Will Canadian clergy regain free speech?

The real Canadian free speech hero (no, not Ezra Levant), Marc Lemire, reports that the Federal Court of Canada has finalized the groups allowed to have a say in Marc’s constitutional challenge. If Lemire wins this battle, clergy in Canada will regain free speech and be able to say from their pulpits what their Bible says, without paying huge fines and going to jail.

But how many preachers will thank Marc Lemire? Will the vocal Rev. Charles McVety thank Marc? Not likely. McVety the fake Christian hires and hobnobs with B’nai Brith men, the real enemies of religious freedom in Canada.

In favor of free speech in Canada:

· Marc Lemire
· British Columbia Civil Liberties Association
· Canadian Civil Liberties Association
· Canadian Free Speech League
· Canadian Association for Free Expression

Against free speech (no surprises here):

· Canadian Human Rights Commission
· Richard Warman
· Canadian Jewish Congress
· B’nai Brith Canada
· Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre
· African-Canadian Legal Clinic


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