Galicia (Spain) Blocks Resolution against so-called “Holocaust”

By Adrian Gauss

Holocaust, Zionism & Judaica

March 29, 2013

Xosé Manuel Beiras

Xosé Manuel Beiras

A resolution commemorating the victims of the Holocaust was vetoed by the spokesmen of party leaders in the northwestern Spanish province of Galicia. Before a resolution can be submitted to that regional parliament, a Council of Speakers must approve of it, and that’s where it was stonewalled by the spokesmen of the left-wing electoral coalition AGE (Alternativa Galega de Esquerda, Galician Left Alternative) and by the BNG (Bloque Nacionalista Galego, Galician Nationalist Block).

The event has reached a broader public by the Jewish propaganda outlet Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) in a press release on March 22 in an attempt to put both party spokespersons under pressure. They lamented that “party officials said they viewed Holocaust commemoration as part of Israeli propaganda.” (See also here for those able to read Spanish.

Xosé-Manuel Beiras, Professor of Economy at the University of Santiago de Compostela, is the leader of AGE (see top photo). Asked why he had rejected the resolution, he stated:

“We do not want to support a statement promoted by the State of Israel which is dyed in the wool of imperialism. We have repeatedly condemned the [Jewish] Holocaust but have never condemned any of the other [genocides].”

Mr. Beiras argues that Israel is NOT a democratic state and continues committing genocide against the Palestinian people. He added that Arab prisoners are tortured in Jewish prisons and “nobody says anything.”

To change their attitude toward the proposed resolution, parliamentarians demand that the genocides against other groups are mentioned in it as well, like the extermination of the Kurds, the Armenians, and the Palestinians themselves. The latter is being perpetrated by many more “state actors” than just the Israeli entity.

Yolanda Díaz, líder de Esquerda UnidaYolanda Díaz, leader of “Esquerda Unida,” which is part of the electoral coalition AGE

The president of the Galician Association for Friendship with Israel, Pedro Gómez-Valadés, criticized the veto and the demands made to pass it, stating that the resolution was meant to be only about a certain event in history and is “unrelated to what happens today.” Gómez-Valadés is obviously either mendacious or utterly detached from reality, since it is self-evident that the abuse of the Jewish “Holocaust” is Zionism’s sword in its imperialistic endeavors and its shield against any criticism.

Just read what is written on one of the zillion websites promoting the eternal and isolationist commemoration of the “Holocaust,” here a German self-flagellation website:

“Some people even deny that the Holocaust happened. As time passes, and as we move further away from the Nazi period, we need to ask ourselves how best to communicate such events that still affect all of us.”

But have we Americans, or the Germans, or the Jews learned anything from this Jewish “Holocaust”? Apparently not, because they are all merrily engaged in the genocide against the Palestinians: the Zionists, Jews and gentiles among them, as the main actors, and the Americans and Germans as the main supporters and cheerleaders. Which proves that commemorating the Jewish “Holocaust” in isolation is actually furthering new genocides.

Although the Galician parliament did pass resolutions commemorating the victims of the Holocaust in the years 2010-2012 on occasions of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day (Jan. 27), this time the Galician Jews had to do without it. As Beiras said one time:

“Israel is a racist state insisting on the expropriation of territory and even – if possible – on the extermination of the Palestinian people.”

It looks like Galician politicians actually have morals and a spine. Let’s hope that they will not succumb to the pressure exerted by the non-existing powerful Jewish-Zionist lobby in coming months and years.


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