NATO Killers And Child Molestation

Not sure if I posted this earlier. Anyway, here’s a letter dated August 28, 2011 which I sent to all Canadian Members of Parliament, and, as expected, since all members favor Zionist wars, I didn’t get one response.

Dear Member of Parliament,

(Don’t let your kids see this. It’s horrible to look at.) Please take a good look at the fried corpse of an innocent child in Libya. This is extreme child molestation by NATO killers, and, regrettably, you were part of it, because you voted to bomb Libya.
The late leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition wrote in his last “manifesto” for social democracy: “My friends, love is better than anger… So let us be loving…” Indeed, if “love is better than anger,” why did Mr. Jack Layton and his party vote unanimously (with the government) for this NATO child-molesting war crime? Opposition? What opposition? Such hypocrisy!
Certainly, with 307 pro-war elitist MPs voting with you, you were not alone. And you felt strong, so strong that you were not afraid to violate the sovereignty of a small, peaceful, and the most prosperous African nation. You don’t need to remind me, I know you call this kind of crime “collateral damage.” But using a fancy phrase from your diplomatic dictionary doesn’t detract from your immoral behavior (despite some affixed “hon.” titles).
Even more hypocritical is our pro-war Christian Zionist Prime Minister who appeases a few voters by adding “Royal” to his killing machines, knowing that dumb downed Canadians love the sound of “Royal”—it’s just so cool to fry kids with a “royal” bomb. Obviously, the PM has misread his bible which says “Suffer the little children…” It doesn’t say “Make the little children suffer.” Only one lone MP voted against extending the Libya bombing.
Thanks for listening and I pray that your God will grant you mercy when the Grim Reaper comes for you, as he will for all of us.
Mystery Worshiper

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