Christian Zionist Stephen Harper’s New World Order Police In Action

March 26, 2011

No fly zone…over Toronto?.

Christian Bombing and the Truth About Libya

March 26, 2011

Sometimes Canada is touted as a Christian country, and a peace-loving country. But wait, there are no Christians or peace-makers in the Canadian House of Commons, because they all voted—every last one of them—for war. They voted to bomb Libya, a country that does not threaten Canada in any way.

In fact, Gadhafi might be even better than Canadians and Americans. Libya’s banks do not charge interest, every family has a house and car, literacy rate is high, oil revenues go the people, and Libya has far fewer people in prisons (percent-wise) than the USA! More here.

Here’s what happens when Zionist Christians and so-called democracy-makers drop a bomb. Precision Bombing.

A writer in the WindsorStar (Ontario) I think says it better than all the war-mongering politicians: “Canadians are no better than Moammar Gadhafi and willing to do the slaughter of his own people for him.”


How to quit your Christian Zionist “Israel-first” church

March 20, 2011
Pope Joan with tiara as the Whore of Babylon.

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By Rev. Ted Pike
9 Mar 11

Are you weary of attending an Israel-first church where, despite the latest atrocities and injustices of Israel, “God’s chosen people” are only held up for praise?

Are you satisfied with supporting a church where the great moral issues of our time – abortion, homosexuality, evolution, etc. (not to mention liberal Jewish antagonism to Christ) – are banned from discussion because they are “divisive?” Does it sit well with you that such intellectual strangulation gives evil a green light to infect your community and probably your children?

By blindly supporting Israel (Babylon the Great) (See, “Babylon the Great” is Israel), churches across America are actually helping fulfill Bible prophecy—and not in a good way! They are helping establish a one-world government that will be ruled in Jerusalem by Anti-Christ.

If you are a believer who feels spiritually and intellectually malnourished, unthinking attendance of your local Israel-first church is not the answer. Home churches are growing more popular, but many concerned lay people don’t feel the calling and inspiration or have the time to personally lead a group.

What can you do?

Join the 4,500 visits last month to our Bible studies at Listeners brought their families and friends to our online church and heard the whole truth about Christ our Savior and the political and social threats coming against our nation.

Join our Truthtellers congregation. You can listen to my latest Bible study or choose from 76 challenging topics already online. The meaty, in-depth teaching twice a week will provide the equivalent of spiritual steak dinners to challenge your spirit toward true holiness and satisfy your children’s searching minds. They will help you find the keys to real conviction and courage that will empower you and your family to take back America!

‘Tel Aviv’s‘ Command To Attack Libya

March 20, 2011
(en) Libya Location (he) מיקום לוב

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The UN has installed its “No Fly Zone” over Libya and the French are first in to start the next neo-con war. Where was the No Fly Zone when the Zionist intruders of Palestine were murdering children and women with white phosphorus in Gaza? It’s time for a “No Lie Zone” from the “lame stream” media, but don’t hold your breath.

Hear former Jew, now a Christian “street evangelist,” Brother Nathanael explain why Libya is attacked:

Japan, Quakes & The Jewish Question

March 18, 2011

In this short video, Brother Nathanael of the Bro. Nathanael Foundation tells how the Japanese are opposing the Zionist New World Order.

[Comment below by Bro. Nathanael taken from his website]

It’s REALLY True.

The pamphlet, “The Protocols Of The Elders of Zion” IS a BEST SELLER in Japan and has gone through multiple printings.

The book, “If You Understand Judea, You Understand The World” has a Subtitle: “If You Understand Judea, You Understand Japan.”

The leaders of Japan, including the present Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama, ARE resisting the Judaic World Order and the Jews don’t like it.

The Jews FEAR what Japan, Russia, and the East Asian axis are up to in consolidating a power bloc in resistance to the Zionist West.

Let’s KEEP our eyes on “geopolitical” NEW realities that could upset the Zionist STRANGLE HOLD on the Western World.

