Rejection of Christianity

June 27, 2016
Rejection of Christianity Is At The Heart Of The Conflict Between The West & Russia

Sabba – A must read article. And let’s be honest, look into the mirror and face the Ugly Truth: no one, no one is more opposed to the revivification of Christianity  in the ‘West’ than the ‘Westerners’ themselves. Not the jews, but the westerners themselves. 

IDC-EUROPE – “Already now we can witness that the loss of the two main core elements of European culture has dramatic implications. It basically leads to a kind of technological nihilism, where the technological rule over nature evolves to a technological rule over man and society as such. Where man is only seen as an impression of nature and treated correspondingly. And where as a consequence the higher dimension of human life and culture, which was once established by Christianity, is lost again. And thus, the forces of paganism, this time combined with high technology and consumer culture, have started to form society once again.[Read more]

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