Syria: Russian worshippers visit ancient Orthodox monastery in Maaloula

April 19, 2019


As Obama “mourns” the loss of one iconic Cathedral, remember that this is the same man who armed Al-Qaeda terrorists that attacked, looted and destroyed the churches and monasteries of ’s Maaloula, one of the oldest Christian towns in the world.



Supporting family values is not fascism, it’s caring for humanity – World Congress of Families envoy

April 9, 2019
First reported here, excerpt below:
Supporting family values is not fascism, it’s caring for humanity – World Congress of Families envoy
© Reuters / Ilya Naymushin
Standing strong for traditional family values is not fascism, as the mainstream media often insinuates, but merely a concern for the future of humanity, Aleksey Komov, of the World Congress of Families (WCF), has told RT.

Liberal media, spurred on by hate-mongering “watchdogs” like the Southern Poverty Law Center, have lost their collective mind over the 13th WCF meeting that took place in Verona, Italy in late March, labeling the attendees “far-right” and “neo-Nazis” who attack women and roll back the rights of sexual minorities.

Russia’s 12 Most Ancient and Remarkable Churches

March 24, 2019

Hard to believe but the first stone church was built by the East Slavs more then 1000 years ago. Church of the Tithes was presented in Kiev, the capital of Kievan Rus, the ancestor of modern Russia on May, 12, 996. The majestic Byzantine-style cathedral had an unlucky fate: it did not survive the Mongol invasion of the XII century. The church was reconstructed in the XIX century but then again destroyed by the Bolsheviks in 1935.
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Russia Plans Massive Jesus Statue On Site Previously Reserved for Lenin & Stalin

March 24, 2019

The city of Vladivostok, the largest city in far eastern Russia, would like to erect an enormous statue of Jesus Christ atop a hill that was once set aside for a monument to the Soviet communist leader, Vladimir Lenin. Although the construction has not yet been authorized by the Russian Orthodox Church, the prospect of a large statue of Christ overlooking the Pacific Ocean has many of the Russian faithful excited.

In 1972, Soviet officials ordered the construction of a 98-ft-tall bronze statue of Lenin to be placed on the site, with a second statue of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin planned for a neighboring hill. Difficulties with the planning, however, caused the projects to be postponed repeatedly until they were ultimately scrapped around 1990. Since then the hills have been left bare.


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Christchuch Massacre: Devout Christians and Israeli Zionists are Responsible

March 24, 2019

*Israeli Zionists are coaches for the acts of churchgoing Christian Zionists (CZ hereafter). We Hold These Truths will not take an accessible, wrong path by joining those who blame the standing President and his politics for the massacre at Christchurch mosque. His are only a few of many hate acts against Muslims and Islamic states. One that our President did not control occurred the same morning in Gaza on March 15, 2019. We Hold These Truths leaders demand a more logical cause for Islamaphobia, and we found it in our evangelical churches long before Donald Trump held any office.

We named the racist based theology found in evangelical churches, “Christian Zionism.” It allows and justifies mass murders. Some Christian Zionist leaders have even called for past and future war. We Hold These Truths has been pointing to the blood guilt of Christian Zionist leaders for a decade and a half. They provided the swing votes to elect our current President. CZ’s have this power because Israeli, and world Zionists support them.

The mass murderer of Christchurch, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, named our President as his “white supremacist” ideologue. But we must look past our President to the political force that supports him to find the source of violence. Church-based Christian Zionists (CZ) is the biggest one. Nor is impeachment the answer. Vice President Mike Pence, another CZ is quietly waiting in the wings.

What is the role of Israeli Zionists in the Christchurch Massacre? A typical media response came from author Leonid Bershidsky in Bloomberg News the very morning of the Christchurch attack:
“The deadly attacks on two New Zealand mosques should draw attention to an obvious fact: Terrorists linked to the far right are no less murderous than the Islamist groups that get more headlines and attention from politicians.”

