Trump Outreach: Pandering to Christian Zionism

January 24, 2020
Global Research, July 18, 2019

In Washington on the weekend after the Fourth of July, Israel was praised and Iran was condemned in the strongest terms, with a bit of a call to arms thrown in to prepare the nation for an inevitable war. It might just seem like a normal work week in the nation’s capital, but this time around there was a difference. The rhetoric came from no less than five senior officials in the Trump Administration and the audience consisted of 5,000 cheering members from the Christian Zionist evangelical group called Christians United for Israel (CUFI).

Christian Zionism is not a religion per se, but rather a set of beliefs based on interpretations of specific parts of the Bible – notably the book of Revelations and parts of Ezekiel, Daniel, and Isaiah – that has made the return of the Jews to the Holy Land a precondition for the Second Coming of Christ. The belief that Israel is essential to the process has led to the fusion of Christianity with Zionism, hence the name of the movement. The political significance of this viewpoint is enormous, meaning that a large block of Christians promotes and votes for a non-reality based foreign policy based on a controversial interpretation of the Bible that it embraces with considerable passion.

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December 11, 2019

2019-12-10 17_42_31-Jew Coup_ Seditious Jews Orchestrating Trump Impeachment Lynching.png

The video is banned by YouTube because it spells out from published News Headlines what is happening in America. Every Christian should view it.

View the full video here from this patriotic Christian clergyman

How Pastor Chuck Baldwin Came Out of the Bondage of Christian Zionism

July 7, 2019









In this remarkable, 61 minute video, Pastor Chuck Baldwin is interviewed by Steven Ben-Nun of Israeli News Live about his journey out of a deep seated and three decades long belief that the modern state of Israel is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. What’s remarkable about this interview is that Steven Ben-Nun is a Messianic (Jewish) Christian who had been under the influence of Zionism, himself. The large majority of Messianic Christians are fervent Christian Zionists. We Hold These Truths has, also, interviewed Pastor Baldwin in our podcast, “Pastor Dr. Chuck Baldwin Rejects Christian Zionism.”




Educating Christians In Fresno About Christian Zionism

May 10, 2019

We Hold These Truths has been challenging Christians about the dangers of Christian Zionism since 2002. Our latest effort took place in Fresno, CA at the Altar Conference: Where Heaven Meets Earth,” that describes it as “a weekend of dynamic worship and powerful teaching, provoking believers of all backgrounds into a lifestyle of radical pursuit and relentless devotion to Christ.” We think that’s a great idea.

Normally, WHTT vigils are held in front of Christian Zionist churches or events held by Christian Zionist organizations, like Christians United For Israel. Thousands of Christians attended the event and were greeted at three entrance points by members of the WHTT team led by David Jacobs and Craig Hanson. Because the “Free Speech” areas were very close to the lines for the security check points at the entrances, everyone got to see one or more of our signs. In this revealing, 23 minute, podcast, Craig and Dave reflect on some very interesting encounters they had with conference attendees. Many people were clueless about what Zionism is. Craig talked with attendees about how he came out of being a Christian Zionist, even though he didn’t know he was one (listen to: “Confessions of a Former Christian Zionist“). Handout mentioned in the podcast: “Does the Bible Require Followers of Jesus to Support the Jewish State of Israel? – Be A Berean: Acts 17:11, Do Your Own Research.”

David Jacobs (rt.) discusses the WHTT handout with an attendee to the Altar Conference.

The Unholy Trinity for War

February 8, 2019

First published here

The Federal Reserve, Christian Zionists, and the Current White House

The Federal Reserve System (FED, hereafter), is primarily responsible for the course of our sickening national debt, now about $22 trillion dollars. Christian Zionists are a new player in the war game, and are ardent supporters of the present White House occupant.

We Americans are not used to challenging the truthfulness of the little-understood FED. On January 30 we were told the FED agreed with our President that they would not raise the so-called discount rate by 1/4 of 1%, as had been expected.  But, who is the FED and what is its authority?  We are constantly told the FED is just another division of our government put there by Congress in 1913 for our financial welfare, stability, and protection. In the following pages, we will briefly examine these promoted notions, and expose some fat holes in them.

