’t matter to the U.S. media, which celebrates mass violence and deadly wars.

Almost everything you think is real is actually a fabrication. Virtually everything you believe about banking, politics, medicine, the media and even history has been falsified and engineered in order to enslave you in the modern-day version of The Matrix. You have been enslaved so deeply that you do not even realize you’re a slave. You worship your slave masters and beg them to take away more of your money, your freedoms and your very future. You are the product of a centuries-long campaign of cultural manipulation, revisionist history and, more recently, chemical influence.


Every time you turn on the television, false ideas, mythologies and delusions are being subconsciously implanted into the belief system portion of your brain. This happens when you watch the news, when you enjoy a movie, or even when you pay your taxes. You’ve been hoodwinked into believing utter false things like, “America is a free country” or “the government cares about you” or “the drug companies are humanitarian organizations.”


You are a pawn in a grand mind game. You have been imprisoned in a mental construct that is so powerful and elusive that you actually defend the very system which has enslaved you.

You’ve been trained to think that anyone who questions the system is a “conspiracy theorist” or a “kook.” Every strategy of mental influence has been used against you, over and over again: safety in the herd, neurolinguistic programming, fear reactions, prisoner training (TSA), false symbols of authority, false flags and so on.

Like most people, you were born into slavery and you will die a slave. You will not rise above it and declare your free will sovereignty because you have been trained to be a conformist coward. You will, at every opportunity, trade away your liberty for social approval, because you have been taught to believe that the worst thing in the world is to be “different” from the conformist masses.

In essence, you have wasted your entire life — a life offering an incredible, sacred spiritual journey where you have been granted free will, a human body and the consciousness to be your own being — yet you discard all these gifts in your race to be like everyone else, think like everyone else, talk like everyone else and “fit in” without daring to unleash your individuality.

Your soul cries spiritual tears at the wasted opportunity to do something with your life. Your Creator is utterly disappointed but not surprised, as most souls who come to this Earth follow the same comfortably-numb path of conformity and self-enslavement.


But you do not have to continue on that path. You can change now by casting aside conformity and seeking reality.

My prayer for you

May you live a life that your spirit sees as worthy. May you awaken from your slumber and be blessed with understanding. And may you then use that wisdom to awaken others, spread freedom, defeat evil and enlighten our species so that it can finally pursue the abundant and joyful future we all deserve.

School Massacre In Connecticut

December 18, 2012

The world’s news media is ablaze with the gruesome details of the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Innocent kids were slaughtered in cold blood by a lone nutcase.

Now I want to ask: Why doesn’t the same media provide the world with the same coverage when hundreds of Palestinian kids are slaughtered in cold blood by state-endorsed murder through Israeli soldiers?

Where is the outpouring of grief and sympathy from Christian Zionists and their mega churches ?

The millions of Christian Zionists, who worship the political state of Israel, say, “There are no Palestinian kids.” It’s that simple.

B’nai Brith, ADL, Child Porn, Regina and Arthur Topham

December 18, 2012

Must read: update by Canadian Christian publisher and blogger, Arthur Topham, who is being persecuted and prosecuted for digging to the roots of political affairs in Canada while a “stellar” pedophile goes practically free!

The Globalization Of Hanukkah

December 18, 2012

When Jews Rule The World (Vid)

December 13, 2012


Happy Kids And Bullet Holes In Palestine

December 10, 2012
(Emma Bergen stands with Salah Ajarma, a founder of the children’s centre, at the entrance to the refugee camp. On the right, is the wall. Metro/Handout)

(Emma Bergen stands with Salah Ajarma, a founder of the children’s centre, at the entrance to the refugee camp. On the right, is the wall. Metro/Handout)

Here is an inspirational story. This Canadian family from Winnipeg has chosen to live in war-torn Gaza to help the refugee kids. I’m surprised Metro News reported this humanitarian act since mainstream news endlessly favors wars and the warmongers. It’s nice to have an exception:

For Emma Bergen, 19, the hardest part of visiting a Palestinian refugee camp is seeing the bullet holes piercing the walls and doors of the homes of the young children with whom she works.

“It didn’t occur to me that anyone would shoot at a family’s home,” said Bergen. “It’s disturbing to know the children and their families have lived through house invasions and violence, and to see proof of it permanently in their doors and walls.”

“It shocks me, because if someone can do this to a family’s home, where does it end?”

It doesn’t end, dear Emma. Why? Because Christian Zionists want bullet holes. They pray for war. Even worse than that, Christian Zionists say there are no such kids as Palestinian kids. That’s what you hear from hypocritical Christians such as Zionist Joseph Farah of WND and South African Pentecostal Christian Zionist, Malcolm Hedding who travels the world preaching the same nonsense. These extremist Christian Zionists do not follow the Prince of Peace. They follow the cult of Christian Zionism, which one writer called Terror In Jesus’ Name.

Boxer Manny Pacquiao Loses Fight, Becomes An Evangelical Christian

December 10, 2012

Smashing an opponent’s face with a boxing glove makes no difference to me whether you’re a Roman Catholic Christian or an evangelical Christian. But it does to some people. Check here.

What matters to me is this: both the Catholic Christian and evangelical Christian should be aware of the radical racist cult known as Christian Zionism which is creeping into both religious faiths.

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