Boston’s Prelude To Martial Law

April 24, 2013

Brother Nathanael sets the record straight.

Boston Martial Law In Action

Jews Escalate Anti-Christian Persecution

April 4, 2013

Jews Escalate Anti-Christian Persecution

Desecrate Holy Site; Israeli Government, Rabbis Complicit

Vandalized Church of the Dormition on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, Oct. 1, 2012The entry door to the Church of the Dormition on Mount Zion, near the site of the Last Supper and just outside the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, bearing the graffiti “Jesus, son of a bitch, price tag” (Oct. 1, 2012). The latter is a term used by radical settlers lashing out against opponents.

By Peter Strahl

The racist, apartheid state of Israel has always persecuted Christians in the Holy Land. The wanton destruction of churches, lives and property has been nearly continuous and can only be called genocidal, as we have documented previously both in American Free Press and The Barnes Review. But nearly daily reports from occupied Palestine demonstrate that the savagery has increased dramatically in the last few years, especially since Benjamin Netanyahu has been prime minister. Now, however, the oppression has taken a particularly sinister direction.

Vandalized Baptist Church in Jerusalem, Feb. 2012Graffiti on a Baptist Church in Jerusalem, Feb. 20, 2012. The Hebrew slogans read: “We will crucify you” and “Death to Christianity” (AFP, Menahem Kahana)

An increasing number of Israeli Jews now dare to attack the holiest shrines in Christianity, in sacrilegious and blasphemous moves offending the deepest convictions and sensibilities of Christians not only in Palestine, but throughout the world.

Elliott Horowitz: 'Reckless Rites'Read how Jews have been brutalizing Christians for hundreds of years.

Recently, a group of Jewish religious zealots went so far as to profane the place where Jesus Christ celebrated the Last Supper before His crucifixion, where He instituted both the Holy Eucharist and the Priesthood. Apart from Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity and Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre, there is no holier place for Christians. So the outrage can be imagined, which was occasioned when the Zionists smeared with obscenities the door of the Franciscan friary which guards the room of the Last Supper. Or there would have been outrage, had the Zionist-controlled media reported the event. Thus is the Vatican rewarded for its false irenicism toward such people. And thus do such people engender the anti-Semitism they deplore.

Melanie A. May: 'Jerusalem Testament'Learn how Christian Palestinians have been brutalized by Jews during the past 25 years.

One Jewish Israeli, Meir Margalit, a member of the Jerusalem city council, has been in the forefront of opposition to the destruction of Palestinian homes. By his own words, he was left speechless by the gravity of his countrymen’s latest actions. In a recent article on the German Catholic web-site, “”, he makes clear that this is not an isolated incident by a fringe group, but that such “extremists” now make up the majority of Israelis.

Margalit tells how his Franciscan friends are regularly derided and abused in public, even having stones and eggs thrown at them and—fulfilling the dictum of the Talmud—being spat upon by “religious” Jews. Margalit lays the blame for the increase of anti-Christian barbarity squarely at the feet of the Israeli government and the rabbis, who, he says, have the power to stop the harm but refuse to do so. He might have added that it is often the Israeli Defense Forces which are responsible for the most destructive and deadly terror against Christians and Palestinians.

As a consequence, Margalit, who is himself being persecuted in Israeli courts for his defense of Palestinians, foresees an increase in retaliatory behavior against Jews in other countries due to Israeli belligerence. He states that, according to Hebrew tradition, the Jewish temple was destroyed, in part, due to Jewish lack of respect for one’s neighbor. He predicts the collapse of the state of Israel, “not on account of external enemies, but because of the [Israeli] lack of human moral and ethical values.”

Peter Strahl is the pseudonym of a freelance German language translator for AFP and The Barnes Review. He is also the author of a report on Bethlehem and Israeli atrocities against Palestinians, which appeared in the Sept./Oct. 2012 issue of The Barnes Review.

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