Shootings in Arizona: coincidence or conspiracy?

The attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is trending news. What isn’t trending news is that America loves assassinations (of bad guys). Journalist, author and scholar Michael Hoffman offers his take on revisionistreview that surely won’t reach the mainstream (lame stream) media:

…assassination is also quintessentially American, although one would never know it from the lava flow of sanctimony surrounding Saturday’s attack on the two Federal officials. Our nation is “horrified and sickened.” John McCain opined that the perpetrator is less than human and deserves the contempt of all. Why? Because he assassinated an allegedly good man? Surely the act of assassination itself cannot trouble Senator McCain or any American, since we regularly finance assassination with our tax dollars. Hardly a week goes by in Afghanistan or Pakistan that U.S. forces do not shoot, bomb or burn an alleged Taliban leader, never mind if we gained our intelligence about the leader from one of his business or clan rivals.

“But that’s war,” you say.

Alright, then, what of our taxpayer-supported “stalwart ally” in the Middle East, “Israel,” that has used hundreds of “targeted killings” (none dare call it assassination), to murder Palestinians and Lebanese?

“That too is war,” you say.

Hoffman closes with sympathy for all victims of assassination:

We should mourn for all the victims and pity a nation so bipolar that it applauds Federally-authorized assassinations while patting itself on the back for the tears and prayers it offers to those on the receiving end of unauthorized ones.




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