How to quit your Christian Zionist “Israel-first” church

Pope Joan with tiara as the Whore of Babylon.

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By Rev. Ted Pike
9 Mar 11

Are you weary of attending an Israel-first church where, despite the latest atrocities and injustices of Israel, “God’s chosen people” are only held up for praise?

Are you satisfied with supporting a church where the great moral issues of our time – abortion, homosexuality, evolution, etc. (not to mention liberal Jewish antagonism to Christ) – are banned from discussion because they are “divisive?” Does it sit well with you that such intellectual strangulation gives evil a green light to infect your community and probably your children?

By blindly supporting Israel (Babylon the Great) (See, “Babylon the Great” is Israel), churches across America are actually helping fulfill Bible prophecy—and not in a good way! They are helping establish a one-world government that will be ruled in Jerusalem by Anti-Christ.

If you are a believer who feels spiritually and intellectually malnourished, unthinking attendance of your local Israel-first church is not the answer. Home churches are growing more popular, but many concerned lay people don’t feel the calling and inspiration or have the time to personally lead a group.

What can you do?

Join the 4,500 visits last month to our Bible studies at Listeners brought their families and friends to our online church and heard the whole truth about Christ our Savior and the political and social threats coming against our nation.

Join our Truthtellers congregation. You can listen to my latest Bible study or choose from 76 challenging topics already online. The meaty, in-depth teaching twice a week will provide the equivalent of spiritual steak dinners to challenge your spirit toward true holiness and satisfy your children’s searching minds. They will help you find the keys to real conviction and courage that will empower you and your family to take back America!


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