We will examine the carefully protected aims of the FED, and show that its purposes are, and always have been, to finance wars.  And, that the motive for getting us into wars is to give its banker allies someone to finance. It has been said, “War is the banker’s payday.”  This is a fact that should need no proving!

All one has to do is look at the US war record since the FED came into existence in 1913.  For instance, It took less than 4 years from its get-go to push US into WWI.  And, the FED has funded every war since!  Presently, we will discuss how the Federal Reserve System created these war debt dollars, and how it, the FED, has come to own $4+ trillion of our US debt, probably without putting up a dime of its owners’ cash.
But first, let’s discuss how we might hold off three or four pending wars supported by all three of these interlocking factions, the FED, Christian Zionists (most, but not all of them), and the present White House occupant.

It is indeed strange that support for future wars depends on the thoughts and votes of a giant religious faction know as Christian Zionists. This group supports war indirectly, but for most, unwittingly, by supporting any action that is deemed to be beneficial to the State of Israel. This religious revelation began some 35 years after the FED became law.  With the partitioning of Palestine in 1948, its influence mushroomed after the introduction of the revised Scofield Reference Bible edition of 1967.  Christian Zionism was not believed to be a factor in WWI, WWII, Korea, or Vietnam.

Christian Zionism, by our definition, is the belief that the present day State of Israel is the fulfillment of Bible Prophesy, found mostly in the Old Testament.  And therefore it is reasoned that the Jewish inhabitants of modern Israel must be honored as God’s “chosen people,” no matter what their acts.  Some prominent Christian Zionist leaders have even publicly prayed for war against Iran and Iraq, which they consider Israel’s enemies. (see: “Bill Moyer’s Journal: CUFI,” and “Challenging a War-Willing Church“)

Christian Zionists are a large support base for the current occupant of the White House.  He is the latest in a series of war-friendly presidents who depend upon Christian Zionists for their margin of victory at the polls.

Note that most current Ωwar targets are Muslim-controlled countries, including Syria, Iran, and in the past, already destroyed Iraq, Libya, South Sudan, and Afghanistan. The current White House has ingratiated itself to the Zionist-leaning Christians by condemning anyone who seems to be Israel’s adversary.  A recent example is a Presidential speech about the Mexican wall in which the President referred to the great success of the Israeli wall around Palestine.  (see: “Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & the Turning, Part I“)

There would be little or no money for war without the FED.  It’s a reasonable assumption from its war record that the primary purpose of the FED is getting the USA into war, for purposes of gain and for those who control and profit from war.  Does anyone fail to see that war has become continuous in the last 30 years?

To cover for itself, the FED openly lies about its purpose, and always has.  It also lies about who its owners are.  Let us look briefly at the FED’s own statements from its website, for if we can understand who controls it (never mind trying to trace down the hidden ownership), we will be able to see through the FED.  We note and observe that no FED leaders ever talks about war; they hide what they do by ignoring the subject, as they go about financing the next conflict.  And, the major media is no help, either, and rarely challenges the Fed about the truthfulness of anything that it says.  But the fact that the FED lies about who owns it, controls it, and how it is funded, speaks loudly for itself.

Careful researchers, including Eustace Mullins in his 1985 book, “Secrets of the Federal Reserve,” have concluded that the FED was created by agents for the Bank of England, which is that country’s Central Bank. This writer concludes that the FED’s purpose can be seen in what it has accomplished: war and giant debts overhanging our “republic.”  I repeat, war and debt are the FED’s purposes!  To keep this secret, the FED has promulgated two gigantic lies from which it never deviates.  Its truth is revealed by its lies.

Lie # 1: No one owns the Federal Reserve System.