In other words, Jewish writer Bershidsky asserts that the Muslims in Christchurch had it coming because of terrorist acts by other Muslims in other places at other times.

Christian Zionism is an un-Christlike faction within Christianity, more like a lodge or cult than a faith. It is intentionally generated inside Christian Churches usually, but not always, known as “Evangelicals.” There are no Jesus Christ teachings that accept murder and war by any name. But Christian Zionists do so out of a misguided emotional belief that the modern State of Israel altered Jesus’ teaching about love and peace. The Christian Zionist definition that We Hold These Truths developed is; “The belief that the present-day state of Israel is the fulfillment of Christian bible prophesies.” 

We can not excuse our Christian Zionist friends and relatives for looking the other way…often justifying the almost daily murder of Gaza Strip residents. The Israeli Zionists, are systematic killers. The same day that Brenton Harrison Tarrant murdered 49 humans in Christchurch, US media reported the Israeli military release that it had struck “approximately 100 targets” in Gaza. As is usual, it made no accounting of the death toll.

This writer has personally observed and photographed an Israeli Hellfire missile attack on Gaza in 2002. Each missile is designed to kill, and can not help but kill when unleashed into one of the densest population areas in the Middle East. We will be looking for a death report to see if Israel exceeded the 49 killed in Christchurch on the very same day, but it is unlikely to make the US news!

The painful bottom line is; churchgoing Christian Zionists are among our best friends and family members. But they are also at the root of our war problem, and the unwitting cause of the murder of uncountable Palestinians. Worse yet, Christian Zionists find it very difficult to hear and believe the truth about their acts and their chosen cult, for reasons we will explain in part II of this series. We will also touch upon some examples of how Israeli Zionists and Jewish media activists go about muffling resistance of voices not unlike ours.


The US Regime Change Game From Iran to Venezuela

March 24, 2019

With a straight face, the power brokers of the US government say they want to bring democracy to Venezuela. Never mind that Venezuela is already a democracy, and its socialist leaders have been reelected repeatedly.

If you believe the MSM (Main Stream Media) and US government narrative about Venezuela, then this video interview with Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute on the Corbett Report, is not for you. If you’d like to hear a well reasoned analysis, you’ve picked an excellent analysis of what’s going on in Venezuela. The situation in Venezuela is volatile and subject to change, but the history of regime changes by the US, elaborated by Daniel McAdams in this interview, are remarkably similar. Whatever the fate of Venezuela, this interview will provide a good foundation for understanding future US regime change operations. You, too, will be able to spot them from 1000 miles away.

The Unholy Trinity for War

February 8, 2019

First published here

The Federal Reserve, Christian Zionists, and the Current White House

The Federal Reserve System (FED, hereafter), is primarily responsible for the course of our sickening national debt, now about $22 trillion dollars. Christian Zionists are a new player in the war game, and are ardent supporters of the present White House occupant.

We Americans are not used to challenging the truthfulness of the little-understood FED. On January 30 we were told the FED agreed with our President that they would not raise the so-called discount rate by 1/4 of 1%, as had been expected.  But, who is the FED and what is its authority?  We are constantly told the FED is just another division of our government put there by Congress in 1913 for our financial welfare, stability, and protection. In the following pages, we will briefly examine these promoted notions, and expose some fat holes in them.

We will examine the carefully protected aims of the FED, and show that its purposes are, and always have been, to finance wars.  And, that the motive for getting us into wars is to give its banker allies someone to finance. It has been said, “War is the banker’s payday.”  This is a fact that should need no proving!

All one has to do is look at the US war record since the FED came into existence in 1913.  For instance, It took less than 4 years from its get-go to push US into WWI.  And, the FED has funded every war since!  Presently, we will discuss how the Federal Reserve System created these war debt dollars, and how it, the FED, has come to own $4+ trillion of our US debt, probably without putting up a dime of its owners’ cash.
But first, let’s discuss how we might hold off three or four pending wars supported by all three of these interlocking factions, the FED, Christian Zionists (most, but not all of them), and the present White House occupant.

