Mr. Jones and Rev. Jones: two frauds in a pod

September 11, 2010


By Rev. Ted Pike

September 9, 2010

Last year, prior to passage of the federal hate crimes bill, Alex Jones, after years of ignoring my requests to allow me to warn his huge audience of the hate bill threat, finally put me on his June 8th program.

As I was waiting to begin the broadcast, Jones told me off the air that he had heard me the previous morning on Joyce Riley’s program criticizing Jewish supremacists as authors of the hate bill. He said what he was about to tell me was “off the record.” He said his broadcasting empire has “gotten so big” with many mainline affiliates that he cannot afford to lose those stations by criticizing Jews. “But I’ve got to mention ADL behind the hate bill!” I objected. “ADL is okay,” he said. “Talk about ADL all you want, but we can’t talk about Jews specifically.” He then told me that, with this understanding, there would be many opportunities for me to be on his program, especially as new legislative threats emerged. Having said that, we were on the air. I did go after ADL and, fortunately, did not encounter any time in which I would have been morally bound to become more specific.

Yet I felt violated. I had experienced raw censorship in action, by a national talk show host who touts himself (and is believed by millions) as delivering only the truth — whatever the cost or controversy.

Jones put me on again Oct 14th for fifteen minutes. Yet, he was not true to his promise of future interviews, even as I repeatedly left him messages warning of more ADL legislation, such as ENDA and the cyber-bullying bill. Evidently, Jones was as uneasy about having me on as I was about operating under his gag order.

Now, with ENDA and the cyber-bullying bills most likely defeated, I am relieved I did not compromise myself in order to access Jones’ vast audience. It is now so critically important that the populist right know which leaders can and cannot be trusted. The fate of our republic hangs in the balance.

What I learned, beyond any doubt, was that Alex Jones cannot be depended upon to provide the populist right with all the facts necessary to understand geopolitical reality. If he will censor the truth concerning a threat as dominant and well-documented as Jewish supremacism, what else will he manipulate?

Jones is widely regarded as the most effective spokesman for the far right, the “king of alternative talk radio.”

It is time that lovers of freedom look for another.

Happy Ramadan and Merry Christmas: Political Statements?

September 2, 2010

by Wendy Campbell

September 1, 2010

It’s pretty sad when in this so-called “democratic” country, the world’s “superpower”, the United States, where a simple well-meaning greeting such as “Happy Ramadan” can take on fearful political implications due to the incessant hate-mongering of the mainstream media here.  Even saying “Merry Christmas” has elements of fear and uncertainty due to the “Thought Police” also known as the “Masters of Discourse”.


We should all by now just acknowledge the plain fact that Jews run the media, and we should be able to do so without fear of being called “anti-Semitic”, (even if we don’t approve of their domination of our so-called “free press”).

Joel Stein, who is Jewish, wrote an article on this topic. which was published on December 19, 2008, in the Los Angeles Times, aka LA Times ( In his article, entitled “Who runs Hollywood? C’mon”, he states that “Jews totally run Hollywood” recounting  his research into the matter which confirmed this assertion beyond a shadow of a doubt.

His only concern about this fact is summed up in these two sentences: “But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we keep running them.”  Hey, at least he’s honest.  But if we non-Jews don’t like it, we get called names and get may even get blacklisted, especially if we try to compete with them or challenge their near stranglehold on “our” media and “our” government.  Neither are really “ours” at all, at this time.  In fact, both the media and the government are being “run” by people who want to control us to suit their narrow interests, increasing their power over us and indeed the world, even the universe.

It has become quite clear to me who dominates this country and has the power to completely brainwash Americans into believing whatever they want you to believe, and that is “organized Zionist Jewry”.

Obviously we all know some Jews who are completely against Israeli and Zionist policies.  But equally obvious is the fact that they do not have much political power, at least at this point, but I hope they don’t give up trying to overcome Zionism like the rest of us anti-Zionists.  Anti-Zionist Jews get subjected to the same kind of abuse and threats as non-Jewish anti-Zionists do.


Ever notice how it seems politically incorrect to say “Merry Christmas!” in public to people at stores and others you might meet in various public encounters?