In its own language: “The Federal Reserve System is not ‘owned’ by anyone.” (link to “Who Owns the FED“)
 Response: The mere suggestion that a business with $4 Trillion of US bonds on its balance sheet, is without owners is a ludicrous and desperate lie. We know FED ownership is carefully disguised, but who controls it is the issue, because its owner need not put up money for its multi $trillion banking operation.  Its balance sheet costs it little or nothing, because it is authorized and franchised to create money!  To re-emphasize, it’s who controls the FED that is the issue. Never mind how cleverly they have concealed its ownership!

As serious students of the FED, we have discovered that it is not controlled by the US government, but by international central banks and mega-bankers from outside the USA. (We will not attempt to prove what should be self-evident, but will recommend several books that we think have proven it to our satisfaction.)

Lie # 2:  The FED’s purpose is to create public stability and prosperity.

Quoting it:  “The Federal Reserve performs five key functions in the public interest to promote the health of the U.S. economy and the stability of the U.S. financial system.” (link to “Overview of the Federal Reserve System“)   If indeed, as we say, the FED’s primary purpose is to engage in profiting from war by financing it, how can it also be for these noble-sounding purposes of “serving the public?”  Who’s public?  How can a bank that creates dollars out of vapor and has funded some 20 wars (placing American citizens behind $22 trillion of debt in the process) possibly be working “in the public interest?”

Lie #3: Dangerous Statistical Near Lie

The FED contends that 2017-2018 inflation was less than 2% per year, and still is. We consumers know full well that our living costs are going up much faster than 2% annually.  The Fed justifies paying low-interest rates on government bonds by distorting inflation downward.  Low-interest rates mean bond buyers are willing to accept less from treasuries they buy.  This is another gross distortion by the FED in the interest of funding war, while placating the White House, whose occupant has stated he is a “low interest rate person”.

We hear, of course, that Mr. Jerome Powell, appointed by our President as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the FED, helps run or influence it.  The White House has also appointed several other “voting” Fed board members.  We conclude that they are all more whitewash, to make the FED look “American.”  It does not take much imagination to see why this President might want low-interest rates and argue for them. If we stop to think for ourselves for just one minute, we can readily guess that the present White House occupant is probably the most indebted president in the history of our nation. His entire business history has been “borrow and build,” and he is not without bankruptcies in his business background.  How else would one own golf courses, lavish resorts all over the world, and giant skyscrapers, without being a bankers’ friend and a leveraged borrower?

We have no way to know the President’s assets and debts, without investing years of research.  We have been denied his tax returns, whereas all the rest of us, including past Presidents, must expose our worth. Low interest is good for all borrowers. Why should we not love both our President and the FED for championing low-interest rates? It is because the interest rate argument is simply a diversion. The real issue is, will the FED fund a series of future wars laid out for us as possibilities?  The answer is “Yes,” if we voters let those wars happen with Venezuela, Iran, Syria, or even Russia itself. The FED will fund war because that is its purpose, and the debt will be stacked on top of the American people.

One more detail must be understood. The FED has caused Congress to charter it as a bank. This means the FED can create credit money at any time by buying the government securities it is issuing. The money-creating ability is the secret of its massive bond financing and bond-buying program.  The FED has acquired its $4 Trillion-plus portfolio of Treasury-issued security by issuing checks drawn on itself!  It has probable not paid a dime of hard dollar cash for its portfolio. The FED balance Sheet is a fraud!  Several writers to whom we refer you will explain this in detail.

Summing it up:  The FED’s record speaks for itself.  It took less than four years from the time Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, for our internationally, near-virgin nation, to attack England’s hostile enemies in Europe, chiefly Germany, in what became the most bloody engagement in US history.  The total death count was about 17 million humans.

After WW 1 ended in 1918, peace lasted only 23 years, about the time it took almost one generation of America’s youth to mature and become voters.  Again, the internationalist bankers dragged Americans back into Europe, expanding the war to Japan for WWII that is thought to have killed as many as 70 million souls.

Since this time, the intervals of peace between foreign wars and occupations have been shortened.  And if we consider that the FED has continued to sell US bonds for the financing of other countries that are in continuous wars, including Israel.  USA warring activities since Korea and Vietnam have been continuous, all financed by the FED’s silent bond selling campaign, which deficits continue under the current White House, with its mindless Christian Zionist support.

