Crimea Spring With Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Source  Real Jew News

A TURNING EVENT in world affairs took place in St George’s Hall in Russia’s Kremlin.

Ignoring Kerry’s and Merkel’s sanctions, Vladimir Putin signed a treaty today making Crimea part of Russia once again.

Basking amidst countless standing ovations from both chambers of the Russian Federation Council, Putin told the world that “relations” with the brotherly Ukrainian people have “always been and will always remain” of paramount importance to Russia.

Affirming that the referendum in the Crimea took place in full compliance with democratic procedures, Putin noted that memory and custom bound Russia and Crimea together.

“There is ancient Chersonesos there, where Holy Prince Vladimir was baptized,” said Putin. “His spiritual struggle – an appeal to Orthodoxy – predestined common cultural values and a civilizational framework that will unite the peoples of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.” Continued here.



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