VE Day: Should Christians celebrate war?

Credit: Metro News, May 7, 2010

Today is V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day), 65 years after the Allies of the Second World War (the “Good War“) defeated Germany. Should Christians be interested in wars? I say yes. Not because I believe in the goodness of Zionist-instigated and financed wars (e.g., WWII), or that the victors were saints (they weren’t), or as the British said, to uphold “Christian civilization.”

No, I believe Christians ought to be interested in wars because wars are always fought and memorialized in the name of God, even though they are instigated by warmongers at the top of national governments, and, sadly, promoted by so-called militaristic Christians. Recently, I was strolling through a small park and came upon this sign about the Great War (1914-19): “To the Glorious Memory of the Men of…whose deaths helped under God to save their Country in the Great War…” The same god seems to bless the “Good War.”

Recently, Andrew Cohen, president of the Canadian Historica-Dominion Institute complained that a new survey shows Canada’s younger generation don’t find it a big deal to remember a war that’s 65 years old, and that the young today wouldn’t have gone to war back then. In a patronizing way he asks: “Do they know enough?” His answer, of course, is that they don’t know enough. My uncle was killed in WWII when his merchant ship was torpedoed. Was he stupid? No. But perhaps, like many today, he “did not know enough.” But now we do know more, thanks to courageous authors. We have learned that the “good” Allies were war criminals too.

Starving babies 1947 (Crimes and Mercies)

For example, Canadian historian James Bacque proves in his books Other Losses and Crimes and Mercies that the Allies were just as vengeful as their enemy, even more so. Bacque shows that years after Germany surrendered, the victorious Allies starved over 2 million German POWs causing their deaths and starved to death almost 14 million civilians, most of them children, women and old men (page 131 of Crimes and Mercies)!

Is this upholding “Christian civilization”? Gordon Duff writing in Veterans Today asks: “Why do Christian Zionists love torture and rape?” Torture, murder and rape are still authorized by “democracies” with the approval of Christian Zionists who support wars (yes, those mega churches where happy-clappy worshipers perform on Sundays and on your TV). Nothing has changed in 65 years.


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