We certainly don’t have fellow Christians to blame for that.  Although some brainwashed Christians,  who follow the Zionist Jewish “deciders” about what is “politically correct” whether out of ignorance or complicity for their own personal agendas, may play a role in helping to suppress the phrase “Merry Christmas” around Christmastime, or as the politically correct insist, “The Holidays”.

I was once recruited to volunteer, on behalf of a company I used to work for, to collect money for the Salvation Army in front of a local Trader Joe’s and I remember I was thinking… “Hmmm…. I guess I’ll have to say “Happy Holidays!” to people who give me donations for the poor.  So I started out with saying, “Happy Holidays!” to the donors.  Then one donor said, “Merry Christmas!”, almost defiantly, and that resonated with me. I liked that spirit. Thereafter, I kept saying “Merry Christmas!”, feeling somewhat like a revolutionary, but also resenting having to feel that way, since I’d prefer to simply have the warm and fuzzy feeling of saying the words “Merry Christmas!” that I always used to have before the “Thought Police” came into power.  While in some ways it is fun and exhilarating to be a revolutionary or to be defiant, at the same time, I really prefer “Peace” and “Love”, as in feeling peaceful and loving, rather than feeling a mixture of fear and anger.

However, when your values and beliefs, are under attack by self-proclaimed “critics” who position themselves as the deciders of what is “politically correct”, one is simply forced to either put your head in the sand or confront the injustices and take action to correct them.


We can’t afford to put our heads in the sand about the way “our” media, dominated by the Zionist Jewish tribe, with deep financial pockets and members in the highest levels of our so-called “society”, is fomenting hatred against Muslims, as well as the Roman Catholic Church, but to a far lesser degree, and other Christians.

Not only is this media incessantly pushing for war and death against Muslims, but this very same media covers up almost all the very real sins/crimes of their Jewish tribe, especially with regards to Israel.

This very same media only alludes to Israel’s very real 250 plus arsenal of nuclear warheads, as Israel’s “nuclear ambiguity”, for instance.

Obviously this media we have in “our” country is completely and 1000% biased in favor of Israel remaining a “Jewish state” even while this very same media overlooks and generally hides and white-washes the on-going ethnic-cleansing and genocide against the Palestinian people that began when Israel was violently created by mostly Eastern European Zionist Jews in 1948.  Never does this media do an expose¢ on the racist, apartheid policies of the Jewish state.
The fact is that any “news” we get in the mainstream media about Israel and Palestine, comes directly unfiltered from the Israeli media, which the American public is expected to swallow, hook, line and sinker as the “truth”.  The point of view is always one-sidedly Israeli, and if a Palestinian is quoted, it is out of context, such as the on-going persecution and hardship Palestinians have had to endure with the Israeli occupation ever since 1948.


I’m sure you’ve heard variations on this quote,

“First they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for me and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

Well, these days you could substitute  “Communists” for “Constituionists” and then in place of “Jews”,  insert “Muslims”, and to a lesser extent even “Christians”.

And the last sentence could be “Then no one was left who was allowed to speak EXCEPT for the Jews.”

I mean really.  Consider how most of the TV broadcasts show political “pundits” and “experts” who are Zionist Jews.  Jews debating Jews, but never really profoundly challenging each other or the status quo with regards to matters sensitive to Jews.

We get to constantly watch news by Jews about Jews for non-Jews on the mainstream media, which is mostly privately owned by members of the Jewish tribe.  Sure, they often get non-Jewish figureheads to front for pushing their beliefs on the unsuspecting non-Jewish viewers.  All the more to try to convince non-Jewish viewers that the media is not so dominated by Jews.  Also remember that anyone who wants to get ahead or even get a job in the media will have to kow tow to the Jewish mindset, which is war-mongering for the most part, against Muslims, and down-grading Christianity, and always remembering Hitler as the worst possible monster that has ever lived and that Jews have suffered supremely more than any other tribe on the planet.  This mindset has been subconsciously assumed in the general American mindset due to Jewish propaganda.

