Members of Parliament Who Voted To Throw You Into Jail Because of Your Religious Beliefs

700-02201348Here’s how Canadian Members of Parliament voted for Protecting Freedom (Bill C-304): 153 voted Yes (for freedom), while 136 voted No (against freedom).

I was surprised that the one lone Green Party MP, Elizabeth May, and Independent MP Bruce Hyer, who could have been Parliament’s conscience for freedom of expression, followed the herd of Bolshevik-minded MPs who want to throw you into jail or be fined for expressing your religious views, for expressing politically incorrect opinions, for expressing unofficial historical stories, for hurting someone’s feeling, and on and on.

Fortunately, MPs who favoured freedom of expression won the vote in the House of Commons despite hypocritical MPs who talk “human rights” out of one side of their mouths and deny it with their actions.

It was easy for the Conservative MPs (majority in government) to vote in favour of freedom. But I give special credit to Liberal MP Scott Simms of Newfoundland who voted for freedom of expression and didn’t follow his party line.

But the enemies of freedom are ever present and active. And Bill C-304 is not yet Canadian law. The Bill is tied up in the Senate and might die on the order paper.

Canadians can contact their Senators to ask them to resume debate and vote on Bill C-304 (Protecting Freedom). Let’s do it (unless you really do like jail or heavy fines for hurting someone’s feelings).


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