The Pope Exonerates and Tennessee Excoriates

March 5, 2011

It was reported all over the place, couldn’t miss it if you tried: the Pope says the Pharisees of old did not kill Christ. So now we have another version of the Bible in the making. For a reaction to this news, I went to Michael Hoffman’s blog, and read his comments (full quote):

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Pope Exonerates and Tennessee Excoriates

1. Readers have asked Michael Hoffman to comment on:
The Pope “exonerates Jews for the death of Jesus”
I’m going to wait until the pope’s new book is published before I give an assessment. I distrust jump-the-gun encapsulation/sensationalism, for which the mainstream media is justly notorious.
Having said that, it will not surprise me to learn, after studying his forthcoming book, that the pope has contributed another installment in his long career of treasonous Judaization, which, together with his tolerance of high level child molestation facilitators (Bernard Law, Roger Mahony ad nauseum, who live in retired luxury), have stained his white garments with the blood of Palestine and the blood of raped Catholic children. Behold, the day comes when the proud shall be reduced to stubble.
The Associated Press ( reports: “Benedict has said that had he known Bishop Richard Williamson’s views about Jews he never would have lifted his excommunication, which was imposed in 1988 because Williamson was consecrated without papal consent.”
If this is an accurate quotation, it signifies that Church office is now bestowed or withdrawn based on one’s attitudes pro or contra toward the “Jews.”
Since Williamson has never said anything unscriptural about “Jews,” but only doubted that they were gassed to death in Auschwitz, we see a revolutionary standard being imposed by this pope — clerics who offer an opinion about a detail of official World War Two propaganda are deserving of excommunication, while criminals like Cardinals Bernard Law and Roger Mahony, who facilitated and protected child molesters, retire with the full pomp of their office (Mahony is still eligible to cast a vote for a new pope, should the current one die). Truly we are dealing with a shameless pontiff for whom dereliction in the duty of Jew-worship is magnitudes of sinfulness above peccadillos such as harboring child rapists.
A papal proclamation absolving the Pharisees and the Jewish mob in first century Jerusalem, or the spiritual heirs of the Pharisees who comprise modern Orthodox Judaism, of the murder of Jesus Christ, is not worth the paper on which it is written.
The Talmud states that Jesus got what He deserved, and the highest legal authority in Judaism, Rabbi Moses Maimonides, not only confirmed the Talmud’s judgment, he urged the murder of Jesus’ followers, if such killings could be made to look like an accident. So what’s to absolve? The Talmud and Maimonides are “witnesses against themselves.” A papal proclamation to the contrary has the same credibility as an absolution issued by the Masonic Lodge or the U.N.
If idolatry of counterfeit “Israel” is your bag, then the pope’s words will make an impression. For the rest of us, Pope Benedict XVI lacks moral authority, to say the least.
The fact that the ADL and the Orthodox rabbis beseech Rome for official declarations of their innocence shows the inherent weakness of their position. Their insecurity reminds this writer of the 1980s and 1990s when the same suspects were running to judges demanding they take “judicial notice” of the homicidal Auschwitz gas chambers so as to make them real — by judicial proclamation. Alice inWonderland was a paragon of logic compared with these Zionists.
2. Fighting Shariah Law in the Buckle of the Talmud Belt

In the face of this and other morbitities of our world, I did get a laugh today — discovering that Republican yahoos in Tennessee are trying to pass legislation banning Shariah law in the U.S. (, because they imagine it represents an imminent threat to the Constitution. Their model legislation was crafted by an Arizona attorney named David Yerushalmi.
It is a shame that we no longer have a satirist with the rapier-wit of a Twain or a Mencken to puncture this charade, mounted by the lowest dregs of Tennessee’s “Buckle of the Talmud Belt.”
Judaism’s Babylonian Talmud long ago subverted the Constitution, Congress and the Supreme Court, but few Tea Party “patriots” seem to have noticed.
The Talmudic Noachide Law is already Federal Law (Public Law 102-14), but “Christian Republicans” are oblivious. It would take a real mensch to proclaim the truth about it, and I do not expect any to emerge from the zombie ranks of Michael Savage, Michael Medved, Daniel Lapin, Limbaugh or Beck.
Consequently, while the six pointed star of the Synagogue of Satan is embedded on the front of the Thomas S. Foley Federal Courthouse building in Spokane, Washington (in the form of the misnamed “Great Seal of the United States”), alleged “Christian evangelists” are feverishly hunting down the Shariah law, which would threaten America’s subservience to the House of Rothschild’s house of usury.
Like many of you, in this work I can always use a laugh. I have to thank the Judeo-Churchian Shariah-hunters of Tennessee, such as Grand Golem Bill Ketron and Grand Golem Judd Matheny, and Tennessee “Eagle Forum” ( for providing a hearty one this day.
Michael Hoffman
Hoffman’s research and writing are entirely reader-supported

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