It is indeed strange that support for future wars depends on the thoughts and votes of a giant religious faction know as Christian Zionists. This group supports war indirectly, but for most, unwittingly, by supporting any action that is deemed to be beneficial to the State of Israel. This religious revelation began some 35 years after the FED became law.  With the partitioning of Palestine in 1948, its influence mushroomed after the introduction of the revised Scofield Reference Bible edition of 1967.  Christian Zionism was not believed to be a factor in WWI, WWII, Korea, or Vietnam.

Christian Zionism, by our definition, is the belief that the present day State of Israel is the fulfillment of Bible Prophesy, found mostly in the Old Testament.  And therefore it is reasoned that the Jewish inhabitants of modern Israel must be honored as God’s “chosen people,” no matter what their acts.  Some prominent Christian Zionist leaders have even publicly prayed for war against Iran and Iraq, which they consider Israel’s enemies. (see: “Bill Moyer’s Journal: CUFI,” and “Challenging a War-Willing Church“)

Christian Zionists are a large support base for the current occupant of the White House.  He is the latest in a series of war-friendly presidents who depend upon Christian Zionists for their margin of victory at the polls.

Note that most current Ωwar targets are Muslim-controlled countries, including Syria, Iran, and in the past, already destroyed Iraq, Libya, South Sudan, and Afghanistan. The current White House has ingratiated itself to the Zionist-leaning Christians by condemning anyone who seems to be Israel’s adversary.  A recent example is a Presidential speech about the Mexican wall in which the President referred to the great success of the Israeli wall around Palestine.  (see: “Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & the Turning, Part I“)

There would be little or no money for war without the FED.  It’s a reasonable assumption from its war record that the primary purpose of the FED is getting the USA into war, for purposes of gain and for those who control and profit from war.  Does anyone fail to see that war has become continuous in the last 30 years?

To cover for itself, the FED openly lies about its purpose, and always has.  It also lies about who its owners are.  Let us look briefly at the FED’s own statements from its website, for if we can understand who controls it (never mind trying to trace down the hidden ownership), we will be able to see through the FED.  We note and observe that no FED leaders ever talks about war; they hide what they do by ignoring the subject, as they go about financing the next conflict.  And, the major media is no help, either, and rarely challenges the Fed about the truthfulness of anything that it says.  But the fact that the FED lies about who owns it, controls it, and how it is funded, speaks loudly for itself.

Careful researchers, including Eustace Mullins in his 1985 book, “Secrets of the Federal Reserve,” have concluded that the FED was created by agents for the Bank of England, which is that country’s Central Bank. This writer concludes that the FED’s purpose can be seen in what it has accomplished: war and giant debts overhanging our “republic.”  I repeat, war and debt are the FED’s purposes!  To keep this secret, the FED has promulgated two gigantic lies from which it never deviates.  Its truth is revealed by its lies.

Lie # 1: No one owns the Federal Reserve System.

In its own language: “The Federal Reserve System is not ‘owned’ by anyone.” (link to “Who Owns the FED“)
 Response: The mere suggestion that a business with $4 Trillion of US bonds on its balance sheet, is without owners is a ludicrous and desperate lie. We know FED ownership is carefully disguised, but who controls it is the issue, because its owner need not put up money for its multi $trillion banking operation.  Its balance sheet costs it little or nothing, because it is authorized and franchised to create money!  To re-emphasize, it’s who controls the FED that is the issue. Never mind how cleverly they have concealed its ownership!

As serious students of the FED, we have discovered that it is not controlled by the US government, but by international central banks and mega-bankers from outside the USA. (We will not attempt to prove what should be self-evident, but will recommend several books that we think have proven it to our satisfaction.)

Lie # 2:  The FED’s purpose is to create public stability and prosperity.

