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September 20, 2020

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They’re Coming After Your Handshake

September 20, 2020
Marko Marjanović 14 Sep 2020

Are handshakes oh so slightly unhygienic? Of course, they are. That is the point!

That is why a handshake is the greeting of equals. A sign not just of respect, but of a measure of trust, and a sign of equality that is the prerequisite to exploring mutual interest.

A handshake established the participants as equal, or as equal enough that they can engage in mutual enterprise, or conspiracy for that matter.

It is not despite its faint germ-sharing quality that a handshake rose to become *the* greeting of the modern world, but because of it.

Our ancestors understood at an innate level that someone who thinks himself too pure, or too contaminated to grasp your hand could not be trusted.

The willingness to engage in a little germ-sharing was precisely what was required to establish the other was neither too alien nor too warped to work with.

Even today something as insignificant as buying a car is inescapably sealed by — sharing a few germs.

A handshake establishes so much more than a mutual bow or the moronic “elbow bump” ever could, and is a much better bridge between people and the starting point of every conspiracy.

And that is why they want to take it away.


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Would Jesus turn the other cheek as government lockdowns destroy the economy?

September 19, 2020

What would Jesus do today, seeing people’s livelihood stolen from them under the guise of keeping the frail safe from COVID-19?

Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple, Washington version, by El Greco

Would he tell us to turn the other cheek?
I doubt it.

When he saw the temple filled with money-changers and vendors trying to cheat the people out of their hard-earned fruits he made a “whip of cords” and drove out their “philanthropic” money making operation without a word of warning.

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Much Ado About Corona

September 3, 2020

Since when has wearing a mask become an act of kindness?

I like this website which tells you all about covid19 and how the elite behind the scenes control what you get to read.

Many interesting articles to help you through this tyrannical phase we’re all experiencing.

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