How to produce ‘good’ soldiers: spurn Gentile sperm

Took a while, but I finally got it: why the Israeli armed forces attacked the Gaza humanitarian ship and murdered some of the volunteer aid workers.

It really never occurred to me before, but an illuminated one, Rabbi Dov Lior, has seen a light. It’s the sperm, stupid! No, Gentile sperm. G-d, the parents of those IDF soldiers must have been dabbling in Gentile sperm!

Read all about it, right from the rabbi’s mouth:

‘Gentile sperm leads to barbaric offspring’

“If the father in not Jewish, what character traits could he have? Traits of cruelty, of barbarism! These are not traits that characterize the people of Israel.”

Are we allowed to condemn this spewing of hateful garbage in the United States or Canada? Or is that considered anti-Semitic?


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