Quoting it:  “The Federal Reserve performs five key functions in the public interest to promote the health of the U.S. economy and the stability of the U.S. financial system.” (link to “Overview of the Federal Reserve System“)   If indeed, as we say, the FED’s primary purpose is to engage in profiting from war by financing it, how can it also be for these noble-sounding purposes of “serving the public?”  Who’s public?  How can a bank that creates dollars out of vapor and has funded some 20 wars (placing American citizens behind $22 trillion of debt in the process) possibly be working “in the public interest?”

Lie #3: Dangerous Statistical Near Lie

The FED contends that 2017-2018 inflation was less than 2% per year, and still is. We consumers know full well that our living costs are going up much faster than 2% annually.  The Fed justifies paying low-interest rates on government bonds by distorting inflation downward.  Low-interest rates mean bond buyers are willing to accept less from treasuries they buy.  This is another gross distortion by the FED in the interest of funding war, while placating the White House, whose occupant has stated he is a “low interest rate person”.

We hear, of course, that Mr. Jerome Powell, appointed by our President as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the FED, helps run or influence it.  The White House has also appointed several other “voting” Fed board members.  We conclude that they are all more whitewash, to make the FED look “American.”  It does not take much imagination to see why this President might want low-interest rates and argue for them. If we stop to think for ourselves for just one minute, we can readily guess that the present White House occupant is probably the most indebted president in the history of our nation. His entire business history has been “borrow and build,” and he is not without bankruptcies in his business background.  How else would one own golf courses, lavish resorts all over the world, and giant skyscrapers, without being a bankers’ friend and a leveraged borrower?

We have no way to know the President’s assets and debts, without investing years of research.  We have been denied his tax returns, whereas all the rest of us, including past Presidents, must expose our worth. Low interest is good for all borrowers. Why should we not love both our President and the FED for championing low-interest rates? It is because the interest rate argument is simply a diversion. The real issue is, will the FED fund a series of future wars laid out for us as possibilities?  The answer is “Yes,” if we voters let those wars happen with Venezuela, Iran, Syria, or even Russia itself. The FED will fund war because that is its purpose, and the debt will be stacked on top of the American people.

One more detail must be understood. The FED has caused Congress to charter it as a bank. This means the FED can create credit money at any time by buying the government securities it is issuing. The money-creating ability is the secret of its massive bond financing and bond-buying program.  The FED has acquired its $4 Trillion-plus portfolio of Treasury-issued security by issuing checks drawn on itself!  It has probable not paid a dime of hard dollar cash for its portfolio. The FED balance Sheet is a fraud!  Several writers to whom we refer you will explain this in detail.

Summing it up:  The FED’s record speaks for itself.  It took less than four years from the time Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, for our internationally, near-virgin nation, to attack England’s hostile enemies in Europe, chiefly Germany, in what became the most bloody engagement in US history.  The total death count was about 17 million humans.

After WW 1 ended in 1918, peace lasted only 23 years, about the time it took almost one generation of America’s youth to mature and become voters.  Again, the internationalist bankers dragged Americans back into Europe, expanding the war to Japan for WWII that is thought to have killed as many as 70 million souls.

Since this time, the intervals of peace between foreign wars and occupations have been shortened.  And if we consider that the FED has continued to sell US bonds for the financing of other countries that are in continuous wars, including Israel.  USA warring activities since Korea and Vietnam have been continuous, all financed by the FED’s silent bond selling campaign, which deficits continue under the current White House, with its mindless Christian Zionist support.

Unfortunately, everything that the FED does, and all who support it, need to be challenged. We Hold These Truths thinks the place to start is in Christian Zionist churches and schools, exposing our impossible to repay war-debts. (“Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & The Turning, Part I”)

Charles E. Carlson

Amazon offers many books about the FED, but only a few by authors we know and have come to respect.  I suggest the following for a starter, by a dedicated researcher who once stayed in my home:

“Secrets of the Federal Reserve,” Eustace Mullins

Also, from We Hold These Truths: “Federal Reserve’s Role in Financing America’s Wars.”

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