‘Promise Keepers’ Guidebook Written By Religious Terrorism Expert

by Mystery Worshiper

A month ago I was invited to a “Men’s Fellowship” hour at a local church. Because I live in the same small community, I know many of the fellows who attend, although I do not attend their community church. While in attendance, the only thing that surprised me was that they showed a film produced by Promise Keepers (PK). I was surprised because I had read some unfavorable things about the origin of PK. The following snippet is allegedly taken from Masculine Journey, a guidebook ghost-written for PK by Dr. Robert Hicks.

“Jesus was also very much zakar, phallic….Jesus was very much masculine, and masculine means being male, and bring male means having a penis. There’s no way around it. Some in church history could not tolerate the exposure of the Son of God’s genitalia. Therefore, you will never find a portrait of the crucifixion of Jesus with penis exposed even though it was a common Roman custom to crucify criminals naked. Even the Gospel writers tell us that Jesus’ outward. garment was torn into four pieces, leaving the inner tunic, which was then gambled for intact …That left nothing. No underpants. Nothing.”

That’s not the only eye-popping thing I learned, the rest is here. A good critique of Masculine Journey is here (pdf) and another here. At this point I’m thinking the outfit’s name ought to be ‘Penis Keepers’ but I’m not into that.

On a more sickening note, take a look (if you don’t throw up) at this religionist and how he “spiritualizes” sucking a baby’s mutilated penis. And the government authorities don’t call it child abuse. Come on!


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