Church of England’s hidden Zionist agenda

February 21, 2015

Source: Veterans Today   Feb. 21, 2015

Church of England’s hidden Zionist agenda

by Stuart Littlewood

What happened to Stephen Sizer was foul play and intolerable.

Sizer was treated with maximum disrespect, publicly hauled over the coals, had his Facebook confiscated and was forced to make a groveling apology to the usual pack of snarling Zios. His crime? He dared to start a discussion on social media linking to an article entitled ’9/11 Israel did it’ (presumably this site ). He asked whether Jews might have been responsible, seeing as so many questions remain unanswered and so few people believe the official story.

Not to mention the ‘cui bono?’ test.

Sizer’s boss, the Bishop of Guildford, broadcast across the media that Stephen had “demonstrated appallingly poor judgement” and some of the material disseminated was “clearly anti-Semitic”. He also said the suggestion that Israel may have been complicit in the events of 9/11 was “ridiculous” and Sizer’s “undisciplined commitment to an anti-Zionist agenda” had become a liability.

Ridiculous? Until the truth is established who is to say that Mossad or the Neo-cons had nothing to do with it?

Sizer had to promise his bishop he’ll “refrain entirely from writing or speaking on any theme that relates, either directly or indirectly, to the current situation in the Middle East or to its historical backdrop.”

In other words he’s gagged, prevented from bearing witness to the evil that stalks the Holy Land and unable to discuss the causes of the appalling decades-long injustice there.

What made the Church of England turn on one of its brighter priests like that? Read more

Why Does This Book Sell For $325 On Amazon?

February 20, 2015



Why does one book sell for $325 on Amazon and the other for only $24? It’s quite simple: God’s War On Terror is written by a known fake and is cheap at $24. However, The Controvesry of Zion is written by a famous Christian journalist and exposes the political scam known as Zionism. Since the mainstream book publishers don’t want you to read the book about Zionism, they hike the price.


Priest Persecuted And Sent To the Naughty Corner

February 16, 2015

[MW:It’s very sad to see this good Christian priest persecuted and made to grovel before the enemies of Christ. Perhaps at a later time Rev. Sizer will resign from his church who failed to support him, and continue his ministerial work independently.]

Priest sent to the Naughty Corner

by Stuart Littlewood

The Rev Stephen Sizer is an outspoken priest in leafy Surrey, England. He has a long history of standing against the Israeli regime, its policies and its sheer nastiness.

No problem with that, except his tendency to go a little over the top on occasion can be irritating to more moderate campaigners.

In 2012/13 the Church of England agreed to a “process of conciliation” between Sizer and the unsmiling Board of Deputies of British Jews, who fume over his remarks.

Then, last year, the Board of Deputies demanded an investigation by the Church into why Sizer attended a conference in Iran which included the showing of a video of the anti-Zionist French comedian Dieudonne.

Jonathan Arkush, Vice President of the Board of Deputies, said: “His appearance at a conference sponsored by a regime that actively persecutes Christians and other minorities is inexplicable…”

I love the cheeky accusation that Iran persecutes Christians etc, as if their beloved Israel is squeaky clean on that score, don’t you?

“The Iranian Government denies the Holocaust and openly calls for the destruction of Israel, which is tantamount to bringing about another Holocaust,” Arkush continued. “Rev Sizer’s participation might be seen as lending pseudo credence to an event whose premise is clear from its programme: to lay blame on Israel and Jews for the world’s ills, including, it would seem, 9/11. The Church of England should investigate why one of its ministers deemed it appropriate to take part in an anti-Semitic hate-fest.”

Why the Church didn’t tell the Board, politely, to mind their own business isn’t explained.

In the latest episode of this soap opera, Sizer has just had his knuckles rapped, and his wings clipped, in an alarming over-reaction by his bishop. He posted a link on Facebook to an article entitled “9/11 Israel did it” saying it “raises so many questions” that he was “encouraging debate” about “serious allegations”. He added that he couldn’t be sure Israel was not behind the great atrocity in 2001 in the US.

We’re not told, bit I’m guessing the link was to the 800 Hundred Pound Gorilla website  .

