Church Reports From Mystery Worshippers At Ship-of-Fools

churchHere are a few church reports from Ship-of-Fools in the UK. While their reports do not deal with Christian Zionists, the church reports are definitely entertaining. Your own church might be listed.

Recent reports

> Intimidating and remote: Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
> Open the door to Christ: Liverpool Cathedral, UK
> Good and bad music at St Ignatius Loyola, New York City
> Justice that justifies: All Souls, Langham Place, London
> Bouncy but grim: St Bartholomew’s, New York City

> Heavenly preaching at Old St Mary’s, San Francisco, USA
> Byzantine with British twist: St Mary, Newnham Murren, UK
> Ash Wednesday, Methodist style: First UMC, Glendale, USA
> Enthusiasm and panache at Auckland Cathedral, NZ
> Choir in full control at Wellington Cathedral, NZ

> Plugged into God at Holy Trinity, Picton, NZ
> Flood of light & sound: St Michael Archangel, Auburn, USA
> Hospitality at its best: Hastings Baptist, NZ
> Chanting in the snow at St Onuphrius, Québec, Canada
> Ploddy and lumbering: St Charles Borromeo, Peru, USA

> Bells ring out at St Swithun’s, East Retford, UK
> Not alone at Coll Church, Arinagour, Isle of Coll, UK
> “You’re joking!” Don Bosco’s relics at Liverpool Met, UK
> No noses bled at St John’s, Mobile, USA
> Like being in heaven: Bath Abbey, UK

Editor’s choice

> “You’re joking!” Don Bosco’s relics at Liverpool Met, UK
> Merely an observer as Bishop of Chichester is enthroned, UK
> Rocking and swaying at ordination of Bishop of Atlanta, USA
> Fire, mud and cupcakes at Greenbelt 2012
> St John Vianney’s relic arrives: Liverpool Met Cathedral, UK


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