Christian Homeschooling Booms in Russia – #1 in Europe

December 4, 2018

Because of the crisis conditions in modern government schools, more Russian families are switching to home education. Homeschooling is legal in Russia, and interest in it is growing every year. . . .


Editor’s note: Russia has the second highest population of homeschooling families in all of Europe. Homeschooling has been legal in Russia since 1992, and current estimates suggest that there are over 100,000 homeschoolers in Russia. These numbers are growing, as homeschooling continues to grow in popularity.

The following article, originally published on the official Russian Church site that deals with family issues, was translated by Fr. Joseph Gleason, an American Orthodox priest who lives in Russia with his wife and eight homeschooled children.

For many years now, a number of Russian cities have hosted regional homeschooling conferences. This article celebrates the first international homeschooling conference held in Russia, with representatives attending from all over the world. This rising interest in homeschooling is an example of Russia’s return to traditional family values. Thanks to the hard work of Christians like Fr. Dimitry Smirnov and Irina Shamolina,homeschooling is finally becoming popular in Russia.

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Honoring Israel: When a local church takes on an international issue

December 4, 2018

by Liam Adams
Special to Colorado Community Media
From Lakewood Sentinel, Nov 6, 1018 3:55 pm

Though Faith Bible Chapel is overjoyed to celebrate their 40th anniversary of hosting, “A Night to Honor Israel,” not everyone in the community is equally enthusiastic.

Teenagers dancing in Orthodox Jewish garb, videos explaining Israel’s God-given right to the land, and the former Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson celebrating Israeli military strength. These were a few features of Faith Bible Chapel’s “A Night to Honor Israel” in Arvada on Oct. 21.

A scene from the 40th annual “A Night to Honor Israel” at the Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada. Performers on stage included international singers and dancers, including two students from Jewish Colorado’s Teen Israel Emissaries and a children’s choir of children from Faith Bible Chapel.

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Vatican Puts A Stop To FIGHTING AGAINST Sexual Assault

December 3, 2018

“The Vatican actually stepped in and put a stop recently to the church fighting AGAINST sexual assault. Isn’t it time to put warning tape around all the churches? You know, just to keep kids safe.” Lee Camp

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