You bet 9-11 raises questions, especially when there’s no reason to believe the official story. But if Sizer wanted to bring it up (and as a truthseeker why shouldn’t he?) he ought to have known it would send the Zios ballistic and he’d need be ready with a barrow-load of 9-11 research material and articles such this one to throw at them as soon as they began foaming at the mouth. He also should have waited a few days because the Zionists have no sense of humour at the best of times and especially during the Holocaust memorial season.

But the real shocker turns out to be Sizer’s boss, the Bishop of Guildford. He put out a statement saying Sizer had “demonstrated appallingly poor judgement in the material he has chosen to disseminate, particularly via social media, some of which is clearly anti-Semitic”.  He said the suggestion that Israel may have been complicit in the events of 9/11 was “ridiculous” and his “increasingly undisciplined commitment to an anti-Zionist agenda” had become a liability.

Ridiculous? How can the bishop be so sure? He should at least acquaint himself with the Top Ten Questions  We may see him eat his words when the truth is finally known.

Sizer doing penance

The poor priest has had to face the Church’s Inquisition, make a grovelling apology to the Jewish community and sign a written undertaking virtually castrating himself. All very reminiscent of Liberal Democrat MP David Ward who underwent humiliating ‘re-education’ for similar language indiscretions because craven party leaders had no balls.

Apparently under duress Sizer has solemnly promised his bishop he’ll refrain entirely from writing or speaking on any theme that relates, either directly or indirectly, to the current situation in the Middle East or to its historical backdrop.”

His Facebook account is suspended for six months.

So let’s get this straight. A Christian priest is gagged. He mustn’t mention in his ministry what’s going on in the Holy Land or the historical roots of the struggle, and say nothing about the persecution of Christian communities in the cradle of Christianity which is tohim and the rest of Christendom the very source of inspiration for Christian teaching. So he‘s barred from bearing witness to the crushing evil that stalks the holy places

And we all know how important “bearing witness” is to a true man of God.

Or maybe it isn’t any more. Things once thought right and proper are discarded as we slide further into the swamp of moral decay.

So Sizer, after doing so much to open up the can of worms that is Zionist power, is hors de combat (for the time-being).

The bishop announced: “The Diocese of Guildford has been in contact with the Board of Deputies of British Jews throughout this matter. Most importantly of all, I am hugely sorry for the hurt which has been caused to members of the Jewish Community.” Good grief, is he responsible to God or a bunch of complainers who support and promote a belligerent foreign power?

Aggravation invariably arises from the expectation that everyone snaps to attention and salutes the Jewish holocaust and no other. The bishop should perhaps remind himself of what Howard Zinn, writing in 1999, had to say about holocausts more generally:

To remember what happened to Jews served no important purpose unless it aroused indignation, anger, action against all atrocities, anywhere in the world.”

Zinn went on to say:

There have been the massacres of Rwanda, and the starvation in Somalia, with our government watching and doing nothing. There were the death squads in Latin America, and the decimation of the population of East Timor, with our government actively collaborating. Our church-going Christian presidents, so pious in their references to the genocide against the Jews, kept supplying the instruments of death to the perpetrators of other genocides…

We must atone for our allowing the Jewish Holocaust to happen by refusing to allow similar atrocities to take place now—yes, to use the Day of Atonement not to pray for the dead but to act for the living, to rescue those about to die. ”

Since 1999 much, much more has happened clearly showing that we – correction, our leaders – have still learned nothing from the numerous holocausts, even the Jewish one. Twenty-six bishops sit on their backsides in the House of Lords. When do they ever get up “to act for the living” and loudly demand we rescue those about to die?

In his letter of contrition Sizer tells his bishop: “I am grateful for your forbearance in allowing me to continue my work within the parish. I agree that any ministry outside the parish should be subject to consultation with the Archdeacon and the churchwardens. I promise that I will stay within both the letter and the spirit of this undertaking, and – should I break it at any point while serving in any post in the diocese – will offer you my resignation.

“I understand that this undertaking will need to be made public, and am content that it should be so.”

And making it public reveals how weak and wobbly they both are. How can Sizer, in all conscience, continue his priestly ministry on such crap terms? As for the bishop, newly minted and still shiny from promotion, one wonders if he has ever visited the Holy Land to see, feel and smell the cruel stench of the occupation up close and personal. To his credit, however, his Lent appeal goes to support the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza.

