Was Jesus a Christian Zionist?

July 10, 2010

Was Jesus a Zionist? Yes, says James Lewis in his essay “Anti-Zionist Christians” in American Thinker. Lewis, who ought to be writing for the “Israeli Thinker,” is angry because a reverend from the Disciples of Christ church wants to divest from the apartheid state of Israel (until the 400-mile wall is torn down). In Lewis’s mind, Jesus would bless the following statements from selected Christian Zionists:

  • Rev. Dr. Jerry Falwell: “[E]very act taken by [Zionist] Israel is orchestrated by God…”
  • Rev. Dr. Pat Robertson: “[I]f he thinks we’re trying to assassinate him [president of Venezuela], I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it.”
  • Rev. Malcolm Hedding (Pentecostal): “There is no such thing as a Palestinian.”
  • Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin: “I believe that the Jewish settlements should be allowed to be expanded…”
  • Rev. Dr. Charles McVety: “Shame on the Presbyterian church…Israel has given Christians everything they have…” (You’ll have to watch a few boring minutes before you get to the reverend’s pompous accusations.)
  • Dave Hunt: “[A] land called Palestine is a hoax!” (Footnote #91)
  • Rev. Dr. John Hagee: “[Zionist] Israel is America’s closest and most trusted ally.”
  • Hal Lindsey: “[O]ur friendship with the Israelis is one of the reasons we’ve survived as a nation.” (Footnote # 218)

From these statements, it appears that Christian Zionists worship first the racist state of Israel and God gets second place. Looks like they also believe that Jesus was some kind of real estate broker.

These statements also clarify why these extremist fundamentalists support war including the Israeli military blockade of Gaza, the brutal bombardment of Gaza in 2008-2009, and the recent lethal IDF attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

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