Twisted Logic of the Christian Right

December 31, 2010

The Christian Right Is Satanically Wrong

Posted by Becky Akers on December 31, 2010 06:16 AM

It’s a foregone conclusion among those who love liberty that the “Christian” Right is as statist as the corporate media. “Evangelicals,” at least collectively (always the first problem), long ago left their Lord and Savior to go whoring after Leviathan.

But (Anti-)Christianity Today continues supplying proof of this long-established thesis. And so it’s posted a “discussion” entitled “Resist the TSA?” — as if there’s room to debate whether those who name the Name of Christ can obey man rather than God while encouraging gate-rape and pornography.

The Bible repeatedly, vociferously, and unambiguously commands personal modesty for godly people. Whether it’s the Mosaic Law with its prohibitions on viewing naked relatives or Paul’s orders to dress circumspectly, the Bible insists on modesty as clearly as the Constitution does on having a warrant properly sworn and signed before any search.

So resisting government’s anti-Biblical antics at the airport isn’t optional for a Christian — unless you talk to the “Christian leaders” CT quotes. These range from “Richard Land, president, SBC [Southern Baptist Convention] Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission” with his mild “I recommend that people eliminate all discretionary air travel and tell the airline each time they choose not to fly because of the security procedures [sic for “ogling and sexual assault”]” to “Penny Nance, CEO, Concerned Women for America,” who opines that our problem isn’t moral but technological. Yep, I kid you not: “It is a red herring to ask whether Christians should resist or not; the issue is much larger. Christians are not engaging thoughtfully enough with technology.”

Ah, but Penny and her fellow Women become greatly Concerned when private parties “engage thoughtfully with technology”: in 2006, “a coalition of 13 conservative groups — including … Concerned Women for America — took out full-page ads in some editions of USA Today … urging the Justice Department and FBI to investigate whether some of the pay-per-view movies widely available in hotels violate federal and state obscenity laws.” In CWA’s pagan world, pornography is wicked only when its consumers aren’t wearing government’s badges.

But the prize for Logic More Twisted Than Any Pretzel goes to “Joe Carter, online editor, First Things”: “We are commanded to love our neighbors. This requires that we take responsibility and do our part to ensure their safety.”

When the Nazis — sorry, Feds begin rounding up “domestic terrorists” and sending them to the gas chambers, count on these heretics and apostates to turn the other cheek and wink a blind eye at such monumental evil.


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