We all know that some people, maybe even many people, will do almost anything to make more money, even if it means selling out the Truth about certain things, such as looking the other way, while the Jewish state continues on its six decades of genocidal actions against the Palestinian people and how Israel and its US agents here find ways to drag the US into wars with other Middle Eastern countries that the Zionist Jews would love to see bombed back into the Stone Age, so they can dominate that area without any compromise or sense of fairness whatsoever.  (Note: Again we need to remember that not all Jews are Zionists, and thank God for that. However most organized Jewry is Zionist, rabidly so.)

You will never or almost never see on mainstream TV or movies in theatres that deal with such sensitive subject matter to Jews as Holocaust Revisionism, the role that Israelis allegedly played in making the 9-11 attacks happen, or the many heinous sins/crimes that Jews have been committing against non-Jews in the Palestinian Territories, the high proportion of Israeli spies in the US or even the leading roles that Jews played in the bloody Communist Revolution in Russia.

Anyone who attempts to honestly address any of these issues faces “career suicide”, as in the words of Carl Cameron, who in the amazing Fox News four-part series on Israeli spying in the US which aired in 2001 after the 9-11 attacks but was “spiked” (disappeared) from Fox archives informed us when he spoke of the politically “explosive” nature of talking publicly about Israeli involvement in the 9-11 attacks, and how it was now considered “classified information”.  It’s all on video, on YouTube and other websites if you care to watch this recovered news series, thanks to some activists.


I can hardly wait for Oliver Stone’s new movie, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”, which is a sequel to the first “Wall Street”, released in 1987, which is really a kind of “docu-drama” because it so accurately portrayed the vulture culture of Wall Street, however the actual characters are fictionalized.  CNBC even broadcasts it occasionally, even though typically CNBC only broadcasts completely non-fiction financial news and programs, such as their “American Greed” or documentaries such as “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room”.  I recently rented the original “Wall Street” and watched it again, since I wanted to refresh my memory before watching the new sequel coming out in Sept. 2010.

I respect Oliver Stone, who was born to a Christian mother and a Jewish father, because of his incisive, truth-seeking movies, such as “JFK”, “Wall Street” and most recently, “South of the Border”, an actual documentary with his interviews of five South American leaders, most notably Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela.  Oliver Stone is apparently not a Zionist Jew, because a Zionist Jew would not be promoting Hugo Chavez as a reasonable man, who also happens to be anti-Israel/anti-Zionism and opposed to US foreign policies in general.

Getting back to the subject of Money/Mammon, there are some real zingers of lines in “Wall Street” which reveal how the lust for money can easily corrupt many people in varying degrees.

Spoken by Gordon Gekko, the corrupt lead character, played masterfully by Michael Douglas, to his young broker associate Buddy, also played convincingly by Charlie Sheen:

“ It’s not a question of enough [money], pal. It’s a zero sum game. Somebody wins, somebody loses. Money itself isn’t lost or made. It’s simply transferred from one perception to another… like magic.”

“The illusion has become real.”

“We make the rules, pal: the news, war, peace, famine, upheaval, the price of a paperclip. We pick the rabbit out of the hat while everyone sits out there wondering how we did it.”

“Now, you’re not naive enough to think we’re living in a democracy, are you, Buddy? It’s the free market, and you’re part of it.”

Gekko’s character is just telling it like it is, unfortunately.

By the way, in another stroke of adding reality to this movie, Gekko’s limo driver’s name is Mohammed.  As many may know, a majority of taxi and limo drivers just so happen to be Muslim, who are newer immigrants to this country, just as the majority of the top movers and shakers on Wall Street and in media establishment are Jewish.


Most of us are aware of the recent news story of a certain Michael Enright recently arrested for his hate crime of stabbing a Muslim taxi-driver in New York City.

This was blamed, in part, for the recent rise in tensions created by the mainstream media about the proposed Muslim mosque slated to be built near “ground zero” of the 9-11 attacks, where the WTC twin towers and WTC building seven (are you aware of building seven?) exploded and collapsed, even though building seven was not even hit by a jet.

