Churches That Support Racism, Wars, Ethnic Cleansing, Assassinations

apocalypse.jpgIs your church a Christian church or a “Christian Zionist” church? If your church leaders agree with the following quotations, then you are attending a Christian Zionist church which supports racism, wars, ethnic cleansing, assassinations, etc. If your church leaders disagree with the following quotations, then you are attending a truly Christian church, following the example of Jesus Christ Himself.

1. “[E]very act taken by Israel is orchestrated by God…” Rev. Dr. Jerry Falwell

2. “There is no such thing as a Palestinian.” Rev. Malcolm Hedding

3. “Whoever sits in the confines of Washington, and suggests to the people of Israel that they have to give up more land in exchange for peace, that’s an obscenity.” Gary Bauer

4. “Israel is a pro-Western, democratic nation committed to the ideals of free speech and press…,” Hal Lindsey

5. “I would (run for President) if I believed that that is the right thing to do for Israel.” Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

6. “Ethiopia will be one of the ungodly nations that go against Israel…” President Ronald Reagan

7. “[A] land called Palestine is a hoax!” Dave Hunt

8. “Shame on the Presbyterian church [for wanting divestment]…Israel has given Christians everything they have…” Rev. Dr. Charles McVety

9. “Israel is America’s closest and most trusted ally.” Pastor John Hagee

10. “When God comes to judge the nations, he will judge them on their response to the regathering of Israel.” Derek Prince

11. “[I]f he thinks we’re trying to assassinate him [president of Venezuela], I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it.”    Rev. Pat Robertson

12. “[A]s a nation we have been blessed because of our relationship with Israel, and if we reject Israel, then there is a curse that comes into play.” US Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

13. Former supermodel Kathy Ireland, as a born-again Christian Zionist,“has an unwavering belief in the righteousness of [Israel’s] actions.” Jerusalem Post newspaper

14. “Only one nation, Israel, stands between…terrorist aggression and the complete decline of the United States as a  democratic world power…” Mike Evans


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