Why I Wouldn’t Buy A Bible From Zondervan or Thomas Nelson

zondervanZondervan and Thomas Nelson are two “religious” publishers owned by Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp. Why would the telephone hacking owner of the tabloid “News of the World” buy religious publishing companies? To make money? Or to distort a Christian worldview? Or both?

Zondervan says Murdoch’s connection doesn’t present an “ethical dilemma.” Of course it doesn’t,  “Murdoch promotes Zionism throughout all of his Media venues” and as long as the “industry” is profitable, Murdoch will be happy. The same rules apply to Thomas Nelson.

A comment writer by the name of Jack at Christianity Today had this to say:


November 01, 2011

Murdoch does not control media for the sake simply of profit. He does so to control and manage content. As long as these publishers stay within ‘broad road’ churchianity, particularly anything supporting violently racist Zionism or so-called ‘Judeo-Christianity’ (an oxymoron if ever there was one), Murdoch will be happy. Any venture in the direction of hard-nosed anti-Pharisaic Christianity will not be welcomed or indeed permitted – the whole purpose of control.


3 Responses to Why I Wouldn’t Buy A Bible From Zondervan or Thomas Nelson

  1. Ben Greenwald says:

    I have a new America Standard bible and what prompted me to look into Zondervan was the Masonic scale and compass adorned with the fleur de lis on the dedication pages of the bible.. Big problems with that and with the Anti Christ Jewish Zionist establishment.. An even greater irony than “Judeo-Christian” is the fact that we fear the religious dogmas of the Quran but don’t give a moment’s notice to the Talmud.


    • Excellent observation regarding Zondervan. Thank you!


    • Christina wilson says:

      I completely agree, I have also come to the point of recognizing the degree of subverversion on Christianity by Zionist control in the USA. Apparently at this point its complete. “If you want to know who controls you ask yourselves who you are not allowed to talk about”…


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