The fact is that there is plenty of real and also circumstantial evidence that points to 9-11 having been an inside job that was orchestrated and implemented by Israelis.  It’s an inescapable conclusion when you look at all the evidence, and it’s there for the seeking on the internet, on websites such as,, and

Yet, with the Jewish tribe literally “making the news”, much of it, like a rabbit pulled out of a hat, like magic, and with so many Jews well-connected and placed in “our” government, this possibility is never allowed to be seriously explored in “our” media or among “our” leaders, whom organized Jewry pre-select due to their control of the media and their massive campaign contributions, not to mention they have “other ways” to make sure any ambitious people comply.  Most people who attempt to run for office realize this already and if they don’t, they will.  And if they don’t comply with the Zionist Jews’ agenda, then they will be weeded out, one way or another.  (This is not to say that it will go on like this forever, however, we need to know our opposition, and keep the faith that we will overcome and help create a better world in general for all.)

Now, imagine this:  What would happen if we had a media that was not Zionist/Jewish, and was actually dominated by people who instead were more concerned with Truth and Justice and actually would fully and publicly investigate the Israeli connections to the 9-11 attacks?  First of all, had this been done in a full and timely manner, our country would most likely never have gone to war in Iraq, Afghanistan– killing, maiming, displacing hundreds of thousands, even millions of people; and also in Pakistan, where American drone planes have been decimating villages and their inhabitants, men, women, children and even animals.  All things previously living there.  Now dead or maimed.  The American public would demand an end to any and all US support for the Jewish state of Israel.

And many would perhaps object to a synagogue being built near ground zero of the 9-11 attacks.

Would that be fair?  To tell you the truth, in this case, where organized Zionist Jewry and their non-Jewish collaborators have committed such monstrous crimes against humanity in such a deceptive and manipulative way, I would personally object to a Jewish synagogue being built there.  However, I could see that it would be unconstitutional not to allow it being built there, so I would not expect my personal point of view to prevail in this case.

So therefore, even if many of my fellow Americans have been deceived by the media into believing that all Muslims are our enemies, I certainly hope that they will respect the constitutionality of Muslims having the right to build a mosque/Islamic cultural center near “ground zero” of 9/11.  Let’s face it, if you’ve been doing your “homework”, you’d already know that there is a strip club near there, too.  Obviously “our” media has been going into overdrive pushing the hate-mongering of their favorite scapegoats.

Let’s rise above this kind of dirty politics, and instead, seek Truth, Justice and Equal Rights for all, without double standards, and respect our Constitution.


Some words have become buzz-words for the “politically correct” who use these words deceptively and hypocritically.

For instance, the word “tolerance”.  Organized Jewry uses that word alot, and even have at least one Museum of Tolerance.

Yet, why is it that organized Jewry and their supporters don’t tolerate the use of the words “Merry Christmas”?  Shouldn’t Jews be “tolerant” of our affectionate, harmless phrase that is only meant in a loving way?  So what if they don’t believe in Jesus Christ.  We are not asking them to  when we say “Merry Christmas”.  When we say “Merry Christmas”, we just want to share the Joy that is the Christmas spirit of love.

Sometimes I wonder why some Jews seem to hate Jesus Christ so much.  Is it because they feel guilty about not accepting Jesus Christ?  If Jesus Christ was a person living amongst us today, would some of them want to call Jesus a terrorist and torture him to death?  Why is it that some Jews just cannot smile and wish us a “Merry Christmas” back, if we happen to say “Merry Christmas” to them in a friendly manner?

They certainly wouldn’t mind it if a non-Christian said “Happy Hanukkah” to them, would they?  So what’s the big deal?

Christianity is a religion that embraces all people of all races and ethnicities, and so does the religion of Islam.

Judaism is more of an ethnic tribe than a religion, since at least one’s mother must be Jewish in order to be considered truly Jewish.  Judaism is actually a form of race worship.  The holiday of “Happy Hanukkah” is about a battle where Jews fought against the Syrians in the 2nd century BC.  Don’t expect me to say “Happy Hanukkah” to anyone since the Jewish state of Israel is and has been hostile to not only the Syrians but all the Arabs, both Muslim and Christian, in the Middle East and in Iran.  As some Jewish people say, most Jewish holidays are about three things: “We had a war, we won, let’s eat.”  In Judaism, it seems as if it’s a zero sum game, someone wins and someone loses.  It’s an “Us Against Them” and “We Win, You Lose” mentality.  This is not what true Christianity and true Islam are about.