Unfortunately, everything that the FED does, and all who support it, need to be challenged. We Hold These Truths thinks the place to start is in Christian Zionist churches and schools, exposing our impossible to repay war-debts. (“Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & The Turning, Part I”)

Charles E. Carlson

Amazon offers many books about the FED, but only a few by authors we know and have come to respect.  I suggest the following for a starter, by a dedicated researcher who once stayed in my home:

“Secrets of the Federal Reserve,” Eustace Mullins

Also, from We Hold These Truths: “Federal Reserve’s Role in Financing America’s Wars.”

Honoring Israel: When a local church takes on an international issue

December 4, 2018

by Liam Adams
Special to Colorado Community Media
From Lakewood Sentinel, Nov 6, 1018 3:55 pm

Though Faith Bible Chapel is overjoyed to celebrate their 40th anniversary of hosting, “A Night to Honor Israel,” not everyone in the community is equally enthusiastic.

Teenagers dancing in Orthodox Jewish garb, videos explaining Israel’s God-given right to the land, and the former Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson celebrating Israeli military strength. These were a few features of Faith Bible Chapel’s “A Night to Honor Israel” in Arvada on Oct. 21.

A scene from the 40th annual “A Night to Honor Israel” at the Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada. Performers on stage included international singers and dancers, including two students from Jewish Colorado’s Teen Israel Emissaries and a children’s choir of children from Faith Bible Chapel.

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Public Radio Details Judaized Christians’ Passion for Israel

June 29, 2018

Christopher Connelly, in his article, “Why American Evangelicals Are a Huge Base of Support for Israel,” written before the last election, concludes: “However the election in November turns out, there is one certainty: Support for Israel will remain strong in both Congress and the White House. The reason for that has a lot to do with the strength of a pro-Israeli religious community with a strong grassroots political organization and fundraising arm.  It just may not be the religious community that first comes to mind…’Supporting Israel is not a political issue, it is a bible issue, Pastor John Hagee, the founder and national chairman of Christians United for Israel, said in a speech last year.’”

WHTT agrees with Connelly and observes that he has quoted the most vocal bible-bending pastor he could have found. Pastor Hagee relies on the Zionist edited Scofield Reference Bible as his source of scripture, with his own bazaar twists.  We Hold These Truths sees political Israel as fulfilling nothing but greedy men’s dreams of gaining control over the Middle East’s oil reserves.  Jesus Christ seems nowhere in the Zionist plan, but is used as whitewash for the scheme to grain Christian support.  Sadly and admittedly, many of us were once among those who were influenced by Christian Zionism, by whatever name!

John Hagee, the most vocal, bible-bending pastor, receives accolades from Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, at a Christians United for Israel event.

 “Mainline” pastors have been traditionally taught in seminaries, but too many are reluctant to speak out to challenge the likes of Hagee, Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, and others.  Many traditional or mainline churches seem to have a small but vocal zionized Christian membership. The primary sources of this negative teaching are home and church borrowed space bible study classes taught by two well-funded national groups, Kay Arthur’s Precept Ministries, and Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) both of which teach Christian Zionism.  Thereby, traditional churches are being influenced to remain silent on war issues, including the brutal occupation of Gaza.

John Hagee’s flagrant scriptural warping seems beyond what is believable. He and the Bible study groups mentioned invariably start and end with the claim that “God gave the land of Israel to the Jews, and they always have and always will own it, and we are obligated to support them”, if we want to go to heaven.  (Last phrase is implied in the teaching) 

Pastors in many mainline churches, while perhaps not believing dispensational teaching, allow it to go largely unchallenged probably because they consider home bible studies heathy, and they think it’s better not to make waves by challenging the “slightly skewed” point of view of this minority in the pews.  The result is watered down teaching in mainline churches that never gets around to exposing these errors which support the killing of unarmed virtual prisoners in Gaza.

