John Hagee Gets A Theological Lesson From Chuck Baldwin

[Chuck Baldwin gives John Hagee a severe theological lesson, one that won’t be learned by the militant Zionist, but given nonetheless.]

John Hagee, and many other evangelical preachers, constantly beat the war drums. Without ceasing, they encourage America’s political leaders to wage non-stop wars of aggression–especially in the Middle East. They constantly trumpet America’s unconstitutional interventions in the Middle East with terms not unlike those used by militant Muslims. Hagee’s pro-war fanaticism is so extreme one must wonder how much he is being paid by the Israeli lobby. My guess is it’s a bunch.

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2 Responses to John Hagee Gets A Theological Lesson From Chuck Baldwin

  1. Hi! I started a blog series about Christian Zionism that could interest you:

    Remember to stay in love and peace.



    • Hi Micael, thanks for telling me about your blog. Educating Christians about the pitfalls of Christian Zionism is the main focus of my blog and I am happy to learn that you are engaging in a similar effort. Incidentally, I bear the namesake of a famous missionary but am not famous. My humanitarian work involves supporting an orphanage in Haiti. Blessings, mw


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