Fools for God: anti-Zionist Christian preachers

July 31, 2010
[MW note: Michael Hoffman shows how anti-Zionist Christian preachers fall into the trap of promoting Talmudic Judaism.]

Subverting the Bill of Rights with Elena Kagan, Rabbi Lerner and Prof. Peller

The move to abolish America’s legal universalism (the same law applies to all)

“There can’t be free speech for everyone”

Legal universalism runs contrary to the Talmud

The so-called Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP) is led by Rabbi Michael Lerner. At a June NSP “Strategy Development Conference” in Washington, D.C. the group worked out the details of their plan to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights by converting the U.S. legal system to one “based on empathy—for each person, depending on their circumstances — as opposed to one based on a rule of law that values equal protection for all.”

The movement is accompanied by a lot of righteous rhetoric against corporate take-overs and peace activism, but it appears to be little more than a front for a Leftist-Talmudic (pillar of chesed) political counterpart to Right-wing Talmudic (pillar of gevurah) neocon politics.

Gentile Right wingers typically take this charade at face value and jump into the fray against Talmudic Leftists on behalf of Talmudic Rightists. Consequently, we have the amusing spectacle of Right wing anti-Zionist Christian preachers denouncing “liberal Jews” while allying with pillar of gevurah rabbis such as Daniel Lapin. Meanwhile gentile Leftists ally with pillar of chesed Rabbi Michael Lerner against Lapin. Of course both pillars support Judaism.

Siding with one covert pillar of Judaism against the other is an ancient streak of self-defeating myopia among Right wing goyim, some of whom fancy themselves as experts on the religion of Judaism.

Gary Peller, a Constitutional law professor at Jesuit Georgetown University spoke at Rabbi Lerner’s Network of Spiritual Progressives conference. In his speech he denounced the concept of neutrality before the law as a “sham ideology.” Prof. Peller argues for special privileges for special groups. For example, Peller castigated a 1977 Supreme Court ruling that  refused to obstruct a neo-Nazi march in Skokie, Illinois, which was home to a large population of Judaic “survivors of the Holocaust.”

In the Skokie case Prof. Peller believes the holiness of the saintly “Holocaust survivors” trumped the rights of the  neo-Nazis. Peller’s legal theory demolishes the most precious aspect of the First Amendment — protection of the freedom of speech of society’s most despised outsiders.

Peller argues for a two-tier Talmudic legal standard: “There can’t be free speech for everyone if you have taken away the right of Holocaust survivors to come out that day…unless you think it must come at the cost of severe emotional distress.” For that reason, he said, “any just legal system must look at the effect of law on people.”

The June conference also featured a “Shabbat Service and Torah Study with Rabbi Debora Kohn and Rabbi Michael Lerner.”

The Network of Spiritual Progressives organization firmly believes that future Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan will be the key to substituting the kind of “empathy” which Georgetown U. Law Professor Peller advocates in place of our nation’s Bill of Rights protections.

The Network proposes Kagan as a counterweight to Antonin Scalia, a legal “conflict” that will draw hot reactions from partisans of both justices. The macabre joke that the partisans will surely miss is thatScalia is as gevurah Talmudic as Kagan is chesed Talmudic. Heads they win, tails we lose.

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