Canadian Mennonite pastor converts to Christianity

December 29, 2009

Rev. Jim Shantz is a Mennonite Alberta Conference Pastor. In 2008 he experienced a second conversion: from Christian Zionism to Christianity. In the honest pastor’s own words: “This tour was the needed life experience to expunge any vestige of Christian Zionism in me!” Read about his conversion entitled Christian Zionism!?

It would be nice to see other Mennonite conversions. I noticed in the January 2010 Mennonite Brethren Herald that editor Laura Kalmar referred to Christianity as a “Judeo-Christian tradition.” So she is not yet a fully optimized Christian. In fact, this “Judeo-Christian” thing is not very old. According to Jewish New World Order expert, Dr. Henry Makow, “All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry.”


What’s wrong with Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily?

December 29, 2009

Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily is a Christian Zionist and an apologist for the racist and apartheid State of Israel, a firm believer in Israel’s  ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and the USA’s torture practices.

Without a doubt, he is a top-rated useful idiot, masquerading as a conservative Christian, but in fact promoting the political Zionist agenda of extermination of the Palestinians. This is no surprise because it’s what Christian Zionists are supposed to do.

Christian churches that do not worship political Zionism, some surprises

December 27, 2009

Denominations are not listed in any particular order. And, of course, not all congregations are fervently anti-Zionist. This would depend largely on the clergy and governing boards of each church. And some congregations known as “cults” (for example, Jehovah’s Witnesses) say “There [is] no Scriptural support for political Zionism.”


Roman Catholic

Reformed Church In America

Greek Orthodox



United Church of Christ

Baptist (some)

United Methodist

Disciples of Christ

Episcopal Church

Pentecostal (none) Unfortunately, most charismatic denominations such as Pentecostals belong to the Christian Zionism cult, with rare exceptions.

For further details, see Challenging Christian Zionism.

Here are a few Canadian churches that have been duped by the Christian Zionist and Israeli front organization known as Chosen People Ministries.

One major Christian Zionist cultist and Israeli front man is Charles McVety of Canada Christian College who has established a “Chair in Israel Studies” with the Jewish Masonic Order B’nai Brith whose Executive VP “Dr.” (honourary from McVety’s college) Frank Dimant is first Chair.

Anxious for Armageddon

December 27, 2009

In Anxious for Armageddon author Rev. Dr. Donald E. Wagner (deceased 2007), professor and director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at North Park University in Chicago, tells of his conversion from Christian Zionism, the belief that Christians should “bless” the political state of Israel, even when it commits genocide (as in Gaza). The catalyst for Dr. Wagner’s conversion was his being bombed by Israeli Zionists while he visited Christians in Lebanon.

World’s most famous Christian prisoner

December 27, 2009

The world’s most famous Christian prisoner, Mordechai Vanunu, has been arrested again. Why doesn’t an outfit likeThe Voice of Martyrs mention Vanunu’s name? Answer: As Christian Zionists, they would rather please the racist apartheid State of Israel than to request prayer and help for a true Christian. It’s that simple.

Vanunu, a Moroccan-born Jew who converted to Christianity says this in an interview with Eileen Flemming of We Are Wide Awake:

“I am not harming Israel. I am not interested in Israel. I want to tell you something very important. I suffered here 18 years because I am a Christian, because I was baptized into Christianity. If I was a Jew I wouldn’t have all this suffering here in isolation for 18 years. Only because I was a Christian man.”

And here are a few other Christian prisoners of conscience, in Zionist prisons for the crime of asking questions.

Does everyone have “the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion”? Obviously not.

Scam alert: Kwanzaa “racist holiday from hell” says Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

December 26, 2009

Kwanzaa is a “racist holiday from hell” says black cleric Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.

So why do so many Christians unwittingly celebrate Kwanzaa which begins December 26. Is it right for Christians to celebrate something started by Marxist political activist Ron Everett / Maulana Karenga, a convicted murderer and torturer of women?

Kwanzaa’s “official black, green, and red flag promotes racial separatism and violence.” The seven-branch Kinara was probably borrowed from the self-worship religion of the Babylonian Talmud.

Interestingly, about 98 percent of Black Americans celebrate Christmas, not Kwanzaa.

So together, let’s celebrate the One who promoted love and peace for the whole world. Merry Christmas!


December 25, 2009

When Zionists are in control it's difficult to get to Bethlehem.

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