Educating Christians In Fresno About Christian Zionism

We Hold These Truths has been challenging Christians about the dangers of Christian Zionism since 2002. Our latest effort took place in Fresno, CA at the Altar Conference: Where Heaven Meets Earth,” that describes it as “a weekend of dynamic worship and powerful teaching, provoking believers of all backgrounds into a lifestyle of radical pursuit and relentless devotion to Christ.” We think that’s a great idea.

Normally, WHTT vigils are held in front of Christian Zionist churches or events held by Christian Zionist organizations, like Christians United For Israel. Thousands of Christians attended the event and were greeted at three entrance points by members of the WHTT team led by David Jacobs and Craig Hanson. Because the “Free Speech” areas were very close to the lines for the security check points at the entrances, everyone got to see one or more of our signs. In this revealing, 23 minute, podcast, Craig and Dave reflect on some very interesting encounters they had with conference attendees. Many people were clueless about what Zionism is. Craig talked with attendees about how he came out of being a Christian Zionist, even though he didn’t know he was one (listen to: “Confessions of a Former Christian Zionist“). Handout mentioned in the podcast: “Does the Bible Require Followers of Jesus to Support the Jewish State of Israel? – Be A Berean: Acts 17:11, Do Your Own Research.”

David Jacobs (rt.) discusses the WHTT handout with an attendee to the Altar Conference.

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    Just having finished some historical research myself on Christian Zionism last weekend, it is good to see others working to counteract this terrible religious error. Christian Zionism predates Jewish Zionism by more than 2 centuries if you work back to its earliest roots in 17th century England, and then in America.


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