Pinko Pope Goes “All-In” On Global Warming

[Investigative journalist & author Mike King sets the record straight for gullible Catholics and smug religionists.]

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?  – Jesus
Just when you thought this God-forsaken planet of ours couldn’t get any crazier, comes word that Pope Frankie the Fake will be addressing the General Assembly of the atheistic United Nations in 2015. What’s the grand cause, you ask? Is it to advocate for an end to NATO’s wars and proxy wars in Europe, Asia and Africa? No! Is it to urge the wayward western world to return to good old fashioned moral values? No! Is it to condemn the viral epidemics of promiscuity, abortion, divorce, indecency, suicide, homosexuality, trans-gendersim, pedophilia, bestiality, pornography, adultery, usury, political corruption and crime? No! Is it to diffuse the Globalist march toward World War III? No!
Pope Frankie the Modern doesn’t do such quaint, old fashioned causes like: “Thou shalt not kill” or “Thou shalt not commit adultery” or “Thou shalt not steal”. In 2014, who even cares about that corny moralistic stuff anyway, right Frankie boy? As and its subsidiary, The Anti-New York Times, have explained in previous reports, Satan’s stooge is more concerned about things like accommodating homosexuals, railing against White “racism”, openly praising church-hating Marxists, opening Europe to unrestricted third world immigration, helping Fidel Castro, “building bridges” to terrorist Israel, and redistributing wealth a la Karl Marx. To those who still cling to the dangerous delusion that this Argentinian arse is just a gullible softy who has been misquoted by the media; cling no more because Phony Frankie is now completely out of his Communist closet.
Dubbed by the media as “The New World Pope”, this despicable, self-aggrandizing, publicity-seeking, Marxist impostor was installed for the specific purpose of misleading his flock away from the Church’s traditional moral path, and toward a New World Order instead. In addition to a sure to be media-hyped UN speech and lobbying effort, Frankie will be issuing a rare 50-60 page encyclical on the topic. A papal encyclical is no trifling matter. As one of the highest levels of a pope’s moral authority, the encyclical will compel the world’s priests to distribute Frankie’s Global Warming edict to over one billion gullible and obedient parishioners.
“Thou shalt not oppose hidden carbon taxes.” – is that it, Frankie?
This full-throttle embrace of what is a proven hoax, motivated by the evil intent of establishing carbon taxes and scam carbon exchange credits, puts Frankie the Fake in the same low class of nasty geo-political skunks as George Soros, David Rockefeller, Al Gore, Barack Obongo, Hillary Clinton, David Cameron and Angela Merkel. For typical activist theatrical effect, this demonic demagogue, this Moses of Marxism, this cleric of Communism, this Pontiff of progressivism, is even planning to visit an area devastated by a typhoon, as if this clown can actually prove that the storm was caused by “Climate Change”.
Catholics of the world! It’s time for this puffed-up, media-hyped, holier-than-thou, Marxist anti-Christ to be called out. It may be too late for you to save the rotting remnants of the Catholic Church, but we must stop these tyrannical UN carbon taxes that are heading our way. If not, there will be a whole lot more of those poor people that Frankie the Fake professes to care about so much.



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