Jewish Crime, Corruption, and Scandal

[Our friend Richard Edmondson has some startling revelations in his weekly Rogues Gallery. mw]

Weekly Rogues Gallery

Welcome one and all, Gentile and Jew alike. Wishing everyone a pleasant day. This is our periodic look at Jewish crime, corruption, and scandal, and today we’ve got some fascinating tidbits to share with you. We’ll be telling you about an Israeli soldier who calls himself a “proud racist;” we’ll learn about an Israeli rabbi formerly convicted of rape; and we’ll also be returning to the widening scandal at New York’s Yeshiva University, where—get this—a top dean has gone on record as saying that child sex abuse allegations should not be reported to the police because…(drum roll please)…it could result in a Jew being locked up in a jail cell with a black inmate who conceivably might want to kill him.

Yes, there are Jews who hold racist beliefs. You knew that. But today we’re going to give you an idea of how pervasive such beliefs are amongst the “chosen people,”—I mean, egads! there really are lots of racist Jews out there!—and we’ll also be showing you how Jews, particularly in Israel, are becoming so emboldened they are expressing their racism openly. So without further ado, let’s open up this week’s gallery door and peek inside. Read more.


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