Who is Rev. Terry Jones and his “Burn a Koran Day”?

Just who is this Rev. ‘Dr.’ Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach Center (website pulled down) who received world-wide notoriety around September 11? The famous Christian refugee from Israel, Rov Tov, calls the pastor Terry ‘CIA’ Jones. Tov says Terry Jones is a “false flag” action, cut from CIA material. Listen to Jones here (podcast) and reach your own conclusion.

Anyway, which bible would MysteryWorshiper burn? Frankly, I don’t believe in the ancient practice (since 213 BC) of book-burning or its modern equivalent, government censorship (book-banning). Yes, burn your own books that are your personal and private property if you want to (like they did in the Bible, see Acts 19:19); that is your decision. But do not ask government to make laws that force me to “burn” (undesirable) books the government doesn’t want me to read.

Pastor Terry Jones wants to burn the Qur’an. I’m not a Muslim but I wanted to know how the Holy Qur’an views Jesus, the Christian Messiah. I also checked the Talmud. Here’s what I found:

In the Holy Qur’an:

Those apostles We endowed with gifts, some above others: To one of them Allah spoke; others He raised to degrees (of honour); to Jesus the son of Mary We gave clear (Signs), and strengthened him with the holy spirit.

In the Talmud:

Balaam [Jesus] also the son of Beor, the soothsayer, [did the children of Israel slay with the sword]. A soothsayer? But he was a prophet! — R. Johanan said: At first he was a prophet, but subsequently a soothsayer. R. Papa observed: This is what men say, ‘She [Mary] who was the descendant of princes and governors, played the harlot with carpenters.’

It appears the Holy Qur’an is quite respectful of Jesus and Mary, while the Talmud is not. It seems to me that if pastor Jones wants to burn holy books, he ought to give equal consideration to the Talmud. In fact, he did say he was going to burn the Talmud too, but later changed his mind.

The main question is this: who really benefits from the planned Qur’an burning? Do Christians benefit? Will Muslims want to learn more about the Christian prophet? I don’t think so.

Rev. Jones is a Christian Zionist, and possibly a CIA agent (he was a “missionary” in Germany in the 1980s) and was fined for his faked “Doctor of Theology.” As a Christian Zionist, it’s easy for him to  enable bloody wars and “preemptive strikes,” thereby inflicting pain and suffering. And like his fellow Christian Zionists, he might recommend assassination of government leaders; he might teach a theology that promotes genocide. All very easy to do if you belong to the Christian Zionist cult.

What the pastor’s action really does is create a bad image of Muslims while silently approving the actions of the  racist apartheid State of Israel, a country that persecutes Christians.


5 Responses to Who is Rev. Terry Jones and his “Burn a Koran Day”?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think you entirely understand what the Talmud is. It’s not a Bible; it’s commentary on the Bible. The Talmud is a transcript of arguments between rabbis. At the end of the argument, it tells you who “won”. Not every line of the Talmud is considered to be divinely inspired. Some of them are object lessons on what NOT to think. It’s closer to philosophy than to revelation.


    • Actually, I do understand, so I didn’t refer to the Talmud as a “holy” book, but a “bible” in the sense that it is “authoritative” which it is. In Judaism, “The Bible is the lowest form. The next best is the Mishnah. The highest is the Talmud (the Gemara).” Also in Judaism, there are two Torahs, the Hebrew Covenant (Torah SheBichtav) and the Torah referred to by all rabbis, Torah SheBeal Peh! (See “Judaism Discovered” by Michael Hoffman.)


  2. So-called “Rev.” Terry Jones is a threat to national security and a fruitcake of the first order.


  3. […] moment of fame is similar to that of religious nutball “Burn a Koran Day” Rev. Terry Jones of Florida. We know that the mainstream media is owned by Zionists, […]


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