Christian Tim Tebow Announces Engagement to Former Miss Universe

January 14, 2019

The Tomato Bubble has a revealing article about the career demise of Christian footballer Tim Tebow. This is the introduction and you ought to read the rest of the story. MW

Related imageCongratulations to American ex-footballer and devout Christian Tim Tebow and his lovely South African fiance, former Ms. Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. Unjustly railroaded out of a football career, Tebow, 31, years after his 15 minutes of fame had passed in 2011-12, has been reduced to playing minor league baseball ever since — a sport in which he does not excel. After years of struggling to find the right woman who “loves God as much as I do,” nobody deserves happiness more than Tebow. Now if “youse guys” are wondering why we chose an engagement announcement as today’s story, well, be patient. There’s an angle (cough cough) to the story of Tim Tebow that you don’t need to be a football fan to appreciate.

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Christian Homeschooling Booms in Russia – #1 in Europe

December 4, 2018

Because of the crisis conditions in modern government schools, more Russian families are switching to home education. Homeschooling is legal in Russia, and interest in it is growing every year. . . .


Editor’s note: Russia has the second highest population of homeschooling families in all of Europe. Homeschooling has been legal in Russia since 1992, and current estimates suggest that there are over 100,000 homeschoolers in Russia. These numbers are growing, as homeschooling continues to grow in popularity.

The following article, originally published on the official Russian Church site that deals with family issues, was translated by Fr. Joseph Gleason, an American Orthodox priest who lives in Russia with his wife and eight homeschooled children.

For many years now, a number of Russian cities have hosted regional homeschooling conferences. This article celebrates the first international homeschooling conference held in Russia, with representatives attending from all over the world. This rising interest in homeschooling is an example of Russia’s return to traditional family values. Thanks to the hard work of Christians like Fr. Dimitry Smirnov and Irina Shamolina,homeschooling is finally becoming popular in Russia.

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Honoring Israel: When a local church takes on an international issue

December 4, 2018

by Liam Adams
Special to Colorado Community Media
From Lakewood Sentinel, Nov 6, 1018 3:55 pm

Though Faith Bible Chapel is overjoyed to celebrate their 40th anniversary of hosting, “A Night to Honor Israel,” not everyone in the community is equally enthusiastic.

Teenagers dancing in Orthodox Jewish garb, videos explaining Israel’s God-given right to the land, and the former Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson celebrating Israeli military strength. These were a few features of Faith Bible Chapel’s “A Night to Honor Israel” in Arvada on Oct. 21.

A scene from the 40th annual “A Night to Honor Israel” at the Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada. Performers on stage included international singers and dancers, including two students from Jewish Colorado’s Teen Israel Emissaries and a children’s choir of children from Faith Bible Chapel.

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Vatican Puts A Stop To FIGHTING AGAINST Sexual Assault

December 3, 2018

“The Vatican actually stepped in and put a stop recently to the church fighting AGAINST sexual assault. Isn’t it time to put warning tape around all the churches? You know, just to keep kids safe.” Lee Camp

“Christian” Wahhabism: The New Cult for War on Iran

November 11, 2018

Read how evangelical Christians are teaming up with Zionists and Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia and getting ready to kill 10% of Iranians, all in the name of their God!

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman meets with Christian author Joel Rosenberg, who is part of a delegation of American ev

HANDOUT . / REUTERSSaudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman meets with Christian author Joel Rosenberg, who is part of a delegation of American evangelical leaders, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia November 1, 2018.

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American religious leaders who hide or admit to the practice of Christian Zionism, are about to be joined at the hip to practice Christian Wahhabism (CW) in order to justify the Saudis coming war on Iran for oil. Under its influence, Christians will be expected to look the other way while Saudi Arabia and Israel together murder perhaps 10% of the population of Iran in the name of God! Read more.

Christian War Fever

November 11, 2018

Considering this is Veteran’s Day in the US and Remembrance Day in Canada, I’d like to recommend this sermon by the Rev. Chuck Baldwin. He points out in no uncertain terms that evangelical pastors are rabid warmongers.


Volunteer Workers Restoring Historic Churches in the Russian North

October 2, 2018

They clear rubble and remove debris from the churches, carry out emergency and conservation works, install icons, and invite clergymen to perform services. After the departure of the volunteers, local residents continue the restoration work. Many church communities are being rebuilt.

Common Cause: Rescuing Wooden Churches of the North” is a project committed to preserving ancient Orthodox churches and monuments of wooden architecture in the northern parts of Russia, including the regions of Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Karelia, and Komi.

In the Russian North, one encounters amazing wooden churches and chapels, built several centuries ago. Sadly, during the years of Soviet power, a huge number of churches had been burned, converted into clubs and warehouses, or simply left in desolation and disrepair.

This group does the work necessary to identify these churches, and to do the work necessary to restore them, preserve them, and pass them on to the next generation. First of all, it is important to carry out emergency work: to repair the roof, close the windows, and replace wood that has rotten in certain key places. If this is not done quickly, many wooden churches will soon be destroyed by the weather. Already, hundreds of northern churches have disappeared forever.

The project began in 2006, thanks to the work of Alexander Porfirievich Slepinin, a 75-year-old grandfather. At his own expense, in the Pomor village of Vorzogory, he began to cover the roof of the bell tower. Finding out about this good deed, the parishioners of several Moscow churches began to help him. The project was supported by Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov. Today the project is carried out with the blessing of Bishop John of Domodedovo, and Metropolitan Daniel of Arkhangelsk and Kholmogory. Patriarch Kirill has highly praised the work performed by this project.

Within the framework of this project, hundreds of volunteers are sent to the North every year. These restoration projects are documented in numerous videos available on YouTube (Russian language).Traditionally, the expeditions are attended by teachers and students of the Sretensky and Nikolo-Ugreshsky seminaries, the youth of the Podpornya Optina desert and many other churches in Moscow. The project coordination center is located at the Church of St. Seraphim of Sarov in Raev in Moscow.

Project volunteers clear rubble and remove debris from the churches, carry out emergency and conservation works, install icons, and invite clergymen to perform services. Local residents take an active part in this effort, and after the departure of the volunteers, they continue to take care of the restoration of their holy places. Many church communities are being rebuilt.

350 churches and chapels have been identified that need help in these regions. Over the past 11 years, there have been 270 volunteer expeditions, which have performed restoration work in 137 of these churches and chapels. This project continues to organize volunteer expeditions every year.

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