Jewish and Muslim Easter Bunnies and Eggs

Easter is Christendom’s most holiest day, surpassing even Christmas. In the Philippines, even the whore houses close down for Easter.

So have you ever wondered why the Zionist elite—the owners of the military-industrial complex who control all governments and establishment media—promote bunnies and eggs to represent Easter? Do bunnies represent Christ’s death and resurrection for all peoples? Is it coincidence that elitists of so-called “Earth Day” decide to use Good Friday? In my view, it is to distract from the message of universal hope that Christianity offers.

Why don’t Christians speak out? Are we afraid of being called anti-this or anti-that? What if Christians used bunnies and eggs to represent the Jewish and Muslim religions? Would their followers remain quiet? We know the answer.

Remember, bunnies and eggs do not represent the Easter message.


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