Christian Bombing and the Truth About Libya

Sometimes Canada is touted as a Christian country, and a peace-loving country. But wait, there are no Christians or peace-makers in the Canadian House of Commons, because they all voted—every last one of them—for war. They voted to bomb Libya, a country that does not threaten Canada in any way.

In fact, Gadhafi might be even better than Canadians and Americans. Libya’s banks do not charge interest, every family has a house and car, literacy rate is high, oil revenues go the people, and Libya has far fewer people in prisons (percent-wise) than the USA! More here.

Here’s what happens when Zionist Christians and so-called democracy-makers drop a bomb. Precision Bombing.

A writer in the WindsorStar (Ontario) I think says it better than all the war-mongering politicians: “Canadians are no better than Moammar Gadhafi and willing to do the slaughter of his own people for him.”



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