Israel: Increasingly A Pariah State

Rev. Ted Pike of National Prayer Network points out the fallacy of Christian Zionist clergy and their love affair with Zionist Israel in an essay called Israel: Increasingly A Pariah State:

Intellectual Bankruptcy of “Israel-Firsters”

“Israel-first” fanatics such as Beck and Hagee exhort the world to love Israel not because she does things worthy of love but because of a pseudo-biblical conception of Christ-rejecting Israel as “the apple of God’s eye.” But the Zionist message of the evangelical right is ideologically weak. While Israel earns world condemnation by demonstrable acts of oppression and brutality toward the Palestinians, it becomes harder and harder for pro-Israel supporters to continue on the last gasoline fumes of unmerited praise.

I hope many evangelicals will begin to view Israel as other nations, which must guard their reputation with good deeds or bear the consequences. Nineties-style Israeli supremacism attempted to bluff and argue its way out of any accusation. It seemed to believe its media could hide any atrocity from the world’s notice. Yet, largely as a result of alternative media, such obscurantism is now much less possible.

This underscores the fact that education, total truth telling, legislative vigilance and faith in God—not violent revolution or “ultimate solutions”—are our best chance for stabilizing the world. Our battle to hold back ascent of Babylon the Great is spiritual but also ideological. It requires countering lies with truth. (See, ‘Babylon the Great’ is Israel) Fanaticism or violence never serve the cause of truth, and only give opportunity for slander and myth-making to its enemies. But if many voices simply state the documented facts about the threat of Jewish supremacism, the forces of evil are powerless against them.

Scripture emphasizes that God absolutely opposes a nation of Christ-reviling Jews occupying His holy land. From the time of the Babylonian exile (597 BC), He has endorsed, not Gentile ownership, but Gentile tenancy until Israel repents. (Watch NPN film “Why the Mid-East Bleeds”below.) This means that He has no objection to creation of a Palestinian state along with enough territory ceded by Israel to make it a viable replacement for all that Israel stole from indigenous Arabs in 1948.

Ironically, in proposing a national homeland for a remarkably downtrodden people, it is the common sense and basic humanity of possibly 140 nations, not Zionist-brainwashed evangelicals, which are closest to the mind, heart and law of God.


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