Academics say sending children to the Naughty Corner breaches their human rights. Isn’t it the same for priests?

Stuart Littlewood

12 February 2015

Names of Rock-star Clergy Who Prefer the Money

February 10, 2015

Here are the names given by Devvy Kidd


Franklin Graham; Good Samaritan’s Purse; Dr. Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries, Bill Gaither; T.D. Jakes; The Potter’s House; Bobby Schuller, Shepherd’s Grove – Home of the Hour of Power; Karen Wheaton Ministries / The Ramp; Joyce Meyer, Enjoying Everyday Life / Joyce Meyer Ministries, Kerry & Chris Shook Ministries; Andrew Wommack Ministries; Dr. Creflo Dollar Ministries; John Hagee Ministries; Benny Hinn Ministries / World Healing Center Church; Kenneth & Gloria Copeland Ministries; Hal Lindsey Media Ministries; Frederick K. Price, Jr., Crenshaw Christian Center, Leon Fontaine, Spirit Contemporary International; Darryl L. Hill, Powerful Praise Tabernacle;

Joseph & Wendy Prince Ministries, Inc.; Joel & Victoria Osteen, Lakewood Church; Jimmy & Karen Evans, Marriage Today; James MacDonald, Walk in the Word; Father Michael Manning, Wordnet Productions; Greg & Cathe Laurie, Harvest Christian Fellowship; Michael & Dee Dee Freeman, Temple Hills; David Jeremiah, Turning Point; Keith Craft, Elevate Life Church; Jesse Duplantis Ministries; Mark Anderson, Call2all; Jerry Falwell, Jr.; Liberty University; Greg Smalley, Focus on the Family; Tony Evans, The Urban Alternative; Dr. James Merritt, Touching Lives;

Jentezen Franklin Ministries, Free Chapel; Ron Carpenter Jr., Redemption World Outreach Center; Jack Graham, Prestonwood Baptist Church; Tulian Tchividjian, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church; John Bradshaw, It Is Written; Barbara Yoder, Shekinah Church; Bayless Conley, Answers with Bayless Conley; Carlos L. Malone, Sr., The Bethel Church Miami; Guillermo Maldonado, King Jesus International Ministry; Reinhard Bonnke, Christ for all Nations; Michael Youssef, Leading The Way; Robert Morris, Gateway Church; Gregory Dickow Ministries; Dr. Jim Reeve, Faith Community Church; Dr. Caroline Leaf





Pastor Wiggins Reveals Christian Zionist Theme At Israel Summit

February 3, 2015

Jonathan Wiggins, Senior Pastor at Resurrection Fellowship, clearly identifies himself as a Christian Zionist in an interview with the Longmont Reporter-Herald. As such, he cannot possibly treat the Palestinian people as anything but vassals and slaves to the state of Israel, to be murdered or imprisoned at will. This is the exact reason We Hold These Truths, Coloradans for Justice in Palestine and Project Strait Gate are protesting this conference. [Read more…]


Pinko Pope Goes “All-In” On Global Warming

December 31, 2014

[Investigative journalist & author Mike King sets the record straight for gullible Catholics and smug religionists.]

