Do Muslims defend Christians?

Muslims defend Christians. You have to be kidding. You don’t believe it? Aren’t Muslims suppose to kill “infidels”? In turn, doesn’t the Christian bible say it’s good to kill everyone (“not sparing anyone that breathes” Joshua 11:14)? Really, now, what should a Christian do?

When was the last time you heard that Muslims defend Christians? I bet you didn’t hear it on CNN or FOX News. The Zionist-controlled world media will not report it, but they’ll tell you all about non-existent al-Qaeda.

Check this report “Thousands Of Egyptians Muslims Show Up As ‘Human Shields’ To Defend Coptic Christians From Terrorism“. Would extremist Christian Zionists like Rev. John Hagee arrange a human shield to protect Muslims from terrorists? No, but he would likely sponsor the IDF in doing some dirty work.


One Response to Do Muslims defend Christians?

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