It’s time for the people of the world, and especially the American people, to confront the realities that I have just written about, and to take action to correct the injustices.

As we all know, there can be no peace without justice.  We cannot allow double standards for some.  The Golden Rule must be applied without exception.  The Golden Rule is “Do unto others what you would like done unto you.”  I feel I must clarify what The Golden Rule is because a Jewish editor of a local newspaper actually wrote in an article that The Golden Rule is to do unto others what they would do unto you.  This is how some people distort the true meaning of The Golden Rule.

We shall overcome the injustices, and peace will prevail.  We will keep the faith.

To my Christian friends, wishing you a “Merry Christmas”.  To my Muslim friends, “Wishing you a happy and blessed Ramadan”.  To my Jewish friends, they know who they are, and they don’t expect me to wish them a “Happy Hanukkah.”

At this point, I’d also like to wish everyone in advance, “Happy St. Paddy’s Day”, “Happy Columbus Day”, “Happy Indigenous People’s Day,” “Happy Thanksgiving” and “Happy New Year”!

If anyone gets offended, I urge you to try to be tolerant.

How Rev. John Hagee and Glenn Beck support racism and ethnic cleansing

September 2, 2010


By Harmony Daws

2 Sep 2010


By Harmony Daws
2 Sep 10

Conservative star Glenn Beck’s recent “Restoring Honor” event was attended by perhaps hundreds of thousands and covered by major media. Mega-pastor John Hagee was among the religious leaders who spoke; he led a closing prayer to the “God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” and asked forgiveness of America’s sins. “Through moral and spiritual compromise,” the Zionist leader prayed, “we have allowed our nation to conform to the ways of the world by rejecting the Word of God.” Yet few evangelical pastors have more grossly betrayed the Bible than John Hagee.

Hagee has “made it a practice for 25 years not to target Jews for conversion.”At his Christians United for Israel rallies, he forbids mention of the name of Jesus, in praise or prayer. And although betraying this central tenet of Christianity, the heretical pastor remains popular. Although so controversial that John McCain distanced himself from Hagee’s endorsement in 2008, Hagee appears influential among Tea Partiers. In 2006, Barna polls reported Hagee was regarded by Pentecostals as one the top ten spokesmen for Christianity. Glenn Beck, who is riding a wave of tremendous popularity, has promoted Hagee’s book Can America Survive? 10 Prophetic Signs That We Are the Terminal Generation. This month the book is number seven on the New York Timespolitical bestsellers list. Hagee can be seen on YouTube listing all ten of the signs in conversation with Beck.

It is not surprising that Beck provides a platform to the arch Christian Zionist, as he himself panders to the Anti-Defamation League. Earlier this month Beck related the Biblical fact that Jews were responsible for Jesus’ death. Jumped on by ADL for what it regards as “anti-Semitism,” Beck backtracked. “ I strongly believe that it is a historical fact that the Romans, not the Jews, put Jesus to death…” Beck says he wants to dialogue with ADL so that he can better understand the “injustices” (online hate speech, Christian “homophobia,” criticism of Israel?) that “ADL is fighting.”

In his Beck-blessed bestseller, Hagee says the one thing we won’t survive is rejecting Israel, “the only nation created by an eternal covenant with God.” Hagee says Jews have a divine mandate to possess Palestine and America will be destroyed if we attempt to force a return of any land to the dispossessed Arabs. He compares American pressure on Israel to withdraw from illegal settlements to British attempts to appease Hitler. “God promises that all nations that use their influence to divide the land of Israel will be brought to a swift and severe judgment.” (p. 27)

Because Hagee’s theology lines up with the most zealous, anti-peace right-wingers in Israel, it is no surprise that rabidly anti-Gentile, anti-Palestinian settlers and rabbis receive tremendous financial support from his coffers. Christian Zionists yearly funnel more than a million dollars into their coffers. In fact, they directly contribute to the persecution of the approximately 15,000 Messianic Jewish Christians who live in Israel today. They live “under the perpetual wrath of the haredim, who for the most part alienate and discriminate against them…”

