The War Against Christmas

I borrowed the following Christmas piece from snippits and snappits.
DECEMBER 2, 2011
Tonight I watched the news from Montreal in which it was decided to ban Christmas decorations from many government public places. Big sigh. “Here we go again” I thought. Back to the war on Christmas only this time in Canada, in one of the oldest most Christian cities in the country. Of course this caused an uproar in Parliament and eventually the ban was withdrawn. I read letters in a few papers blaming the Muslims for this ban. Pffft! Stop with the Canadian Islamophobia already!
We know where this attitude comes from.
So here I am reposting my Hannukah envy piece from a few years ago only this time there will be more images simply because I found more!  So it is rather upgraded. I left the old posting up in case anyone misses the old imagery.Please understand, I do not begrudge people of any sort celebrating their cultural holidays but it does seem to me that, for a holiday that is of very minimal importance in the Jewish religion, there is a great deal of “Christmas envy” being shown in these items. And some, of these items come from sites that serve all holidays but we already know the Christian versions so I only post the Hanukah ones. So here we go again folks….

I included bakewear and a few other items after some thought because these are also traditional Christmas family activities. I have NO PROBLEM with Jewish families and baking because these are such wonderful memories for the children and parents, however, I do not think baking sweets of this type, cookies and cupcakes, is not really traditionally Jewish for this time of the year. Read more


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