Too many Mainline churches ignore wars rather than reminding listeners that Jesus was a “peacemaker”!  They have recently ignored the planned and executed Israeli open and public slaughter of 150 or more protesters in Gaze done less than a month ago. And Israel’s snipers deliberately wounded over 2000 more unarmed protesters.  Using scoped sniper rifles they should rarely miss, be it an eye or knee cap they are aiming at. The whole world was told about it, for those who would look.

Dispensational teaching (DT hereafter) spreads because it is a belief system easy on the conscience.  DT’s can ignore and be comfortable with the news that came from Gaza last month because they are told words to the effect, God gave this land to Israel and the evil Philistines are still trying to take it back, they deserve being killed and maimed. Old Testament scripture makes plenty of references to slaughtering enemies of “Israel.” This is Israel’s bible based pattern.

Christopher Connelly tells us: “Hagee’s talk was indicative of the group’s message. He expressed frustration that, from his perspective, the Obama administration was more focused on improving ties with America’s and Israel’s enemies in the Middle East, than on Israel’s security, and that it blamed Israel more than the Palestinians for the failure of the peace process.

For some, the power of organizations like Christians United for Israel to influence US foreign policy is out-sized. But that influence wouldn’t exist without a receptive audience.

Evangelical Christians make up the biggest pro-Israel bloc in the US. Support for Israel is stronger among American evangelicals than it is even among American Jews.  According to a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, 82 percent of white evangelicals think God gave Israel to the Jewish people.  Less than half as many Jewish Americans or Catholic Americans agree.

And according to a Bloomberg poll, almost 60 percent of evangelicals say the US should support Israel even if its interests diverge with American interests…

There are other Biblical and more future-oriented reasons that some evangelicals support Israel — specifically the “prophecy that Israel has a major role to play at the end of days. This idea was popularized in the Left Behind book series, which sold tens of millions of copies and was adapted into a film series starring Kirk Cameron in 2001, and rebooted in 2014 with Nicolas Cage….”

Connelly gets to the bitter truth, speaking of justice:   ‘”To take this popularized Apocalyptic end times view as the norm is a huge mistake. It’s absolutely not, and most evangelicals don’t share it,” says Robert Nicholson, executive director of Philos Project, a nonprofit working to promote positive Christian engagement in the Middle East. There are evangelicals who think some of those things, but they’re an absolute minority.

While support for Israel is strong, there are some signs of growing sympathy of Palestinians as well. Bock, of the Dallas Theological Seminary, notes that this seems particularly true among younger evangelicals.

What drives millennial are justice questions — and there are real questions related to justice and how Israel handles the Palestinians. Of course, the flip side of this is that there are real problems of security that Israel has to cope with so Israel is a very tangled web,’ he said…

Connelly continues “But for now, at least, the shift seems to be a small one. In 2013, a Pew Research poll found that 72 percent of white evangelicals said they felt more sympathy for Israelis than Palestinians. There are tens of millions of American evangelicals, with a range of views, but the core is still solidly on the side of Israel.”

Full Connelly story here

We Hold These Truths adds:  Yes we are outspoken and perhaps harshly critical because we have watched for what seems to be a lifetime while the imprisonment and the killing of Palestinians is ignored by most church leaders. To repeat, most of us at WHTT were at one time or another among those influenced by some practices of Christian Zionism.  But one by one, we have put it aside and we want to help you do the same. One wonderful example is provided by the testimony of Pastor Chuck Baldwin, a candidate for President in 2008, who speaks of his many years as a Zionist pastor. You will moved by it.

We have also studied and traveled in Gaza, and our film, Christian Zionism, The Tragedy and the Turning, includes a live Israeli bombing scene (filmed by this author) that killed four unarmed Palestinians and wounded 40 way back in 2002.

When Zionist influenced Jesus believers recognize that they are supporting a kill-or-maim-on-purpose system, they will then either cease to follow dispensational Zionism, or cease to follow Jesus, one or the other.  One can not follow both!                 – Editor C E Carlson

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