Hagee has even contributed $500,000 of evangelical donations to the city of Ariel, which is noted for its particular persecution of Messianic believers. (See, Jews Against Jesus)

[Recently] Hagee was the guest of honor of the city of Ariel. The pro-settler news outlet Arutz Sheva described the “tribute ceremony” by Hagee’s supporters in the sports hall named in his honor. “Hundreds of Ariel residents, led by city officials and Mayor Ron Nachman, were moved by the outpouring of love from the Christian friends of Israel and responded in kind with warm applause and embraces, which reached a peak with the singing of the Israeli and U.S. anthems.”

During the gathering, Pastor Hagee delivered an aggressive and patriotic address supportive of the State of Israel and decrying the U.S. government’s policy of pushing Israel to make security concessions to the Arabs that threaten its existence. “The Land of Israel is the country and the land of the Jews,” Hagee said fervently. He earned loud applause when he declared: “We believe that the Jews are the chosen people, God’s beloved, and that Jerusalem will be united forever and not divided, under Jewish sovereignty.” (Ha’aretz .com)

Hagee’s donations also go to Gush Katif, Jewish settlers who resist territorial compromise and land withdrawals. They also go to Young Israel, which Richard Silverstein describes as “one of the most virulent U.S. Orthodox groups supporting the most extreme of the settlers and settlements.” Silverstein reports this about two other recipients of Hagee’s largesse:

“Shurat Ha-Din is an Israeli-American group using ‘lawfare’ to wage war against the Arab world.  It sues Arab banks alleging that they accept deposits from militant groups in violation of U.S. law.  The group also hosts “Intellitours” to Israel which include meetings with Shin Bet assassins who’ve perpetrated targeted assassinations.

“Nefesh B’Nefesh resettles new immigrants who make aliya.  It makes a special point of directing these immigrants to West Bank settlements and subsidizes their lives there.  In effect, this is yet another means of providing ideological and financial support to the settler movement.”

Here are some of the Orthodox pro-settler groups receiving money from Hagee:

Gush Katif, $200,000

Young Israel, $150,000

Shurat Ha-Din, $100,000

Nefesh B’Nefesh, $1,000,000

Ariel (settlement), $500,000

Gush Etzion, $150,000

Far right-wing sentiment and the violent, racial/religious supremacism of the Talmud have motivated many murderous statements by respected rabbis in Israel. (See our last two articles.) Real bloodshed is resulting from their vitriol. Jewish terrorist Yakov Teitel has been indicted for the murders of a Palestinian taxi driver and Palestinian shepherd; for the attempted poisoning of Palestinian village residents; and for attempting to murder the son of a Messianic family in Ariel by sending them an explosive disguised as a Purim gift. Teitel is a follower of Rabbi Shapira, whose King’s Torah justifies the killing of non-Jews. (See, Homicidal Rabbi Finds Wide Support in Israel) Dov Lior, another radical rabbi and friend of Shapira, has instructed IDF soldiers, “There is no such thing as civilians in wartime… A thousand non-Jewish lives are not worth a Jew’s fingernail!” Lior does advocate keeping a few non-Jews alive: captured militants who could be used for live human medical experiments! Journalist Daniel Estrin says Rabbi Lior remains “a respected figure among many mainstream Zionists.”

In addition to violating the Biblical mandate to preach the gospel to everyone, Hagee disobeys another important, clearly stated command: to make donations first to the “household of faith”—not unbelieving Jews who persecute Christians. Hagee supports right-wing rabbis and Zionist education—not mercy to displaced Palestinians or defense of Jewish Christians in Israel!

Also, Hagee supports an undivided Jerusalem, which would mean kicking out East Jerusalem’s Arab inhabitants whose ancestors lived there for millennia. “If America puts pressure on Israel to divide Jerusalem we are following the blueprint of the Prince of Darkness,” the pastor has said.

Thus Hagee, alleged representative of Christianity, wages war not only against fellow believers, the Bible and Palestinians—but any possibility of a two-state solution providing Arab autonomy. This means he is against the Mideast peace process itself.


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