Ernst Zündel: World’s Best-Known Political Prisoner, Dead at 78

August 9, 2017

Here are three articles, two by revisionist historian and Judaic scholar, Michael Hoffman. The third is by Mike King of TomatoBubble fame. Please read them because you won’t find this information in the mainstream media. As a Jewish correspondent remarked recently, the world has always been divided between those who have a plan and those who are kept in ignorance of it. The first is government and those who control it, and the second is the mass of ordinary people, like you and me. Although we’re ordinary, we can at least inform ourselves. It’s still not a crime…not yet.

Article 1: Ernst Zundel: A Lover, not a Hater

Article 2: Ernst Zundel deserved to die in agony…

Article 3: Remembering the great Ernst Zundel


Canadian prison for Christians: no heat or shoes or socks, bed sheets washed every 3 months

May 2, 2010

These four “freedoms” on the left are taken from page 8 of “Discover Canada” (2010 edition), a booklet for new Canadians published by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. In my opinion, this booklet should have a prominent warning printed on the front, such as “Warning: Canada’s Freedoms Are Subject to ZioFascists.” Here’s why:

What’s it really like in a Canadian prison? And what is it like when you’re not a criminal? The following excerpt describes the inside of Canada’s prison gulag if you are a truth seeker and pacifist, and dare to express a personal opinion that contradicts official government opinions. Listen to a survivor of Canada’s gulag prisons:

Throughout my imprisonment, basic human rights principles were trampled underfoot repeatedly and with impunity. The worst prisons were the Canadian detention centers at Thorold, Ontario and at Toronto West, where I was held for two long years in isolation cells, ice-cold in the winter, no shoes or socks allowed. The electric light in these cells, bright enough to be able to read, was kept on 24 hours a day. Through a glass slot in the door I was checked every 20 minutes, and my activities were meticulously noted by the guards: one sheet for every day.  No dignity, no privacy. My toothbrush was kept in a plastic bin in a hall. I was not allowed to speak to other prisoners. Bed sheets were changed only after three months. No pillows. No chairs. When I wrote to my wife or to my attorneys, I had to sit on a makeshift pile of my court transcripts. No radio, no television, not even an electrical outlet to sharpen my pencils. No ball point pens, only pencil stubs, cut in half with a saw. No spoons, forks, or knives were permitted; only a white plastic spoon with a fork called a “spork” that had to be returned every time at the end of the meal. With very few exceptions when furtive guards showed me some kindness away from the surveillance cameras, I was treated as though I was the worst of criminals. That’s Canada for you, where I have lived and worked without a criminal record for more than 40 years.

This Christian pacifist with no criminal record was treated many times worse than Canada’s most violent serial killers, compliments of the Zionist-controlled departments of (in)justice. So, I think new Canadians have every right to view their little booklet with great distrust, and could treat this part of the booklet as so much “poppycock.” Indeed, if Canada claims so much freedom of religion, why does it prosecute the clergy and tell them to renounce their faith? When Zionists have complete control, torture will be normal practice, as it is now in Israel.

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