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?  – Jesus
Just when you thought this God-forsaken planet of ours couldn’t get any crazier, comes word that Pope Frankie the Fake will be addressing the General Assembly of the atheistic United Nations in 2015. What’s the grand cause, you ask? Is it to advocate for an end to NATO’s wars and proxy wars in Europe, Asia and Africa? No! Is it to urge the wayward western world to return to good old fashioned moral values? No! Is it to condemn the viral epidemics of promiscuity, abortion, divorce, indecency, suicide, homosexuality, trans-gendersim, pedophilia, bestiality, pornography, adultery, usury, political corruption and crime? No! Is it to diffuse the Globalist march toward World War III? No!
Pope Frankie the Modern doesn’t do such quaint, old fashioned causes like: “Thou shalt not kill” or “Thou shalt not commit adultery” or “Thou shalt not steal”. In 2014, who even cares about that corny moralistic stuff anyway, right Frankie boy? As and its subsidiary, The Anti-New York Times, have explained in previous reports, Satan’s stooge is more concerned about things like accommodating homosexuals, railing against White “racism”, openly praising church-hating Marxists, opening Europe to unrestricted third world immigration, helping Fidel Castro, “building bridges” to terrorist Israel, and redistributing wealth a la Karl Marx. To those who still cling to the dangerous delusion that this Argentinian arse is just a gullible softy who has been misquoted by the media; cling no more because Phony Frankie is now completely out of his Communist closet.
Dubbed by the media as “The New World Pope”, this despicable, self-aggrandizing, publicity-seeking, Marxist impostor was installed for the specific purpose of misleading his flock away from the Church’s traditional moral path, and toward a New World Order instead. In addition to a sure to be media-hyped UN speech and lobbying effort, Frankie will be issuing a rare 50-60 page encyclical on the topic. A papal encyclical is no trifling matter. As one of the highest levels of a pope’s moral authority, the encyclical will compel the world’s priests to distribute Frankie’s Global Warming edict to over one billion gullible and obedient parishioners.
“Thou shalt not oppose hidden carbon taxes.” – is that it, Frankie?
This full-throttle embrace of what is a proven hoax, motivated by the evil intent of establishing carbon taxes and scam carbon exchange credits, puts Frankie the Fake in the same low class of nasty geo-political skunks as George Soros, David Rockefeller, Al Gore, Barack Obongo, Hillary Clinton, David Cameron and Angela Merkel. For typical activist theatrical effect, this demonic demagogue, this Moses of Marxism, this cleric of Communism, this Pontiff of progressivism, is even planning to visit an area devastated by a typhoon, as if this clown can actually prove that the storm was caused by “Climate Change”.
Catholics of the world! It’s time for this puffed-up, media-hyped, holier-than-thou, Marxist anti-Christ to be called out. It may be too late for you to save the rotting remnants of the Catholic Church, but we must stop these tyrannical UN carbon taxes that are heading our way. If not, there will be a whole lot more of those poor people that Frankie the Fake professes to care about so much.


Zionist Christians’ war on the true meaning of Christmas

December 23, 2014

 [Thanks to author Richard Edmondson at  Fig Trees and Vineyards  for publishing this article.]

The rhetoric of Christian Zionists consistently places loyalty to the modern state of Israel above the example and teachings of the Jesus born in Bethlehem whose birth Christmas celebrates. It’s time to stop calling such groups Christian Zionists and instead use the term Zionist Christians, to more accurately reflect their priorities.

Photos and text by: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/

Graffiti on the Israeli separation wall in the West Bank town of Bethlehem, December 16, 2010. (photo: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/

For the last two years, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), the largest Christian Zionist organization in the U.S., has sent email blasts urging their supporters to fight back against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement by buying Christmas ornaments “Made in Israel.” Or rather, by receiving these ornaments as a reward for a tax-deductible donation. One message urges supporters to “commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ with this symbolic ornament that was made in the land where Jesus was born.”

I don’t blame CUFI for flogging BDS to fill its own coffers. That’s just standard fundraising strategy. What offends me as a Christian is that while exploiting U.S. Christians’ sentimental perceptions of the Holy Land, they ignore the current situation in Bethlehem, they ignore Palestinian Christians, and worst of all, they ignore the Jesus they claim to follow.

Jesus was born in occupied territory. At the time, it was occupied by the Romans. Today, the West Bank town of Bethlehem is virtually surrounded by the Israeli separation barrier, which if completed as planned will confiscate some 64 square kilometers of the governorate’s land as nearby Israeli settlements continue to expand in violation of international law. How dare CUFI mention “the land where Jesus was born” without recognizing the plight of the Palestinian Christians who’ve carried his tradition to the present day?

When groups like CUFI do make a rare mention of Palestinian Christians, it is often to paint them as victims of Islamist persecution. This despite polls showing that Palestinian Christians overwhelmingly cite the Israeli occupation as the primary challenge in their lives.

