“Evangelical Christian” Possibly An Israeli Agent, Exposed On CNN

Walid Shoebat: From Evangelical Church Propagandist for Christian Zionism To Homeland Security Anti-Terrorist Trainer
Charles E. Carlson 

Anderson Cooper on CNN News’ show, Anderson Cooper 360o, exposed a former Palestinian school boy named Walid Shoebat, who has become a manufactured “terror expert” promoting anti-Islamist hysteria among federal law enforcement officers and in Evangelical, Christian Zionists churches.   The CNN piece1 focused on unraveling Shoebat’s claimed history as a “terrorist” into a pile of yarn, showing it consisted of not even half truths.  It also revealed how much money Shoebat is being paid by US taxpayers to train federal police and American Christian Zionists.

CNN stopped short of saying what will be tough to prove… that Shoebat is a de-facto Israeli agent operating in the USA.  Furthermore, it is likely he was recruited here, because it appears that Israel never heard of him when he lived with his family in Beit Lahor, near Bethlehem, where he claims to have been a “terrorist” trying to kill Jews.

Shoebat’s written response, I Confess…”, to Anderson Cooper’s telling exposé, was immediately spread far and wide by World Net Daily and other news sources in sympathy with Israel and Christian Zionists.2

Why is Shoebat so well paid?  Here is an example of what he says to earn his money.  CNN News researcher Drew Griffin recorded Shoebat’s lecture to law enforcement and first respondent personnel in South Dakota.  Griffin’s remarks included, Shoebat’s message to the law enforcement agencies, churches and universities that pay him to speak is to trust no Muslims, especially the ones that organize.  ‘All Islamic organizations in America should be the No. 1 enemy. All of them,’ he said at the South Dakota conference.”

Shoebat has a handler, but we cannot see him.  His written rebuttal to CNN is revealing in that it is far more professional than he is capable of himself.   He was stumbling, shamefaced and sometimes belligerent in his CNN interview with Drew Griffin; he could not even recall the names of his Board of Directors, and he had no explanation for why his alleged crimes and arrest time in Israel were unknown there.

Shoebat’s written rebuttal is brilliant in its ability to avoid questions, while scoffing at the CNN documentary, and could only have been done by a PR pro who realized that a lie still has value so long as some will believe it.  Shoebat cries, “poor me”, a persecuted philanthropist giving money to save Christians, who he says are being murdered by Muslims.  He makes no mention of his largess from the Department of Homeland Securities.  Too bad we can not uncover his agent and his writer.  I would guess from their style that both are Israelis.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Shoebat is a 100% fraud.  He revealed that Shoebat is not a former Palestinian terrorist turned Christian, as he is paid to say, nor did he at age 15 bomb a bank in Bethlehem, nor did he capture and attempt to “lynch” Israeli solders, which he claims as the basis for his “expertise” in terrorism.  Neither is there any record of his ever having been arrested and imprisoned by the Israelis.

Shoebat probably did not belong to the PLO or any other organization, and it is doubtful that he was ever a serious Muslim, having been raised in a nominally Islamic business family under the tutorage of an American, non-Muslim mother, who left his businessman father and took young Walid with her back to the United States when he was no more than 16 years old.  CNN went all the way to Israel to check out the story through its news bureau sources in Tel Aviv.  There is no Walid Shoebat story in Bethlehem, only denials by relatives!

The question that’s raised is: “Why does the US Department of Homeland Security pay Walid $5000 a speech to train law enforcement officers on the danger of Islam?”  Very likely, the answer is that he is one of many propagandists trained and supported by one or another Israeli agency to vilify Islam as a strategy to help keep the United States’ war-based economy well oiled.

CNN, being a news competitor, did not mention that Shoebat had been exposed by The Jerusalem Post3, American journalist Chris Hedges and by this author4and others as much as over three years ago.  Homeland Security began using Walid as a propaganda shill against Islam after he had been thoroughly exposed as an Israeli plant.  Homeland Security had to know what Walid was before they hired him; a Google search would have uncovered documented stories about Walid Shoebat.  Someone in the Department of Homeland Security deliberately used Shoebat to lie to its own employees.  As a matter of public policy, Americans have been deliberately conditioned to hate and distrust Muslims since at least Christmas 1990, the start of the Gulf War I, when this writer first noticed the new policy of the War on Islam.< sup>5

I can recall when American boys rigged up imaginary fighter planes in trees and old sheds to kill imaginary “slanty-eyed Japs” and bloodthirsty “Jerries.”  We and our parents were propagandized to hate the Germans and Japanese, and so almost everyone looked the other way when the latter were interned in prison camps in front of our eyes.  Later a generation and a half of American “Cold War” soldiers gave up jobs and businesses and trooped in and out of uniform to fight “Godless Communism,” an ideology whose biggest foe was its own suppressed people.

Today the infamous neo-conservative, Project for The New American Century (2000+), which has clear ties to Israel and Zionism, has officially named Islam as our enemy.  Our own government, of which Homeland Security is a cabinet level branch, uses propagandists to vilify Muslims for the purpose of inciting more wars to help bail out our country.  Walid Shoebat is a small but clearly exposed cog in this official machinery.

The “War on Islam” is pretty much out in the open.  The willing parties to  it include the Israeli government, operating on Shoebat’s behalf, creating his image, and even manufacturing his history out of straw. Lets demand an end to the influence of Zionism over Homeland Security and everywhere else in our  government.

1 “’Ex-Terrorist’ rakes in homeland security bucks” – CNN’s Cooper Anderson 360o – July 14, 2001

2 I Confess…”, by Walid Shoebat posted on wnd.com, July 18, 2001

3 The Palestinian ‘Terrorist’ turned Zionist” – The Jerusalem Post – March 30, 2008

4 Who Is Walid Shoebat?”  & “The Zionist, Messianic Network Inside Evangelical Churches:  Walid Shoebat & His Clones“, Charles E. Carlson

5Attacking Islam”, Charles E. Carlson:

We Hold These Truths

Project Strait Gate

PO Box 35
Wheat Ridge CO 80234
303 238 1168


2 Responses to “Evangelical Christian” Possibly An Israeli Agent, Exposed On CNN

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for posting this. I knew something was a little odd about his claims. For one Real Christian Scholars have tried to figure out the Mark of the Beast for 2000 years. Then this guys pops out of nowhere and has it all figured out. Unfortunately the Zionist sheep believed every word. God Bless


    • Thank you for your comment. Indeed, these agents infiltrate aggressively these days, so much so that even Zionist-controlled CNN exposes the agents. Another method of infiltration (Messianic Zionism) is exposed by We Hold These Truths. God bless. mw


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