The Rise of Christian Anti-Semitism and Jewish Anti-Christian Fundamentalism

Somehow they got me…my name, that is. A slick “The Great Courses” catalog arrived last summer, and it’s taken me all this time to get around to looking at it. Why I’m even mentioning it now is for a couple of reasons.

First, on the front cover, for my Canadian benefit it says: “Canadian Edition–All Prices In U.S. Dollars.” How’s that for New World Order logic and advertising?

The other thing that intrigued me after looking over the 52 pages was the section on Religion & Theology. Apparently “The Great Courses” thinks a professor by the name of Bart D. Ehrman is one of the best, so I took a look at his lecture titles. Lecture 21 says “The Book of Hebrews and the Rise of Christian Anti-Semitism.” Click the little “info” link and you get his paranoid question, “Why does it [book of Hebrews] teach what it does about the superiority of Christianity to Judaism, and why did the early Christians include it in the canon?”

It seems the good professor believes there is a Semitic race, probably his. But, remember, Christian or no Christian, Jew or no Jew, there is no such thing as a Semitic race according to some; there are only Semitic languages, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Maltese, etc.

I wonder if the professor mentions in his lectures the anti-Christian laws of the State of Israel, where it is forbidden to proselytize and where Israeli Christians Worship Under Armed Guard. Probably not, that would be too revealing for his students.


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