Palestinians hold a Catholic mass as a weekly nonviolent witness against the Israeli separation wall in the West Bank village of Beit Jala, September 7, 2012. If completed as planned, the wall would cut off the Cremisan monastery from the Beit Jala community, blocking access to one of the Bethlehem area's last remaining green spaces, and a source of employment for area residents. (photo: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/

In their Christmas email, CUFI claims that BDS supporters are: “Israel haters” who are “hoping you’ll not know that the freest Arabs in the Middle East are the Arab citizens of the Jewish State of Israel.”

While denying the persistent discrimination faced by Palestinian citizens of Israel and entirely ignoring the injustices faced by those living in the occupied territories, they also ignore fellow Christians. Some 3,000 Palestinian Christians, including the heads of 13 historic Holy Land denominations signed the Kairos Palestine Document, which calls for: “boycott and disinvestment as tools of nonviolence for justice, peace and security for all.”

Unlike the straw man “haters” of CUFI’s rhetoric, Kairos Palestine’s call for BDS is rooted in values of liberating love: “These advocacy campaigns must be carried out with courage, openly and sincerely proclaiming that their object is not revenge but rather to put an end to the existing evil, liberating both the perpetrators and the victims of injustice.”

Zionist Christians participating in the annual Jerusalem March offer their support to Israeli troops along the parade route, October 4, 2012. (photo: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/

If only groups like CUFI reflected the best teachings of their faith as clearly. Instead, they have made an idol of the modern state of Israel. They may mention Jesus every now and then, but they rarely quote him. Benjamin Netanyahu gets a lot more airtime. “Netanyahu” even returns more than twice as many search results as “Jesus” when searching their web site.

I was not surprised to learn — from the extremely conservative Christian magazine Charisma of all sources — that CUFI’s executive director, David Brog, is “said to run CUFI like a political campaign.” The report goes on to say that, “[o]ne by one, the higher-profile Christian leaders who helped [John] Hagee start CUFI are dropping off as the organization becomes more focused on political lobbying.”

Unfortunately, CUFI and similar groups have convinced many Americans that “blessing Israel” means rubber-stamping every policy of its increasingly right-wing governments. This includes a message filled with military imagery to “stand with Israel” during last summer’s assault on Gaza, with talking points like, “Israel must not be condemned for doing what any responsible government would do to protect its citizens from terror.” Another message demands, “[t]ell President Obama to stop blocking weapons to Israel!” And yet another email cites 64 Israeli soldiers killed and describes a CUFI-sponsored solidarity visit by pastors to Jerusalem, Sderot and Mt. Herzl. None of these messages even mention the 2,200 Palestinians killed in Gaza, most of them civilians.

A Zionist Christian attends a "Stand with Israel" rally in Boston, August 7, 2014. The rally came in the midst of an Israeli military offensive that had thus far killed nearly 2,000 Palestinians, including at least 1,400 civilians. At the same time, three civilians in Israel and 64 soldiers had been killed by Palestinian militants.

One need not be a Christian to recognize that Christmas celebrates the arrival of the Jesus who preached, “blessed are the peacemakers”, “love your enemies”, compassion for “the least of these,” and who taught his followers to pursue “justice and the love of God.” But as a Christian, I am compelled to question the priorities of fellow believers who have placed loyalty to the government of Israel above the life, teachings and example of Jesus.

A Palestinian pastor friend put it this way: “my biggest challenge with Christian Zionism is that it doesn’t promote peace and it ignores justice.”

Where is the Jesus of sacrificial love, peace and justice for all amid the Israeli and American flag-waving and military imagery? I therefore suggest that we stop calling such groups Christian Zionists and instead use the term Zionist Christians, to more accurately reflect their priorities.

The Kairos Document offers a sharply contrasting vision of concern for all life, but will U.S. Christians listen to their Palestinian sisters and brothers?

Through our love, we will overcome injustices and establish foundations for a new society both for us and for our opponents. Our future and their future are one. … We call on the people of Israel to be our partners in peace and not in the cycle of interminable violence.

Finally, as an alternative to the CUFI’s ornaments, I recommend supporting Palestinian Christians in the town where Jesus was born by buying an olive wood nativity like this one from the Bethlehem Bible College gift shop—complete with separation wall to raise awareness among your holiday guests.

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